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‘Who accompanied them? Why?’ – Family, friends of two ‘healthy and happy’ Arizona sisters, one a doctor, 54, the other a nurse, 49, confirmed dead at Swiss assisted suicide clinic, are puzzled over circumstances of their uncharacteristic choice

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Loved ones want to know person who accompanied two ‘healthy and happy’ sisters from Phoenix, Arizona, to die at Swiss assisted suicide clinic that helps even physically well people to end their life

Swiss authorities said sisters, Dr. Lila Ammouri, 54, and her 49-year-old sister Susan Frazier, a nurse went left for Switzerland last month, but never returned

The US consulate confirmed their death on Feb 18

The siblings apparently were found deceased by assisted suicide at a clinic in Basel, Switzerland

The Basel-Landschaft Public Prosecutor’s Office said the sisters had ended their lives ‘within the legal framework’ of the country

The Basel based clinic, where it is speculated that the sisters died, requires patients to have a third party able to identify them after they’ve died

Loved are seeking that the identity of the third party who identified the sisters bodies to be uncovered

Their only sibling, Cal Ammouri, 60, is puzzled that his sisters, a palliative care doctor and a registered nurse, who showed no indication of terminal issues would choose to commit suicide

They departed for Switzerland Feb 3, but their failure to show up for work as scheduled on February 15, triggered a hunt for the siblings

Coworkers and friends said they had received messages from the sisters that appeared to be from an impersonator during the trip 

Dr. Lila Ammouri, [photo], a 54 year-old palliative care doctor and her sister Susan Frazier traveled to Basel, Switzerland on February 3. The U.S. Consulate confirmed their deaths by assisted suicide,15 days later 

Two ‘healthy and happy’ American sisters who died of assisted suicide in Switzerland were helped by a third person who texted friends while posing as them, it is claimed. 
Lila Ammouri, a 54 year-old palliative care doctor, and Susan Frazier, a 49 year-old nurse, traveled to Basel, Switzerland on February 3, from their home in Phoenix, without telling friends or family. The sister’s death was confirmed by the U.S. Consulate in Switzerland on February 18, weeks after friends and loved ones took to the Internet to spread awareness over their disappearance. 
Friends and loved ones are sharing on Facebook that two sisters who were supposed to return from Europe in February have been confirmed dead. The group issued the following statement: “We are saddened to report we were given confirmation on the passing of our dear friends, Lila and Susan. While we greatly appreciate all of the support that has been shown to us during our search, we ask for privacy for their family and friends while we grieve this terrible loss. We will be making no further comments at this time. Thank you all for your support during this difficult time.” 
The sisters final destination is the Swiss city of Basel which is home to an assisted suicide facility which helps patients who aren’t terminally-ill to take their own lives for a fee of $11,000.
As those close to them tried to unravel their disappearance, Dr. David Bilgari, a longtime friend of the sisters, said no one had heard from the duo since February 9, four days after they arrived in Switzerland, and that some of their final texts seemed to have been sent by someone else.

49 year-old Susan Frazier, [photo], a nurse also from Phoenix, Arizona remained close to her sister’s close pal even as both died from in assisted death.

Prior to that, Bilgari told Fox 10 that co-workers had been texting them and felt that the person responding was not actually one of the sisters. 
‘Some of the text communications they had, we are certain they were not from them,’ Biglari said. ‘They were most likely fabricated with someone else.’    
A spokesman for the Basel-Landschaft Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to The Independent that the sisters had died by suicide ‘within the legal framework’. 
It is unclear how or where the sisters’ died.
Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland. It is currently unknown which assisted suicide service the sisters used, but Basel is home to an assisted suicide service where patients do not have to be terminally-ill or severely disabled to avail themselves of assisted suicide services.
To avail themselves of assisted-suicide services at this facility potential patients must have a third party who is known to the individual be able available to identify them to the authorities after they die. 
If the sisters did use the service, it is unknown who would have been with them to identify them.  
Their older brother and only surviving sibling, Cal Ammouri, 60, who spoke shortly with his sisters before their trip did not mention that they were traveling with anyone else. More troubling is the possibility that someone impersonated the sisters after their death. If so, why?
Dr. Frazier’s employer, Aetna Health in Phoenix, raised the alarm after she failed to return to work on February 15. 
Ammouri says his sisters appeared healthy and in a good space. Neither sibling had indications that they were suffering any illness that could have driven them to suicide.   
The sisters were found dead in Basel, Switzerland, on February 18, three days after they were due back to return to work in Arizona.
Cal Ammouri, is still puzzled that his sisters chose to end their lives, as he is wondering why the U.S. consular services have kept him in the dark.
Wondering why his sisters who were due back at work at Aetna Health Insurance on February 15, never showed up, Ammouri said : ‘Why would you leave your jobs, your home, your loved ones, just abandon everything,’ wonders the grieving sole family survivor. Both sisters appeared happy, with Lila owning a home in Phoenix and enjoying her job helping patients with serious illnesses and pain and Susan recently getting a promotion. 
‘I just want some answers,’ Cal says.
The Basel-Landschaft Public Prosecutor’s Office has said that the sisters death did not immediately result in a criminal investigation since it was strictly performed through legal means.   
The Phoenix Police Department told the sisters friends and family who requested an investigation that they could not open a case since it was outside their jurisdiction. 


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