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Oklahoma triple-murderer who cut out neighbor’s heart, cooked it and tried to feed it to his family, before stabbing his uncle and the four-year-old granddaughter to death, jailed for life

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‘I hope you rot from the inside out’, victim’s family member yell in court as Oklahoma triple-murderer was jailed for life without parole on Wednesday

Lawrence Paul Anderson pled guilty to three counts of murder along with single counts of maiming and assault and battery in the in Grady County District Court

Anderson, 44, killed his neighbor, Andrea Lynn Blankenship, 41, on Feb 9, 2021

He then stabbed his uncle Donald Pye, 67, and Pye’s a four-year-old granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, to death

His aunt Daisy Pye, who was stabbed in both eyes, miraculously survived, but she is now blind in one eye and deaf on the left side

Anderson cut out Blankenship’s heart and tried to feed it to his family, before he attacked them

Heinous crime happened within a month of being paroled, 9 years into a 20 year sentence

Released on parole less than a month earlier before he had been staying with his aunt and uncle

Grief-stricken families screamed at the killer at Grady County District Court 

Lawrence Paul Anderson [photo], has been jailed for life after killing his neighbor, cutting out her heart and trying to serve it it to his family before murdering his uncle and a four-year-old girl

An Oklahoma man convicted of triple-homicide after he killed a neighbor, cannibalized her body, before killing two of his family members whom he had tried to feed the neighbor’s heart that he had cut out and cooked with potatoes, has been jailed for life.
Grief-stricken family members screamed at Lawrence Paul Anderson, 44, to ‘rot from the inside out’ as he pled guilty in Grady County District Court on Wednesday to three counts of murder along with single counts of maiming and assault and battery.
The repeat felon was sentenced to life without parole as a part of a deal in which prosecutor Jason Hicks dropped plans to seek the death penalty at the request of the victims’ families.

Anderson killed and cannibalized his neighbor, Andrea Lynn Blankenship [photo], at her home in Chickasha on February 9, 2021

They did not want to go to trial and ‘listen to all the gory details of what happened to their loved ones,’ Hicks explained.
Anderson brutally stabbed his neighbor Andrea Lynn Blakenship, 41, to death at her home in Chickasha on February 9, 2021.
He then cut out her heart, taking it back to the home of his uncle and aunt Leon Pye and Delsie Pye.

Anderson fatally stabbed his uncle, 67-year-old Leon Pye [left], dead and along with his granddaughter four-year-old Kaeos Yates (right]. Pye’s wife was also attacked but she survived

Anderson then cooked and tried to feed the heart to his family with potatoes ‘to release the demons’, before fatally stabbing his uncle Donald Pye, 67, and his four-year-old granddaughter Kaeos Yates, who died in an ambulance en route to hospital.
Daisy Pye, who was stabbed in both eyes, miraculously survived but she is now blind in one eye and deaf on the left side. During sentencing, she said she is heartbroken that a family member would commit such a crime. 
‘Family means everything to me, as my nephew I don’t love you but I don’t hate you – even though I can’t judge you, God will,’ she added.
Quindessa Flowers, another granddaughter of the Pyes, shouted in court: ‘You’re not sad at all! Don’t shed no fake as** tears!’

Four-year-old Kaeos Yates [photo], died en route to the hospital with stab wounds

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Days after he was released from jail, Lawrence Paul Anderson, police said, ‘cut out his neighbor’s heart and cooked it with potatoes before he attacked his own […]
Lawrence Paul Anderson had been staying at his aunt and uncle’s home in Chickasha (pictured) after he was released from prison less than a month prior

During her impact letter, she screamed: ‘I hope you rot from the inside out,’ ‘You ain’t no family of ours,’ and ‘I hate you for everything you’ve done to us.’ 
Meanwhile Tasha Yates, the mother of Kaeos, cursed Anderson before rushing out of the courtroom.
‘Who kills a baby… who does that?’ Yates yelled. During her impact letter, she had said: ‘I pray you hear my baby girl as she told you that she loves you and that she didn’t want to die, too! 
‘And just like you didn’t hear her then, I pray that God doesn’t hear your cries either and I pray that you cry out for God on more days than you don’t.’

Anderson confessed to cutting out Blankenship’s heart and cooking it for his family to eat to ‘release the demons’

Officers with the Chickasha Police Department discovered the two murders in the Pyes’ home at 214 W Minnesota Ave on February 9 after daisy Pye called 911.
Anderson was arrested at the home after officers ‘observed [him] throwing up in the living room into some pillows,’ officers said at the time.
Blankenship’s murder wasn’t discovered until two days later, after investigators interviewed him at a hospital where he was being treated for undisclosed injuries.
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Kaeos’ parents, Tasha Yates and Taranzo Pye, seen with their daughter Kaeos [center] shared their heartbreak at their daughter’s death in an interview with local station KFOR

The triple murder sparked outrage after it emerged that Anderson had been released from prison early in January, 2021.
He was sentenced to serve 20 years behind bars for gun and drug offenses in 2017 before Governor Kevin Stitt commuted the sentence to nine years at the recommendation of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board.
Anderson who had just been released on parole less than a month before he committed the heinous crimes, had been staying with his aunt and uncle.

Anderson also stabbed his aunt, Delsie Pye [right],, in both eyes, but she survived the attack. Tasha Yates [left], mother of 4-year-old Kaeos yelled at sentencing: ‘Who kills a baby… who does that?’

A grand jury investigation later found Anderson was wrongly placed on the commutation docket in August 2019, after the board in July 2019, rejected his commutation request, which under board rules require that he wait three years before reapplying.
The board later recommended commutation, which was approved by Stitt, following the second request.
Daisy Pye and the families of the victims have sued Stitt, the Pardon and Parole Board and others for federal civil rights violations related to Anderson’s release.
The lawsuit is pending, with all defendants having filed motions to dismiss the action.

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