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‘Hard-partying frat boy’ son of retired NYC Supreme Court judge, 26, leaped naked to his death from family’s apartment after bludgeoning his mother with a lamp

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Wastrel son of ex NYC Supreme Court judge, 26, who leaped naked to his death after killing his mother

Douglas Solomon killed himself after bludgeoning his mother to death before jumped to his death ‘butt naked’, from the family’s 16th floor luxury NYC apt, last week Tuesday

56-year-old Diane Gallagher when found had been beaten to death with a lamp shade, inside their home

Douglas Solomon was the son of retired NY Supreme Court Judge Charles Solomon

He’d spent his days ‘depressed’ at home getting high after flunking out of college where he was a hard-partying frat boy 

Douglas dropped out of Rhodes College, Tennessee in 2014 and had been spending his time at home drinking alone in his room and smoking pot

His parents, Charles and Diane, spoke about his future the night before the murder-suicide

Police sources say he beat Diane to death with a lamp shade then killed himself

After was found dead ‘butt naked’ in the street, friends said he lived a life devoid of purpose, without ‘anything going on

Douglas Solomon was found dead and ‘butt naked’ in the street outside his family’s NYC apt on Tuesday morning. Friends said Douglas who dropped out of the college in his freshman year at Rhodes College in 2014, was a hard-partying frat boy

Emerging details of the private life of the adult son of a retired New York City Supreme Court judge who died in a murder suicide is the story of a ‘rudderless’ young man, who lost his way after flunking out of college, where he’d been a hard-parting frat boy, according to his mates. 
Douglas Solomon was found dead and ‘butt naked’ in the street outside his family’s Upper East Side apartment on Tuesday morning.
The 26-year-old allegedly jumped to his death after beating his mother to death. According to law enforcement sources, he jumped from the family’s luxury 16th floor apartment on East 79th Street, NY, was heard screaming on the way down.

65, was beaten to death by her son with a lamp. Police say The night before she was murdered, Diane Gallagher, and her husband had been discussing what to do with their ‘rudderless’ son 

His mother was found inside the apartment dead from apparent severe trauma. 56-year-old Diane Gallagher had been beaten to death with a lamp shade, according to police. 
The alleged killer’s motive for the murder suicide remains unclear, but friends said he was aimless and living at home without purpose years after flunking out of Rhodes, a prestigious liberal arts college in Tennessee.
He also had a proclivity for heavy drinking and pot smoking.

Doug Solomon was apparently naked before jumping to his death at the family’s apartment on East 79th Street, NYC, after killing his mother. His body was found in the courtyard of the apartment complex

‘He displayed a lot of signs of depression. He was not going out to clubs or doing much of anything. 
‘He was anti-social…it sounded like he didn’t want to be reached out to. 
‘You don’t want to ask what’s going on to a person who has nothing going on,’ one of his former classmates said. 
Another said the only possible explanation for the violent murder suicide was that ‘something snapped’ in him.
‘Something snapped inside of Doug. It must have been a 30-second lapse of judgment and his life changed. I can’t believe that any of it was premeditated. 

Douglas Solomon allegedly lost his way after flunking out of Rhodes College, a prestigious liberal arts school in Tennessee, in his freshman year 
Douglas Solomon, [eft], Friends say, had grown increasingly anti-social and “didn’t want to be reached out to” after leaving college his freshman year 
Douglas Solomon [left], and his sister Leah, [second left], with their grandmother and mom Diane Gallagher [right]. The 26-year-old college dropout had been living at home seemingly without any aspirations for his future 
Douglas and his older sister Leah who works in New York City works for an acquisition firm are seen in this 2017 photo that she uploaded to Facebook in honor of National Sibling Day
Retired NY Supreme Court Judge Charles Solomon [left], with his children Leah and Douglas, and his wife Diane Gallagher who was killed by their son before taking his own life

‘He sees his mother unconscious and can’t live with himself. He didn’t want to rot away for 30 years in jail. He was such a nice kid.
Now, to be remembered for this, is awful,’ the friend said. 
His father, retried NYC Supreme Court judge Charles Solomon was not at home at the time of the pair’s deaths. 
The previous night, police sources say he and his wife had been discussing Doug’s future. 
He did not seem to have a job and he was not studying. He had dropped out of Rhodes in 2014, during his freshman year, despite having a promising future in sports. 
In the years that followed, he spent his time quietly with his family but was prone to smoking pot and drinking at home, according to his friends. The couple also have a daughter Leah, who is older than Douglas.
Leah who also lives in the New York City works for an acquisition firm and lives in Kips Bay.

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