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Bodycam shows New Mexico cops fatally shot innocent homeowner after ‘knocking wrong house’ on domestic violence callout – response team also shot at victim’s traumatized widow

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Farmington police released bodycam footage showing the moment cops shot innocent man dead, after knocking wrong house on domestic violence callout

Officers of the Farmington Police Dept. also fired at victim’s traumatized widow as she screams

The cops killed homeowner Robert Dotson, 52, on Wednesday night when he came to his screen door, armed with a gun

His widow’s blood-curdling screams come moments before a second shootout 

Officers are heard discussing and laughing about being at the wrong address

All three officers at the shooting have been placed on administrative leave for the length of the investigation

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe called the incident ‘extremely traumatic event,’ and said ‘this is a very dark day’

New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau is conducting an independent investigation 

Bodycam footage shows three officers approaching Robert Dotson’s house before realizing they are at the wrong address

Shocking bodycam footage revealed New Mexico police shot dead an innocent man after approaching the wrong house on a domestic violence call out, before firing at the victim’s screaming widow.
The video released by Farmington Police, shows officers realize they are at the wrong address seconds before they shot and killed Robert Dotson, 52, who opens his door armed with a gun.
His wife’s haunting screams can then be heard from inside the house as one of the officers says quietly to himself: ‘Please, don’t.’ 

Bodycam footage shows moment police in Farmington, New Mexico, realize they are at the wrong address seconds before they shoot dead Robert Dotson 

Around 11:30 p.m. on April 5, Police officers of the Farmington Police Department had approached 5305 Valley View Avenue, whereas the the domestic disturbance call to which they were responding emanated from 5308 Valley View Avenue, located across the street from the tragic incident.
When three officers knocked on the door and announced themselves no one answered the door.

Bodycam footage shows moment cops shoot innocent man dead

After the officers began to back away from the door and prepare to leave after their knocks, that’s when the homeowner emerged armed, at the screen door of his home.
All three officers fire instantaneously and Dotson appears to drop to the floor. One officer confirms: ‘One down.’
The footage shows an officer knocking three times, but between the second and third knocks, the three cops discuss whether they were at the wrong address.
The officer at the door asks: ‘Is this not 5308? That’s what it said right there, right?’
His partner responds: ‘No, it said 5305 didn’t it?’

Homeowner, Robert Dotson [right], was shot dead at his Farmington home by police, around 11:30pm on Wednesday. His wife, Kimberly Jones- Dotson [left], was also armed initially exchanged gunfire with police, before cooperating once she realized who they were 

The first officer then requests confirmation of the address they have been called out to over his intercom, and the dispatch confirms 5308.
In a chilling moment of levity seconds before their fatal encounter, the officer then appears to say: ‘So they told me the wrong…’
The audio then cuts out and a third officer, standing a few feet away from the front door, is heard laughing.
The cops then begin to back away from the door as they prepare to leave, but seconds later Robert Dotson appears at his screen door, opens the door and raises a gun.
After this frame panicked officers are heard shouting: ‘Hey! Hey! What the…?!’ before shooting Dotson dead instantly.
Officers confirm: ‘One down, move out.’

The officers should have been responding to a domestic incident to 5308 Valley View Avenue on April 5, instead they had approached 5305 Valley View Avenue, located across the street where they shot and killed the homeowner who had a gun when he came to his door

About a minute later, a woman’s screams can be heard coming from the house. The woman, later identified as Dotson’s wife, Kimberly Jones-Dotson, then appears at the door with a firearm.
One traumatized officer, seemingly fearing another deadly shootout, says under his breath: ‘Please, don’t.’
The woman who had just witnessed her husband’s execution fires her weapon at the officers, who return fire. The footage ends after the conclusion of shots being exchanged.
Once Kimberly realized that the individuals outside her home were law enforcement, she put the gun down and complied with their commands.
Jones-Dotson who was uninjured and has not been charged with a crime.
The officers involved were also not injured and their identities have not been disclosed.

Police mistakenly went to Robert Dotson’s home, 5305 Valley View Avenue

The cops were meant to execute the warrant against 5308 Valley View Avenue Farmington, NM

The footage shows all three officers fired their weapons during the shooting, but how many rounds were fired is still under investigation.
Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said he could not yet explain why officers turned up to the wrong address.
He told a news conference at Farmington Police Station: ‘That’s the worst part of this for us. … I can’t give you that explanation right now. That is part of the interviews and that’s what the state police will be looking at.’ He added: ‘You know that, that really is something that the officers are going to have to talk with the state police about it and certainly, you know, the results of it are terrible.’

Robert Dotson with his wife Kimberly and their son in 2022

Hebbe said that the shooting will be investigated and state police will try to determine why officers went to the wrong address.
Two of the officers have been with the department for around five years, and the other around three, Chief Hebbe added.
All three have been placed on administrative leave for the length of the investigation.
The Dotson family, along with their attorney, reviewed the video footage at the San Juan County District Attorney’s Office before its public release.
Hebbe expressed his condolences to the family in a news release. ‘All of us – the men and women of the Farmington Police Department – recognize the severity of this shooting,’ he said. ‘We will do everything possible to more fully understand what transpired here.
‘Once again, we wish to express our condolences to the Dotson family and as your chief of police, I wish to convey how very sorry I am that this tragedy occurred. We will continue to provide updates as we are able.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe [photo], admitted the results of the mistake were ‘terrible’

The New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau is working independently to determine the series of events that led up to the Wednesday night shooting, including collecting evidence and conducting interviews. 
The bureau said their findings will be shared with the district attorney for their review and consideration.
‘The New Mexico State Police act solely as factfinders in their cases and do not determine whether an officer’s actions were justified in these types of matters,’ according to a release issued by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. 
They added: ‘That decision rests with the district attorney’s office. This incident remains under investigation by the New Mexico State Police.’

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