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Brian Walshe, 46, husband of missing DC realtor Ana Walshe, 39, charged with her murder – Friends say couple were estranged, fighting over her work schedule before she vanished on Jan. 1

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Husband of Search for missing Massachusetts mom Ana Walshe is charged to homicide case

Ana Walshe, 39, vanished at 1.30am on January 1 after a New Year’s Eve party 

Her husband Brian Walshe, 46, will be arraigned in court on January 18, for murder 

Prosecutors are expected to share their new evidence against him then 

Brian was already in custody charged with misleading police investigating of his wife’s disappearance

Investigators said they found blood in the basement of the couple’s home in Cohasset, Massachusetts 

Police also found trash bags filled with bloody items, a hatchet and a hacksaw in a trash center near his mother’s home

Friends say Brian and Ana Walshe had started living apart after fighting over her work in Washington DC 

Instagram photos show she had stopped wearing her wedding ring

Ana’s husband, Brian Walshe, [photo], is already in custody on charges of misleading police investigating his wife’s disappearance. The charges have been upgraded to murder

The husband of missing Massachusetts mother Ana Walshe has been charged with her murder, nearly three weeks after she vanished on New Year’s Day. 
Brian Walshe is being held in lieu of a $500,000 bond in cash after he was charged with misleading police. For weeks, police have been piecing together a case against him that is believed to include evidence such as blood found in the couple’s basement, and a bloody hatchet. 
Her body has not been found, despite searches of the family home, backyard and other areas of Cohasset, where she lived with her husband and three sons. 
Ana started working for Tishman Speyer in February last year, accepting a role as the general manager of the company’s Washington DC office. 
She had previously worked for The Mutlu Group, a real estate company near their home.
Friends say the couple’s marriage was strained as a result of Ana’s grueling work schedule, which meant they spent much of their time living apart, with Ana in DC and Brian and the boys in Massachusetts. 
Ana was also photographed without her wedding ring in some of the final photos taken before she vanished on January 1. 

Ana Walshe, seen here with her husband Brian, vanished on New Year’s Day. Brian has been charged with her murder 

    Walshe will appear in court on January 18, on the fresh murder charge. The evidence used to obtain the murder warrant is likely to be presented then. 
    In a statement on Tuesday, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W Morrissey said: ‘The continued investigation has now allowed police to obtain an arrest warrant charging Brian Walshe with murder of his wife. 
    ‘Mr. Walshe will be transported to the court for the charge of murder.’ 
    Walshe is expected in court tomorrow morning. 
    So far, he has denied misleading police in his wife’s disappearance. 
    Ana was last seen at 1.30am on the morning of January 1.
    She and her husband hosted friends for  a New Year’s Eve party that their guests say was filled with toasts and fun. 
    Cem Mutlu, one of the friends who attended the party, said: ‘Brian had cooked an elaborate meal for us. 
    ‘We hugged and celebrated and toasted and just what you do over New Year’s. 
    ‘There was a lot of looking forward to the New Year.’

     Ana Walshe friends said, was enjoying her work life in Washington DC and was excited about the year ahead. She had stopped wearing her wedding ring in the weeks before she vanished

    The next day, he says Brian phoned him asking if he’d ‘seen Ana’ and that she was missing. 
    She was due to travel to Washington DC on January 1 for work, but failed to show up for her flight or get in her rideshare to the airport. 
    Ana was reported missing by Tishman Speyer, the real estate company she worked for, on January 4. 
    A man who identified himself as the firm’s head of security in Washington DC called police in Cohasset to request a welfare check for her. 
    That man told police that he had informed Ana’s husband, Brian, that she was missing. 

    Police scoured a nearby dumpster station after removing a container from Brian Walshe’s mother’s property in Swampscott. Norfolk County DA’s office confirmed that a ‘number of items’ were recovered from the Peabody transfer station after they sifted through the trash for hours 
    Investigators furiously combed through debris that had gathered at her home’s pool of the home in Cohasset, MA, that Ana Walshe shared with her husband and their three sons

      It contradicted Brian’s lawyer’s claim in court that he had notified her work that she was missing. 
      In the weeks before her disappearance, Ana had stopped wearing her wedding ring. 
      Friends said there was ‘tension’ in the marriage because of her work schedule. 
      Her friends are now appealing for care of her children.  Walshe is no stranger to legal trouble. 
      In 2018, he was convicted of fraud for stealing and attempting to sell two fake Andy Warhol paintings that he advertised as being genuine. 

      The judge on Jan 9, set bail at $500,000 cash for Brian Walshe who was arraigned for misleading police over the disappearance of his wife. Police searched the couple’s home, finding blood in an area of the basement before finding a ‘damaged’ knife with blood on it

      Walshe looked up ‘how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body’ online around the time of his wife’s disappearance, according to investigators, and was also caught on surveillance cameras near a trash dumpster next to his mother’s house. 
      The hacksaw and bloodied clothes were found at a trash transfer station. 
      Police wanted to test a sample of the blood found in the bag to Ana’s three sons, before filing the murder charge. Subsequently, Brian Walshe is arrested for murder on January 17.

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