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Toll could have been more, but New York subway shooter’s weapon jammed after he shot 10 people on rush hour train; Cops recover rented U-Haul van, gun, three extended round magazines and bag of firecrackers in Brooklyn subway

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Warning: Graphic Content!

At least 10 people shot, 19 more injured in Brooklyn subway after gunman in gas mask and construction vest tosses smoke bombs and opens fire

Screaming NYC commuters burst out of subway carriage at Brooklyn station after gunman in gas mask lets off smoke bomb and starts shooting at commuters during morning rush hour on Tuesday

At least five people were shot at around 8.30am on the northbound N train as it pulled into the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday; a total of 13 were injured

Survivors say they thought he was an MTA worker when he dropped a smoke bomb and started shooting  

Passengers were trapped on the train until it reached the next station, before they spilled out petrified, carrying some of those wounded 

FDNY later found multiple undetonated devices at the scene but all are smoke bombs

Man hunt on for suspect wearing a gas mask and green, construction-like vest, who witnesses say sat calmly on train before donning gas mask and detonating smoke bomb

His .380 automatic handgun jammed which stopped him from shooting more at the station

Suspect is described as heavy-set, black, 5ft 5 and wearing a vest, fled and he remains at large

A bag of Falcon Rising fireworks, Seismic Wave smoke cannisters and three extended magazines were found

NYPD on the look for a U-Haul van with the plate AL31408 that he may be connected to crime

U-Haul assisting cops with tracking van possibly rented in Philadelphia

The scene on the platform at 36th Street station in Brooklyn, NY on Tuesday. Those shot and the injured lay on the bloody platform after a gunman detonated a smoke bomb, then opened fire inside the north bound train before fleeing at around 8.30am. The the shooter remains at large 

A gunman wearing a gas mask and green construction vest is on the run after shooting at least 10 people on a packed subway train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, as it inched towards the 36th Street station during rush hour on Tuesday morning. At least 19 more people were injured in the melee.
At 8.24am, the gunman – described by witnesses as a 5ft 5 black man, weighing 170lbs, wearing an green construction vest and gas mask, put on a gas mask on the train and then let off a smoke bomb on the northbound N train as it moved towards 36th Street in Brooklyn. 
He then opened fire, shooting ten people – five of whom are now in a critical but stable condition. 
When the train pulled into 36th St, the gunman slipped away. The wounded and terrified commuters poured out of the subway doors and onto the platform.    
Multiple smoke bombs were found at the 36th Street station, according to the FDNY. 
The gunman escaped in the confusion and remains at large. NYPD units are scouring the city’s empty subway tunnels to find him and an amber alert has been issued. 
The authorities have not released a suspect’s name, nor a motive for the attack. Police sources said the attack appeared to have been planned and showed no signs of having been triggered by a spontaneous situation such as a dispute on the train.

 Terrified passengers run off the train at the 36th Street station on Tuesday morning after the shooting on the train Passengers running off subway with smoke after shooting

At a later press conference authorities revealed that the gunman would have shot more people but the extended magazine in his weapon jammed when the train arrived at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn. The yet to be identified gunman wearing grey hoodie and green construction vest opened fire on northbound N train at 8.24am
The suspect first donned a gas mask then detonated a smoke bomb he took from his bag. He then opened fire on other commuters.
Panicked commuters tried to flee into the next subway car but they were trapped, because the door was locked, until the train reached 36th street.

When he train came to a stop, commuters alighted in the smoky chaotic situation on Tuesday morning

The gunman somehow vanished in the chaos – some fear he may have jumped onto the tracks and entered the subway tunnels
Police spread out searching subway stations. They found a .380 handgun and three extended magazines in backpack at the Brooklyn station
Sixteen people were taken to NYC hospital. Ten had gunshot wounds. Four had suffered smoke inhalation and another two were in shock.
NYPD is going door-to-door in Brooklyn asking for information, surveillance camera footage and pictures Anyone with information about the shooting or gunman is urged to call 800 577 TIPS
As of Tuesday evening the shooter, who is yet to be identified, remains at large, hours after opening fire on a busy northbound N train as it approached 36th Street in Sunset Park.

