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NYC based events planner, Lauren Pazienza, 26, faces 25 years in jail after she’s charged with manslaughter for crossing a Manhattan street to ‘fatally shove Broadway vocal coach, 87, while calling her a b***h’, in an unprovoked attack

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NYC events planner faces up to 25 years in prison for manslaughter, after crossing a street in Manhattan to assault an 87-year-old woman

Barbara Gustern died on March 15, four days after being shoved in the street as she walked towards a cab on March 10 

Charge complaint states that Lauren Pazienza of Long Island ‘fatally shoved vocal coach, Barbara Gustern , while calling her a b***h’

She then stormed off and got into an argument with her fiancé, before returning to the vicinity of the crime, watching for another 20 minutes until EMTs took the victim away

On Saturday a tipster told police Pazienza killed Gustern and was hiding out at her parents Long Island home

NYPD circulated photos of the suspected assailant Pazienza subsequently turned herself in

Pazienza is from Port Jefferson, Long Island, but now lives in Astoria, Queens with her fiancé has been charged with manslaughter and second degree assault

Her attorney maintains that there is no proof she is responsible for the attack 

She resigned her job as an events and comms communicator for top of the line French furniture brand, Roche Bobois, in December

Arraigned at the Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday, bail has been set at $500,000 cash or $1 million surety  

Lauren Pazienza, 26, [photo], was arraigned on manslaughter charges Tuesday in NYC for the death of an 87-year-old Broadway vocal coach Barbara Gustern

A 26-year-old New York City woman has been charged with manslaughter and second degree assault for the death of an 87-year-old Broadway vocal coach. 
Events coordinator Lauren Pazienza, 26, was arraigned in Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday, and is facing 25 years in prison for the death of Barbara Gustern, a beloved Broadway vocal coach who died on March 15. 
Pazienza’s bail has been set at $500,000 cash or $1 million surety, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which had sought to have her remanded to Rikers Island pending trial. 
The victim was walking towards a cab outside her Chelsea apartment building when she was pushed from behind on March 10. She was helped back to her feet by a cyclist and was taken to the hospital ‘covered in blood’ after hitting her head on the concrete pavement.
Gustern died from her injuries four days later.   

Lauren Pazienza was caught by CCTV cameras walking away from the scene after shoving 87-year-old Broadway vocal coach Barbara Gustern to her her eventual death from injuries sustained, four days later

Before she lost consciousness, Gustern allegedly told police and a friend that a woman she didn’t know crossed the street, approached her directly, called her a ‘b***h’ and shoved her ‘as hard as she had ever been hit in her life.’ 
Charging documents allege that the assailant, later identified as Lauren Pazienza, hung around the area for another 20 minutes after the attack. She allegedly stood on 29th Street and watched an ambulance as it arrived at the scene.
The attack and her subsequent actions were caught by to surveillance videos reviewed by police. 

Victim: Broadway singing coach Barbara Maier Gustern [photo], died in a hospital last week after she was put on life support following the random shoving attack
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lauren-Pazienza-5.jpg
Killer: Lauren Pazienza is shown walking near the scene of the crime on March 10 at around 8.30pm. The motive remains unclear 

Soon after the attack, she went back home to Astoria, Queens, quit her job at a store in Chelsea, deleted all social media and took down a website advertising her wedding this June, prosecutors say.
The day after Gustern died, she allegedly fled for her parents’ home on Long Island and later stashed her phone at her aunt’s house so police wouldn’t find it. Pazienza’s attorney maintains that there is no proof that she pushed Gustern. 
‘What they have is a photo of someone who looks like my client getting on the subway. This attack did not happen on the subway,’ attorney Arthur Aidala said.

The Female suspect was caught on camera after shoving after 87-year-old. Police issued these images of Pazienza on Saturday, claiming she was responsible for the attack. She handed herself in two days later but it’s unclear if she has admitted to pushing the woman over 
Lauren Pazienza is shown being taken out of the 10th Precinct in Chelsea on Tuesday morning. She appeared in court this afternoon

Among those in attendance at her arraignment on Tuesday were Lauren Pazienza’s Parents.
The couple were seen leaving Manhattan criminal court, New York, trailed by members of the media after their daughter’s court appearance.
The 26-year-old from Port Jefferson, Long Island, faces a manslaughter charge in the death of Barbara Maier Gustern

Pazienza [left], lives with her fiancé Naveen Pereira [right]. Prosecutors say the pair were seen arguing on the street soon after the fatal attack 
Pazienza [L-R], accompanied by an attorney turned herself in to cops on Tuesday. She had resigned from her job, stashed her phone and hid at her parents home until a tipster rumbled her on Saturday and NYPD published her ‘Wanted’ photographs

At Tuesday’s arraignment, assistant district attorney Justin McNabney revealed new details of the case, including how an intensive NYPD canvass for surveillance footage led to the identification of Pazienza as a suspect.
Pazienza’s next court hearing has been set for Friday. 
Leading to her arrest, on Saturday investigators received got an anonymous tip that Pazienza committed the crime. The tipster also revealed that the suspect was hiding out at her parents’ house on Long Island. 
That same day, the NYPD released photos of a flame-haired young woman who they said was responsible for the attack. She appeared to be getting on the subway. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lauren-Pazienza-7.jpg
The parents of Lauren Pazienza leave criminal court trailed by members of the media after their daughter’s arraignment Tuesday in New York.

The female suspect has now been identified as Pazienza, who lives in Astoria, Queens, with her fiancé. 
Pazienza worked as an events coordinator for the furniture brand Roche Bobois, but quit her role in December. It’s unclear what motivated her to assault the elderly victim.
It remains unclear if there is any connection between the pair or if it was a random attack.
The Port Jefferson, Long Island native whose father Daniel Pazienza runs a cesspool company, accompanied by her attorney, turned herself in to police on Tuesday.

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