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Cuckold husband drops in on wife at her ‘OnlyFans’ hotel room date, with a client she just found out was hubby catfishing her

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Husband taped himself arriving at a hotel room to find his scantily-clad wife waiting for a ‘date’ she set up oh her secret ‘OnlyFans’ account

The cheating spouse was outed to her husband by one of his friends who came across the woman’s OnlyFans page on his account

The couple had been married for fours years and apparently shared some kids 

The woman repeatedly denies that she has done anything wrong before realizing her husband catfished her and was her supposed ‘Date’

He rebuffed her entreaties that she loves him and was only trying to help with the mortgage

The cuckold man asked his wife to come home and get her things

He then leaves the hotel room after questioning the paternity of his children

    A man walks into a hotel room where his wife, who has established a secret OnlyFans page awaits a meet-up with a different man

    An apparently cuckold husband documented his ploy to expose his his wife’s after finding out she might be moonlighting as an escort through her secret OnlyFans account.
    He catfished her and set up a date, then had her waiting in a hotel room for her ‘date’ to arrive. The man caught the entire encounter on a video recording which has gone viral.
    The man in the video, whose face viewers never see, pulls up in a Lincoln vehicle and and viewers her him saying: ‘I just pulled up to the Comfort Inn Hotel, I don’t even know what to do right now. This is crazy.
    ‘My wife of four years is in this hotel right now, and she don’t have a clue that I’m out here,’ the male voice in the video says.
    ‘The thing is, she’s been on OnlyFans for a while now. I didn’t know. I had no clue that this is what she was doing,’ he continues.
    OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service used primarily by sex workers who produce various types of pornography, though it also hosts the work of other types of content creators. 
    He explains, ‘The reason I found out [about the OnlyFans account], is because my homie…ran across my wife’s page.’

    Man finds his scantily-clad wife waiting in hotel room for a client, after catfishing her to set up a OnlyFans date

    As he gets out of the car and enters the hotel, the man says he created a fake OnlyFans account for himself, on which he made his name ‘D Rock’.
    Viewers then see feet clad in bright red sneakers pacing through the hotel lobby into the elevator, where he’s heard exchanging pleasantries with an unseen male, not giving away his anxiety and sounding normal.
    ‘I’ve been talking to her for a week on OnlyFans…she’s thinking she’s doing a meeting with a guy named D Rock, and it’s me the whole time.
    ‘She’s been hiding having an OnlyFans the entire time,’ he said, adding that his wife had frequently told him she needed to be out of the house for ‘business meetings’ and group hangouts with girlfriends.
    ‘I’m not overthinking it,’ he says of what his wife had told him about her plans, as he gets into the elevator.
    Upstairs, he is seen exiting the elevator, still running commentary, as he says, ‘she gave me a room number and everything. Here we go.’

    Moment the man proceeds to out his wife in the video as a cheater who is planning to meet up with a man she believes is not her husband

    The man proceeds with the intention of finding to out – all the while recording the video – if his wife is truly a cheater who is planning to meet up with a man, aka ‘D Rock,’ she believes to be a client instead of her husband.
    As he walks down the hall to the room, he becomes audibly more nervous about the encounter about to unfold.
    ‘We have been talking for a whole week. She gave me the room number and everything,’ he says, adding, ‘She does not know that I am coming to the door.
    ‘That said, I’m her fixing to bust her.’
    He mutters ‘It don’t make no sense,’ as he knocks on the door.
    As he raps on the door, a woman is then heard saying ‘coming,’ before she opens the door.
    Suddenly, the woman’s blurred head is visible from behind the door and she realizes the enormity of being caught out on escort duty by her spouse.
    She immediately attempts to slam the door shut on her husband and exclaims ‘No!’
    His response was Open the door…ehn ehn …. open the door!’, as the videographer forces his way into the room.
    The woman is heard shouting ‘What are you doing here?’

    When she realizes she’s been found out, the woman in the video breaks down on the bed, attempting to cover herself with a robe, while trying explain herself, that it is not what he think’ – that she is doing nothing – However, the enraged husband does not want to hear it

    The ‘date-ready’ woman, who is in high heels, clad in what appears to be a skimpy one-piece lingerie with dollar bills printed on it, at first attempts to deny that she schedules meet-ups with men on OnlyFans.
    ‘What are you doing here?’, she asked him.
    In turn as he asks her ‘what do you mean what am I doing here? …What are you doing her?’
    ‘I’m doing nothing,’ she says.
    He then busts her bravado when he says ‘I’m D Rock’.
    ‘D Rock?’, she repeats, slumping on the bed and immediately breaks down when she realizes her husband is ‘D Rock’ and she has been speaking with him all week via the app’s chat messenger.
    The woman immediately grabs a robe, shielding her face while telling her husband, ‘get that camera out of my face’.
    The interaction then largely deteriorates into a profanity-laden back and forth, during which the distraught and angry husband asking her how she could do this, and saying, ‘You’ve been coming home, laying in bed with me, acting like everything is normal.’
    At one moment she mentions ‘the mortgage,’ implying that she established the profile to help pay the bills.
    ‘I don’t give a f*** about no mortgage. I’m not trying to hear none of them excuses,’ he retorted. ‘There’s nothing to explain.’

        When the woman realizes the man she has been chatting with online all week is, in fact, her husband, she breaks down and sobs on the bed, covering her face with a pink robe

        When the woman realizes the man she has been chatting with online all week is, in fact, her husband, she breaks down and sobs on the bed, all the while covering her face with the pink robe.
        She swore she was ‘only dancing’ for the people with whom she would meet up. ‘I ain’t doing nothing.’
        The woman, who the man refers to once in the video as Katrina, sprawls herself on the bed in the hotel room and sobs into what appears to be a hot pink bathrobe as she attempts to hide from the camera.
        The man says she hadn’t been shy online, so there was no need for her to hide her face now.
        She continues to attempt to explain herself, as the man says, ‘This is what I did not want to marry,’ adding that she should ‘come home and get your sh**.’
        She tells him she loves him.
        He responds, ‘You don’t love me.’
        ‘Baby, we got kids,’ she says as he moves to leave the room.
        ‘I don’t even know if those kids are mine,’ he says.

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