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NY restaurant customer charged with murder of Chinese food delivery driver – Glenn Hirsch allegedly, stalked and harassed restaurant staff for months after argument over duck sauce, until he shot one dead

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Glenn Hirsch, 51, of Queens New York was arrested for the murder of food delivery man, Zhiwen Yan, 45, on April 30

Yan was doing delivery rounds on his scooter in Forest Hills, Queens, for the Great Wall restaurant when he was shot dead by the suspect

Hirsch was arrested and charged on Wednesday with murder and possession of a deadly weapon at his home near Briarwood 

He previously threatened the Chinese eatery several times throughout last year after an argument with restaurant staff over duck sauce

He left only after he vandalized the restaurant with duck sauce having complained to staff that he had received little of it with his order 

During his year-long harassment of restaurant staff, it is alleged that he he once entered the restaurant waving a gun at employees before they wrestled him to the ground

Hirsch’s sealed record contains nine previous arrests, including one case of armed robbery, cops also found eight guns while searching his estranged wife’s home ,

Glenn Hirsch [photo], 51, was arrested on Wednesday night at his home near Briarwood in Queens for the murder of 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan, who had worked for a Chinese restaurant in Queen for more than a decade, known as the Great Wall

A man from Queens, New York, with nine previous arrests and who had a long running rift with staff at a Chinese restaurant has been charged with murder in the shooting death of the eatery’s longtime delivery driver.
Glenn Hirsch, 51, who allegedly continuously harassed staff at The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Forest Hills over a dispute about duck sauce, was arrested on Wednesday night at his home near Briarwood and appeared in court Thursday.
Hirsch was also charged with criminal possession of a firearm for the deadly shooting of Zhiwen Yan, 45, on April 30, according to a statement from the NYPD.
Police also found eight guns while searching the home of suspect’s estranged wife. The couple live in separate homes. 

Glenn Hirsch charged with the murder of a Chinese food deliveryman in NYC

Yan, a father-of-three who moved to New York from more than two decades ago, was making his round of deliveries on his scooter in Forest Hills when he was blasted in the chest, according to the police report.
The shooting saw Yan and Hirsch, who was believed to be driving an older model Lexus RX3 at the time, briefly exchange words at a traffic light before the shooting. 

Zhiwen Yan, seen, [right] in his wedding portrait, was making a delivery on his scooter in the Forest Hills neighborhood Queens at around 9:30 pm on April 30, when he was fatally shot in the chest by Hirsch
NYPD officers are seen looking over Zhiwen Yan’s scooter at the crime scene where Glenn Hirsch shot the and killed the delivery man

The altercation, police say, saw Yan and the suspect briefly exchange words before he was shot once in the chest in a residential area of Queens, described as a usually a quiet, close-knit neighborhood.
A witness later told investigators that Hirsch fled the scene after shooting Yan.
Hirsch on surveillance footage pacing around the restaurant for roughly an hour on the night of the shooting before following Yan, detectives said. 

Hirsch’s lawyer, Michael Horn, said that a warrant was issued for Grisch’s arrest after the grand jury’s proceeding on Wednesday.
However Horn said, the Queens District Attorney’s office ‘decided not to honor my professional courtesy to bring [Grisch] in whenever as possible, where’s necessary and they basically broke down his door last night and forced their way to a scared man who doesn’t know what’s going on.’
The the NY Daily News reported that Hirsch has an extensive criminal history. He was arrested 9 times between 1995 and 2012, including one case of armed robbery, none of them disclosed as they are sealed.
‘The [priors] are not relevant. We know that accusations are meaningless without any judication… The District Attorney is taking what I consider to be a thin case and trying to put as much garnish as possible to make the sandwich look bigger,’ Horn said.

Hirsch, from Queens, was walked out of the 12th precinct with prosecutors strong arming him
Hirsch allegedly, has an extensive criminal history. He was arrested 9 times between 1995 and 2012, but none of them are disclosed as they are sealed

Yan, who worked seven days a week and held three jobs to support his family, had been working at the Great Wall restaurant for more than a decade prior to his death, 53-year-old employee Kai Yang told the New York DailyNews
The suspect allegedly shot Yan after several altercations with the restaurant over the last year, which include one when he vandalized the eatery after being told that he would not get more duck sauce with his order.
A long term restaurant employee, Soi Chung, Hirsch in the past had ‘multiple’ disputes with staff at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. He’d pulled a gun on staffers during one incident in January.  In another incident last year saw the angry customer become peeved over the amount of duck sauce given to him in one of his orders which according to Chung spiraled into a campaign of harassment, vandalism, and threats from the customer.
The animosity began one night when Hirsch came in and ordered some food, but things quickly turned when the customer deemed the amount of duck sauce he had received with his order to be unsatisfactory.
He left with the food but then came back and said ”It’s not enough,” before walking up to the counter and demanded more food, more duck sauce.
An argument then ensued, prompting the restaurant owner to get involved.
Unsuccessful in his quest for more food Hirsch reportedly, walked out of the restaurant in a huff, before returning to vandalize the establishment with – the duck sauce.
‘The guy left the restaurant, and later came back and threw the duck sauce, everything, all over the place,’ Chung recalled.
By the time police arrived the belligerent customer was gone.

According to a colleague of Yan’s at Great Wall restaurant [photo], a Hirsch had ‘multiple’ disputes with the Forest Hills eatery, and pulled a gun on staffers during an incident last January

The bad blood escalated to the point Hirsch would sometimes be spotted waiting around outside, the establishment to harass the staff. He allegedly, would say to the owner, the delivery guy and to one of the chefs, “I remember you. I remember you,” according to the restaurant staff.
Twice he allegedly, vandalized employees vehicles, and once slashed the manager’s tires.
The peak of the threat was when Hirsch stood outside menacing employees with a gun at the forcing them to call 911. When he stepped inside, the staff overpowered and took him down

NYPD investigate the scene where delivery man was fatally shot

On Thursday, the suspect’s lawyer said, ‘If my client had an argument with the manager, then why is he having a fight or assaulted a delivery guy who everybody seems to like. There was no delivery.’
His client’s bail will be determined on Tuesday, Horn said.

NYPD investigate the scene where delivery man Zhiwen Yan was fatally shot
Yan’s grieving widow Eva Chao being held up by relatives at a press conference outside her home on Tuesday

Despite Yan’s colleagues claims concerning Hirsch’s threatening behavior, it is currently unclear if the delivery man was a specific target.
Meanwhile, Yan leaves behind a wife and three children, aged two, 12, and 14. A GoFundMe page, created by Yan’s widow, Kunying Zha, for the benefit their children has raising $202, 030 as of Thursday, past its initial goal of $100,000.

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