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Senior female corrections officer vanishes with capital murder suspect in Alabama, on pretext of chaperoning him to a mental health evaluation that colleagues later learned hadn’t been scheduled

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Vicky White, Assistant Director of Corrections for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Dept., has been missing since she collected a prisoner from the detention center

The female senior staffer in the sheriff’s office was declared missing Friday, along with the capital murder suspect she told colleagues she was picking up for mental health evaluation

On Friday morning at 9:30am Asst. Dir. White, armed with a 9mm handgun, collected Casey Cole White – no relation – for a supposed mental health evaluation

Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County confirmed on Friday afternoon that the inmate was not scheduled for mental health evaluation

Vicky White’s car was found abandoned at a shopping center at 3:30pm, and the pair have not been seen since

Casey Cole White, 38, was facing two capital murder charges and a possible death penalty for the 2015 murder of Connie Ridgeway, 58, in her home in Rogersville, Alabama

He was arrested in December 2015 for after a two-state crime spree across Tennessee and Alabama and charged with attempted murder, burglary, carjacking, shooting and a car chase

In June 2020, while serving a 75-year sentence for his 2015 crime spree, he wrote to Lauderdale County sheriffs and confessed to killing Ridgeway, that he described as a murder-for-hire

In October 2020, Casey Cole White was arraigned for the murder but pled not guilty on the ground of insanity

The judge later learned that he was plotting a jail break

Assistant director of corrections for the sheriff’s department in Lauderdale, Vicky White [photo], vanished on Friday evening, having collected murder suspect Casey Cole White (no relation) from prison, for an evaluation that was never scheduled

A female corrections officer in Alabama and a capital murder suspect vanished after she picked him up for what she claimed was a mental health evaluation – only for her co-workers to learn no such appointment had been scheduled.  
Vicky White, Assistant Director of Corrections for the Lauderdale Sheriff’s Department, picked up Casey Cole White, 38, from a detention center on Friday morning at 9:30am, armed with a 9mm handgun.
The corrections officer said she was tasked with taking Casey Cole White – no relation – to a mental health evaluation.
Contradicting her ruse, on Friday afternoon, Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County said that there was no scheduled mental health evaluation for the inmate.

Murder suspect Casey Cole White, 38, [photo], apparently absconded after he was picked up by corrections officer Vicky White, from a detention center on Friday morning at 9:30am, armed with a 9mm handgun. on the pretext that she was taking him for a mental health evaluation

Vicky White’s car was found abandoned at a shopping center at 3:30pm, and the pair have not been seen since.
‘I am extremely, extremely concerned that he is not in custody,’ said Chris Connolly, Lauderdale County district attorney, adding that the FBI is assisting with the search, in addition to state and local authorities.
‘This is a very dangerous situation.’

Casey Cole White in 2020 confessed to killing Connie Ridgeway seen [photo], with her sons Austin and Cameron. Ridgeway was murdered in October 2015 in what her killer said was a contract hit. No motive has ever been given

It is unclear if White is in any danger, with investigators yet to say whether they think she colluded with White to bust him out of jail, or whether she has fallen victim to an abduction. 
Casey Cole White was facing the death penalty for the October 2015 murder of Connie Ridgeway, 58, in her home in Rogersville, Alabama.

Lauderdale County Police Dept. gave update on Vicki White’s disappearance on Friday

Ridgeway was found stabbed to death inside her home in 2015. The slaying shocked the town of 1,500 people, 50 miles west of Huntsville.
It remains unclear why she was killed.  
People said she was known for her friendliness and willingness to help others, and the community for many years held a vigil every October in her memory.
Not flagged initially as a suspect in the murder, Casey Cole White was arrested in December 2015, then aged 32, following a crime spree across Tennessee and Alabama.
In one night, the career criminal staged a home invasion, two carjackings and multiple shootings that left a dog dead and a woman injured.
The crimes were followed by a chase, where speeds reached more than 100 miles per hour, WHNT reported.

Police are seen taking Casey White into custody in Dec 2015, after a wild rampage across Tennessee and Alabama that ended in a 100mph car chase, and his stolen car stuck in a field

The chase ended with the fugitive in a stolen car stuck in a field south of Huntsville, and officers, who were evidently well known to him, pleading with him to put down his gun and give himself up.
White got out of the vehicle with a gun and threatened to shoot officers and himself unless he could speak with Limestone Sheriff Mike Blakely.
Body-cam footage shows deputies attempting to persuade Cole White to surrender by offering him smokeless tobacco and Sun Drop citrus soda, while they waited for Sheriff Blakely to arrive.

Casey Cole White is seen during the hearing in the case of Ridgeway’s murder in 2020. He was in jail after been convicted on nine charges, including the attempted murder of an ex-girlfriend and kidnapping of two roommates

Ultimately Casey Cole White was found guilty of a total of nine charges, including trying to kill his ex-girlfriend and kidnapping her two roommates.
Other charges included first degree robbery, first degree burglary, third degree burglary, breaking and entering a vehicle, animal cruelty for shooting a dog and attempting to elude.
He was sentenced in April 2019 to 75 years in prison.

Police bodycam footage from Dec. 2015, show Limestone County Sheriff’s Officers in pursuit of suspect Casey Cole White

In June 2020, he wrote to Lauderdale County requesting a meeting with the sheriffs office, and confessed to killing Ridgeway – providing a detailed description of the crime scene.
He said he was paid to kill her, although no motive for hiring a hitman has ever been disclosed.
In October 2020, Casey White, aged 37, appeared in court for an arraignment hearing, and requested to stay at the Lauderdale County Jail instead of going back to prison, WAFF reported.
His request was denied, after authorities said they believed that he was plotting to escape the Lauderdale County Jail.

Crime scene: In 2020, after five years of investigation Casey Cole White finally confessed to killing Connie ridgeway at her home in Lauderdale County, Ala. While in jail after his conviction for non-related crimes, White asked for the prosecutor and confessed to the 2015 murder

They had found a makeshift knife, stashed in the showers, and suspected White was intending on using it to force someone to let him out.
‘We got information yesterday that he had made a shank and he intended to escape today and take a hostage,’ said Connolly, Lauderdale County district attorney, during the hearing.
‘Our deputies did a great job.
‘Found the shank and eliminated that threat this morning so we obviously aren’t equipped to house somebody like that for that long term in our jail, so we are happy that the judge ordered him to go back to the department of corrections.’
However Casey Cole White, having confessed, then pled not guilty, on grounds of insanity and as of Friday, he is no longer in custody and the question is the role played by Vicky White and is she in danger.

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