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Handyman lover, 44, is arrested for the murder of Queens mom who was stabbed 58 times and stuffed into a duffel bag – David Bonola is charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon

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David Bonola, 44, has been arrested for the murder of Orsolya Gaal, 51, who was murdered inside her home in Queens, NY on Friday night

Her husband and 17-year-old son were out of town, while her younger son, 13, was upstairs as she was was stabbed 58 times and stuffed into a duffel bag 

Several sources believe the handyman and the married mother-of-two at some point were ‘lovers’

He is charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon

Cops zeroed in on Bonola because of a pair of blood-soaked boots left at Gaal’s Forest Hills home after the fatal stabbing attack 

Gaal’s dismembered remains were found inside a hockey duffel bag, dumped a half-mile from her house, at 8.11am on Saturday

An NYPD press briefing is scheduled for later today  

Orsolya Gaal, [right], who was stabbed to death in the early hours of Saturday morning. Her ex-lover David Bonola [left], has now been charged with her murder. Bonola, 44, allegedly made a full confession after his arrest

A 44-year-old man has been arrested for the murder of Queens mother Orsolya Gaal. 
David Bonola, 44, has been charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon. 
It remains unclear how he knew Gaal, who was stabbed 58 times in her home in Forest Hills on Saturday at around 12.40am. 
While the case has mystified authorities and those who knew Gaal for nearly a week, investigators had indicated they were focused on one person who knew Gaal and had access to her Forest Hills home. That’s likely why there were no signs of forced entry, sources have said. Forensic evidence was collected from her Juno Street home.
Sources hinted that Bonola was the handyman thought to have also been Gaal’s lover. The suspect who allegedly, gave a full confession after his arrest, was picked up mainly because of a pair of blood-soaked boots left at Gaal’s Forest Hills home after she was stabbed scores of times in the early hours Saturday, sources said.
Bonola has no prior arrests, according to police..

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Gaal’s body was found stuffed in a hockey duffel bag on the sidewalk about a half mile from her home, around 8.AM, on Saturday morning. her ex David Bonola, has been charged with murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon

The NYPD is scheduled to give a press briefing ay 11.30am later today. Bonola is understood to be in custody at the 112th Precinct in Queens. 
The suspect police sources say, is the ‘handyman’ and is believed to have had access to the home.  The pair some sources claimed, were having an affair. Social media posts from 2020 show the pair interacting.
A Facebook account under his name previously commented on some of Gaal’s photos — as well as sending her public messages of “love” and “heart” emojis.
Under one of Gaal’s photos Bonola wrote: ‘Hola’. She’d posted a childhood photo, sandwiched between two gushing tributes to her husband, with photos from their wedding day.
Gaal sent a like in response. 
In another post, he told her how beautiful she looked. “Your eyes in love,” he commented with the affectionate emoji to a May 2020 screenshot of Gaal posing during a Zoom party with friends. It’s unclear how aor when the affair ended.

Gaal who is married is seen [photo], with her sons, 17-yearold Jamie and 13-year-old Leo, and husband Howard Klein

Bonola who allegedly made a full confession once he was taken into custody, resides in Richmond Hill, a neighborhood in Queens that is a stone’s throw from where Gaal lived with her family.  
The suspect allegedly showed up at the victim’s house and the two argued, though it wasn’t clear exactly when that happened or what the fight was about.
Detectives believe the pair argued inside before Bonola allegedly killed Gaal in her own basement.
There have been confused reports over where exactly inside the home she was attacked, with some sources saying evidence points to a struggle on the first floor.

Gaal and Bonola interacted with each other on social media. In 2020, he liked a photograph of her as a child, writing ‘Hola’ with a love heart underneath the image. She ‘liked’ his comment 

The chronology of preceding events said that Gaal had spent Friday night at a show at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan with girlfriends. 
After the girl’s outing, she returned to Queens sometime before 11pm, stopping in for a drink at the Forest Hills Station House, where she had a meal and a drink. She then walked home to Juno Street ffor the 10 minute walk to her home. 

This is believed to be Orsolya Gaal’s killer, dragging her body along the sidewalk after stabbing her nearly 60 times in her basement in Queens on Saturday 

It’s unclear if her killer was already inside the home or if she let him in afterwards but at 12.40am, she was stabbed 58 times in the neck, torso and arm. 
Her 13-year-old son Leo was upstairs in the house at the time. At 4.11am, the suspect wheeled Gaal’s body out of the house in a duffel bag.
He was filmed rushing past houses, dragging it behind him, before dumping it 0.5 miles from the property on the side of a busy road. 
It was found the next morning by a dog walker who called police. Cops then followed a trail of blood left by the dragged bag back to Gaal’s home.

NYPD detectives cart evidence from the Klein family home on Monday. The home remained sealed off on Wednesday morning with several police cruisers parked outside 

They found Leo inside unscathed and took him in for questioning, putting him in handcuffs, before letting him go later that day. 
Gaal’s husband Howard and her older son Jamie, who had been on the West Coast, rushed back. They have not been seen or heard from since. 
In the week since her death, there have been numerous reports based on unnamed police sources that Gaal had been having an affair. 
Cops focused on an unidentified handyman – now believed to be Bonola – who they said knew his way around the house and might have even had access to a spare key. 
Whoever killed her, they said, had not been planning it and left a ‘sloppy’ crime scene that likely contained the killer’s DNA. 
‘He left a blood trail for five blocks from the house. It was like a trail of bread crumbs. 
‘If you want to kill somebody, you try to make it a little cleaner, be a little more prepared. He didn’t go with something to move her body. He took something from the house.
‘I’m sure with that kind of blood, there’s lots of DNA there. The killer’s DNA has gotta be in that blood. It’s not a clean scene,’ a police source remarked on Tuesday night. 

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