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Four murdered in Maine home and three other people are shot and wounded along freeway on Tuesday in incidents linked to same male shooter – who is now in custody

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Four people are found murdered in Maine home and three others are shot and wounded along freeway in incidents linked to same shooter – who is now in custody

Four people were found murdered in a home in rural Maine on Tuesday morning 

Shortly after police discovered those bodies, several cars were hit by gunfire along the freeway

Three others are shot and wounded, one in critical condition, by the same shooter along Interstate 295 within the hour

A male suspect is in custody with police believing that there is no further threat to the community

Police recovered a gun that was initially missing from the interstate crime scene  

A suspect is seen wearing handcuffs in police custody on Interstate 295 in Bowdoin, Maine. Police believe he is connected to the shootings that left four people dead at a home. Another three were injured from the highway shooting on Tuesday morning

Four people have been found shot dead in a house in Maine and three others were wounded in a linked shooting along a nearby interstate.  
Four victims were found at a house in Bowdoin on Tuesday morning. A subsequent shooting erupted along Interstate 295 that injured three others. The locations are around 25 miles from each other.  
Cops say a suspect has been apprehended and that there’s no further threat to the public. Witness accounts said the male suspect appeared to be in his late 20s or early 30s.
Maine State Police while stating that the shootings were connected, didn’t immediately elaborate or identify the person in custody.
Police recovered a gun that was initially missing from the interstate crime scene.

Police activity at a home in Bowdoin, Maine where four people were found shot dead on Tuesday

At the Bowdoin home which is set on 22 acres and set far back from the road with a stone facade, three bodies were removed from the home and one was removed from the garage just before 4 p.m. Tuesday.
According to Bangordailynews, tax records show the home is owned by 72-year-old Robert C. Eger Jr.
Eger wife Patti Deraps Eger, 62, also is listed as living at the home.

Police remove body from the multi-homicide scene at a home in Bowdoin, Maine on Tuesday afternoon

Later police reported three people were injured at the scene of the shooting that occurred along Interstate 295 in Yarmouth, Maine . Both crime scene were related cops said

Further details on the victims’ and shooter’s identity, a possible motive, and whether those injured in the second attack were targeted have yet to emerge. 
On Facebook, Bowdinham resident Ian Halsey said that some of the victims were his cousins. ‘My cousin is in critical condition and my other cousin is stable. There is no connection between the victims. It was random that my family was shot at,’ Halsey told the Portland Press Herald.  

Bullet holes can be seen in the windshield of the silver sedan that was involved in the shooting 

Maine State Police are continuing to search the area where the suspect was taken into custody out of an abundance of caution

Maine State Police are continuing to search the area where the suspect was taken into custody out of an abundance of caution. 
Lisa Erickson told the Portland Press Herald that she heard gunshots close to her home in Yarmouth, a few minutes later her neighborhood was swarming with police officers. 
Erickson said that responding officers told her and her neighbors to stay indoors while a search was conducted. The suspect’s abandoned car was left close to the woman’s home. 

WGME-TV’s Alex Haskell posted a video on social media showing a suspect in custody speaking with police officers. Haskell said that shortly after he shot the video, the man was taken away. 
A car seen in Haskell’s video has several bullet holes in the front windshield. 
The town of Yarmouth has a population of around 9,000 and is around 12 miles north of the Maine’s largest city, Portland. Bowdoin is a small farming community with a population of around 3,000. 

A police officer stands watch in Yarmouth where residents were told to shelter-in-place following the shooting 

‘We are confident that there is no imminent threat to the general public at this time,’ said Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry, whose deputies were assisting in Bowdoin. He referred questions to state police.
At the scene in Bowdoin, yellow crime scene tape hung around a home with a long, gravel driveway in a wooded area. 
About 10 marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles and a crime scene van were parked outside, and investigators moved about and talked.
In Yarmouth, traffic backed up on the interstate as police shut down the southbound lanes, and state, county and local police canvassed the area. 
Representatives for the Maine Department of Transportation said they closed the southbound side of I-295 in Yarmouth in late morning at the request of state police.
Police briefly ordered people in nearby neighborhoods to shelter in place, but authorities later announced there was no threat to the public.
Lenora Felker, who works near the highway at Rosemont Market and Bakery, said she sensed something was afoot when people started streaming in, saying the highway was closed, followed by dozens of law enforcement officers who descended on the area.  
Officers canvassed businesses asking if they had seen ‘anyone that was wet and muddy fleeing,’ Felker said. But she knew all the customers and didn’t see anything ‘out of the ordinary,’ she said.

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