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Security cameras show image of armed gunmen storming Arizona home before kidnapping boy, 17, whose body was later found in a remote area of Maricopa County – Cops continue searching for two suspects in the ‘targeted’ attack

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Security images show armed gunmen raiding Arizona home before kidnapping a teenager after shooting his grandfather who was sleeping at the time

Images released show two armed, hooded men force Jesse Camacho, 17, into a dark sedan and flee the scene

Camacho was taken from his home in West Phoenix, Arizona at a targeted attack around 3.45 am on December 19 

His body was recovered in a remote area in Maricopa County on December 28 

Police searching for the two suspects, warned that they are still on the loose and should not be approached

    Victim: Jesse Camacho, 17, [photo], was found dead after two men kidnapped him in Arizona. Camacho was taken from his home in a targeted attack on Dec 19. Police in Maricopa County said Jesse was actually the intended target in that home invasion

    Horrific surveillance footage captured armed men raiding an Arizona home before kidnapping and killing a 17-year-old boy and shooting his grandfather, early Monday morning.  
    Jesse Sainz Camacho was abducted by two armed men from his west Phoenix home in a targeted attack around 3am on December 19.
    His remains were recovered on December 28, in a remote area in Maricopa County. Released home footage stills showed the horrifying moment the two kidnappers entered the home wearing baseball caps and holding guns.
    Police confirmed that Camacho’s grandfather is expected to survive his injuries. 

    Kidnapper 1: Home footage revealed the kidnappers before they entered the home wearing baseball caps and holding guns

    Jesse was actually the intended target in that home invasion,’ Sgt. Philip Krynsky said.
    Police are on the hunt for Camacho’s killers and said they fled the shooting with the teenager in a dark colored car.
    ‘We want to make sure we get these individuals off the street,’ Sgt. Krynsky said. 
    ‘We don’t want there to be any more violence with this, so again, we are looking for you, we will identify you and hold you accountable.’ 
    So far, the suspects have not been arrested.

      Kidnapper 2: Police said the attack is targeted but the motive remains unclear

         He continued: ‘We don’t suggest that you approach these individuals.’ 
        A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, told police he saw the incident unfold through his bedroom window.
        ‘I was awake around two-ish, talking to my friends on the phone,’ the neighbor told Fox5. ‘And then, I hear gunshots.
        ‘It’s crazy, because I went to school with him last year. It was crazy that it was one of my neighbors and it was around my neighborhood. I would never have thought that something like that would happen out here.’ 
        Camacho’s cause of death hasn’t been revealed.  

        Police presence at the crime scene in West Phoenix, AZ, on Monday where a duo of home invaders kidnapped 17-year-old Jesse Camacho

          The incident happened on Dec. 19 at a home near 91st Avenue and Camelback Road. Phoenix Police say 17-year-old Jesse Sainz Camacho was taken from the home by the suspects at around 3:15 a.m. Camacho’s grandfather, who was asleep inside the Maryvale home, was shot by the gunmen but is expected to survive his injuries.

          Police have launched a manhunt for Camacho’s killers. The two men reportedly, fled the crime scene with the teenager in a dark colored sedan

          Police haven’t revealed how they located Camacho’s body or why he was targeted by the suspects. 
          The Phoenix police are asking anyone with information to contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.
          Authorities are offering an award up to $1,000 for information that may lead to the arrest of Camacho’s kidnappers. 

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