Bag of fireworks, wire and firecrackers was recovered from the scene of the shooting on Tuesday after the suspect fled

The FBI has now joined the hunt for him and armed police units are patrolling Brooklyn for any clue of his whereabouts.
An alert was issued to officers telling them that the suspect is connected to a U-Haul with an Arizona license plate AL31408.
Police believe the van was rented in Philadelphia. U-Haul is now helping with the search.
‘Law enforcement has alerted us to its search for a rental van and its possible connection to a suspect in today’s incident in New York City.
Witnesses have described how he calmly put on a gas mask on the slow-moving train this morning at 8.24am then tossed a smoke grenade down the carriage, causing havoc among commuters, before opening fire.
The terrified commuters rushed to the other end of the train to try to get through to the next car but the door was locked. They were trapped on the train until it reached the next station.
Video shows the moment the doors opened and wounded passengers spilled onto the platform, trailing blood.

NYPD alert on Tuesday about a U-Haul van with Arizona license plates, the suspect is believed to have been driving. The van was rented in Philadelphia, PA

A .380 handgun was found inside the station, along with three extended magazines; one was empty, one was full and a third was jammed in the gun.
Another bag was discovered that contained a batch of Falcon Rising fireworks and Seismic Wave firecrackers. It’s unclear what he intended to do with them.
The gunman then disappeared from 36th St, where no security cameras were in operation.
Initial speculation is that he may have jumped onto one of the other trains at the station, or fled into the subway tunnel.
ABC reports that police have obtained a photograph of the suspect from a bystander’s phone, but that image has not yet been released anywhere.
The wounded and terrified commuters poured out of the subway doors and onto the platform at 36th Street, where they were filmed writhing on the ground in agony.

Mass shooting and possible explosion have rocked a subway train in New York at rush hour
Horror scene of the Brooklyn platform showed blood strewn across the carriage and people covered in blood, lying on the stained subway platform after being shot in the latest attack to rock the city. The chaos unfolded at 8.30am on Tuesday morning near the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park
A man on the northbound N train before the doors opened covering his mouth to protect from the smoke from the gunman’s grenade 
Injured commuter receives first aid inside a subway car in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Tuesday, April 12, after a gunman filled a rush-hour subway train with smoke and shot multiple people

A gunman filled a rush-hour subway train with smoke and shot multiple people Tuesday, leaving wounded commuters bleeding on a Brooklyn platform as others ran screaming, authorities said. Police were still searching for the suspect.
Schools surrounding the subway station were ordered to shelter in place and an amber alert was issued throughout much of the city. 
One witness told The New York Post the gunman – who was described as a ‘5ft 5 black man weighing 170lbs’, fired ‘too many rounds to count’.
‘I thought he was an MTA worker at first because I was like, I didn’t like pay too much attention. You know? You’ve got the orange on,’ the witness said. 

The chaotic scene at the 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday morning after another mass shooting 
EMTs rush to the subway station in NYC on Tuesday morning after ten people were shot and another 19 were injured by a lone gunman 

NYPD units are now scouring the city’s empty subway tunnels looking for the gunman, who is feared to have jumped onto the tracks at 36th Street and fled. An amber alert has been issued across New York City. 
An FDNY spokesman said ‘Originally, the call came in as smoke in the subway station. Upon arrival, officers found multiple people shot and undetonated devices. 
‘Thirteen people are injured. This remains an active scene,’ an FDNY spokesman said. 

Police officers work at the scene of a shooting at a subway station in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, New York, U.S., April 12, 2022
New York City PD and Fire Dept. officials on the scene of the multiple shooting at a subway platform in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday morning

Shocking video showed blood-covered victims strewn across the ground at the subway station as smoke billowed out of the train.
One person was seen lying still on the floor with their hands over their face and their legs raised after the terrifying attack.
Others had lost shoes and had their clothes torn as the New York subway’s speaker system blared out messages to the passengers. 
Commuters were screamed at to get on a different train to safety while the wounded were treated by emergency services.

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