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Deranged gunman who screamed ‘They’re killing me!’ as cops arrested him for killing reporter, 24, girl, 9, and woman, 38, during five-hour, drugged-up murder spree near Orlando was ‘High’, may not have a motive – police

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Deranged gunman, 19, who killed his cousin’s friend, a journalist covering the homicide, and a nine-year-old girl in a five-hour long shooting rampage was simply high and had no motive

Keith Melvin Moses was ‘drugged-up when cops arrested him immediately after his murder spree in Orlando on Wednesday

The suspect who was seen smirking and smiling during his perp walk,t was heard screaming “They’re killing me!” as cops tried to cuff him a little earlier

Moses is in custody on multiple first degree murder charges

On February 22, he shot and killed Nathacha Augustin, 38, journalist Dylan Lyons, 24, and T’Yonna major, 9

The suspect also shot a TV cameraman and the little girl’s mother, both survived with serious injuries

Police believe Moses was high at the time and may not have had a motive for the killings  

Keith Melvin Moses, 19, is in custody for shooting dead Nathacha Augustin, 38, journalist Dylan Lyons, and nine-year-old T’Yonna Major last Wednesday. Police say he was high at the time of the killings, and that they haven’t been able to determine any motive for the murders

Florida cops have released a new booking photo for the strung-out gunman who killed three people on Wednesday, including a reporter with a local TV station, during what they believe to be a drugged-up crime spree, in which he appears crazed with wide, dilated eyes. 
Gang banger Keith Melvin Moses, 19, was arrested shortly he shot and killed a 38-year-old woman identified as Nathacha Augustin while riding behind her in the back seat of his cousin’s car, before jumping out and fleeing the scene in Pine Hills near Orlando, Florida.
When a news crew from a local TV station Spectrum13, arrived to cover the shooting, Moses returned, walked up to their vehicle and shot the reporter Dylan Lyons and his cameraman Jesse Walden. Lyons, 24, died barely six months into his job at the station.
Not done, Moses let himself into a home nearby where he shot the residents – Brandi Major and her nine-year-old daughter T’Yonna. The little girl who was hit twice in the stomach later died, while her mother, who was shot in the arm was treated at the hospital and released.

Triple-homicide suspect Keith Melvin Moses [center], was seen smirking and smiling as he was taken away in handcuffs after being arrested in connection to the shooting at multiple locations in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday

Moses has refused to explain his rampage, which began with shooting Augustin at around 11am inside his cousin’s car.
It’s unclear if he was tested for drugs after the rampage, or what the results of those tests are, but after his arrest, police said he appeared to be ‘high’.

Triple-homicide suspect Keith Melvin Moses screaming ‘! can’t breath’ as police move in to arrest him

Deputies found the suspect on the streets shortly after after he allegedly, shot five people in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, killing three, including a nine-year-old girl
As police tried to cuff him Moses can be heard screaming …”They’re killing me!” They’re killing me!”

In new records released today, his cousin described him as acting ‘strange’ and ‘sweating’ in the car before he pulled out his gun and shot Augustin in the chin, from the backseat.
Lyons, a 24-year-old reporter for Spectrum 13 News, went to the scene of the first murder to film a report, only for Moses to return and shoot him in the chest at point blank range along with his cameraman Jesse Walden, who was shot in the groin but survived. 
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Keith Melvin Moses, a known gang member, is charged with triple-homicide that happened in Pine Hills, Florida on Wednesday Moses, 19, is in custody for the murder of Nathacha […]

He then let himself into a nearby home, entering through a sliding door. After shooting T’Yonna Major and her mother Brandi, he fled the home. The pair barricaded themselves in the bathroom of their home and waited for police. T’Yonna later died of her injuries. Her injured mother survived.

Nathacha Augustin, 38, was the first victim. She was in a car with Moses’ cousin when they offered him a ride. He got into the backseat but started sweating and ‘acting strange’ according to the cousin. He then shot Augustin in the chin and fled

Police found Moses in the street and took him into custody.
The 19-year-old was due in court last week but missed his first appearance. In court filings, his attorney listed ‘mental health’ as the reason for his absence.
Previously-released bodycam footage showed him screaming ‘I can’t breathe!’ as cops approached him.
Once in custody, he pretended to be asleep, refusing to answer any of the officers’ questions.
The new documents reveal how he also tried to let himself out of the police interview room once the officers had left him alone.

TV reporter Dylan Lyons, 24, was the second person killed by Moses – six months into his job. His camera man Jesse Walden was also shot and seriously injured as they arrived to cover the shooting of Nathacha Augustin in Pine Hills, Florida, on Saturday
The youngest victim nine-year-old T’Yonna Major, [L-C-R], died from her injuries after the gunman Keith Melvin Moses broke into her home and shot her twice in the stomach. He shot her mother as well. She survived but was left with serious injuries

    Moses, 19, has a long rap sheet including felony charges including possession of a firearm by a minor and robbery with a deadly weapon. 
    Almost all occurred when he was a minor and he’d finished serving any relative custodial sentences for them. 
    The only charge on his record to have occurred when he was an adult was marijuana possession, but it was in such a low quantity (4.6 grams) that it did not warrant a jail sentence. 
    Now, he is facing life in prison – if not the death penalty – on multiple first degree murder charges. 
    It was Moses’ cousin who first called police after he shot Augustin. 
    The cousin, who is not named, was in a car with Augustin when they saw Moses walking down the street.

    T’Yonna’s mother Brandi Major [left], was also shot in the arm. She was treated at a a local hospital and released
    Jesse Walden is a photojournalist who was injured in a Florida shooting rampage that took the life of his reporter colleague Dylan Lyons and a nine-year-old girl in Orlando, on Wednesday. The shooter had just killed a woman and the crew was there to report on the homicide
    Walden who was shot in the groin by the crazed gunman while carrying out his duties, faces a long road of recovery. He was retrieving gear from the trunk while Lyons was sitting in the passenger seat when Moses approached the vehicle and shot him 

    The cousin offered him a ride, which he accepted, and he got in the backseat of the car. 
    ‘He stated that when Keith Moses was in the vehicle, he was acting strange and was sweating before the shooting.’ 
    Walden, the cameraman and photographer who survived the shooting, told how he hid behind a wheel of the car while Moses opened fire. 
    He was retrieving gear from the trunk of the car while Lyons was sitting in the passenger seat. 
    Moses approached the car and first shot Walden. 

    Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies reported to the 6100 block of Hialeah Street in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, where they discovered a woman who had been fatally shot in the passenger seat of a car. The victim was identified as Nathacha Augustin

    He then walked to the front of the vehicle, where the driver’s door was open, and fired into the car to shot Lyons once in the chest. 
    ‘As I’m about to open my trunk, I hear gunshots and I feel that I get hit. I feel some pain in my groin. 
    ‘I guess whoever this guy is, there’s something wrong with him, but he was shooting people that were parked there. 
    ‘Dylan was a reporter I worked with every day. We were best friends. He was just a sweet guy, he was young. 
    ‘He really did a good job, he loved trying hard and that’s what we like to do, we like to push the boundaries and we like to get our hands dirty,’ he said.
    ‘It’s so unfair that it happened to Dylan, that he died,’ he said.  

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