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Why do you think you ‘killed your mommy?’ ‘Because I did. I murdered her’ – Las Vegas woman who claimed she was arrested for her good looks, admits to killing her mother in 911 call

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‘I cut her neck off’ – Murder suspect

Audio of a 911 by the Nevada woman accused of murdering her mother, reveals she admitted to the crime on the call she made moments after the incident, before fleeing the crime scene 

Hend Bustami, 28, can be heard on the call admitting to killing her mother by breaking a table over her head and cutting ‘her neck off’

Bustami’s mother, Afaf Hussanen, 61, was found with multiple stab wounds inflicted by shards of glass inside the Las Vegas home they shared 

California Highway Patrol found fleeing suspect driving down Interstate 15 near Barstow a few hours later – around 5am and she was reportedly covered in blood

She admitted to investigators that during an argument she had stabbed her mother with a shard of glass

Bustami was due in court after she was arrested in August, at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, for attempting to skip out on a restaurant bill

During the arrest, she claimed policewere arresting her for being too good- looking and wanted to rape her, as she threatened to spit on officers  

‘Influencer’ and ‘Brand Ambassador’ Hend Bustami [photo], told investigators she had gotten into an argument with her mother and had stabbed her with a shard of glass

A 911 call obtained by KLAS outlines the other-worldly experience of a Nevada woman calmly telling a dispatch officer that she had just murdered her mother by ‘cutting off her neck.’
Hend Bustami, 28, of Las Vegas, called police around 2.30am on Wednesday, October 26, and calmly described how she killed her mom, Afaf Hussanen, 61. 
Bustami, who gained notoriety in August when she accused police officers of arresting her for being too good-looking when she was taking into custody theft and disorderly conduct, has been charged in her mother’s brutal death. 
The newly uncovered audio begins with a dispatch officer asking what the purpose for calling was and what type of assistance the woman was in need of. 

‘I think I killed my mommy:’ Hind Bustami makes shocking 911 call confession as she is stopped by California Highway Patrol covered in blood. She was arrested

Victim: Brands influencer Hend Bustami of Las Vegas, is heard in the 2.30am 911 call telling the dispatcher that she killed her 61-year-old mother Afaf Hussanen, on Oct 26
Killer: Hend Bustami told dispatch that she broke a table over her mother’s head and ‘cut her neck off’ 

‘Do you need police, fire, or medical?’ the 911 dispatcher asks the Las Vegas woman. 
‘Uh, medical,’ she responds. ‘I think I killed my mommy.’
Bustami gives the dispatcher her mother’s address before she was eventually asked why she thinks she ‘killed her mommy.’ 
‘Because I did. I murdered her,’ Bustami replies. 
‘How did you do that?’ the dispatcher asks. 
‘I broke the table on her head,’ the woman says. 
Bustami then tells the dispatcher that she was still at her mother’s house, once again confirming the address. 
The dispatcher asks:  ‘Okay, what did you do to her?’ 

Las Vegas Metropolitan police investigates the murder of Afaf Hussanen by her daughter in the early hours of Oct. 26
Hend Bustami [photo], allegedly, told cops that she stabbed her mother Afaff Hussanen [photo], to death when they took her into custody, covered in blood

‘I think I hurt my mommy,’ dispatchers believe Bustami told them before hanging up the phone 
‘I killed her,’ the caller responds quietly. 
‘How did you kill her, you said something about a table?’ the dispatcher asks. 
‘I broke the table on her head. I broke the table on her head and I cut her neck off,’ Bustami says. 
‘You cut what?’ the dispatcher asks.
‘Her neck off,’ the woman replies. 

Neighbors said Hend Bustami was often seen acting ‘strangely’ around the neighborhood – asking strangers for rides, going into neighbors’ open garages, and scattering her belongings outside

Upon arrival, officers found Hussanen inside the home they shared with multiple stab wounds said to have been inflicted with pieces of broken glass.  
California Highway Patrol found Bustami driving down Interstate 15 near Barstow around 5am and she was reportedly covered in blood. 
She told investigators she had gotten into an argument with her mother and had stabbed her with a shard of glass, reports 8 News Now
Bustami made headlines in August after she was arrested at the Harry Reid Airport in Las Vegas after trying to skip out on a tab at a Chili’s restaurant.
The woman was reportedly belligerently drunk, and police said as she was being detained she claimed ‘she was being harassed.’ 
She was booked for misconduct on August 31.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said they responded to a report that a woman [Bustami] walked out on a tab at the Chili’s restaurant inside the airport, and officers later found the woman ‘belligerent’ after stalling operations near a security checkpoint.
As the officers took her into custody, they said Bustami threatened to spit on them as she called them ‘perverts’ and claimed they were ‘trying to rape her because they have never seen anyone as good-looking.’
She also had a battery charge in June in Las Vegas, where she was booked into the Clark County jail and later released, according to 8 News Now. 
In addition, police have been called to the family home at least 12 times this year alone – seven for ‘family disturbances,’ and one for a suicide attempt, according to local news media.
Bustami, a graduate of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas who earned a degree in Hospitality Administration and Management, appears to have been struggling with some mental health issues according to neighbors.
Andres Moreno, told the network that the family’s home was the ‘loudest’ on the block.
‘Usually 10pm or later, they would just be screaming in the backyard or they’d be fighting,’ he said.
‘It was usually the older daughter and the mother that would get into it. Of course, shortly after screaming, police presence would be involved and things would get all, you know, settled down. Then a week later, it’d happen again.’

Responding officers found Hussanen inside the home they shared with multiple stab wounds

He added that Bustami was often seen acting ‘strangely’ around the neighborhood – asking strangers for rides, going into neighbors’ open garages, and scattering her belongings outside.
‘She would come outside and literally spin in her driveway, singing songs or talking to herself in her driveway, or she’d just walk up and down the street muttering to herself,’ Moreno said.
‘I believe she had mental health issues and she did desperately need help and maybe chose not to get it. Or, you know, who am I to say, but there was obviously something going on with her.’

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