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Lone gunman shoots seven people in Maine – Joseph Eaton, 34, is charged with murder after ‘killing four inside a home and injuring three more on highway’, on Tuesday

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‘Lone gunman,’ Joseph Eaton, ‘shot and killed four and injured three more in a one-hour rampage in Maine on Tuesday

Eaton, 34, was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly murdering four at a home in Bowdoin home on Tuesday morning

The 22 acre property is listed under the name of a 72-year-old man and his 68-year-old wife

Shortly after police discovered those bodies, several cars were hit by gunfire along Interstate 295

Police recovered a weapon at the scene of the freeway shooting and linked both crime scenes to the same suspect

No motive has yet been released, but J Eaton posted a video asking for forgiveness days before murders

Eaton, a career criminal with an extensive record, was released from the Maine Correctional Center on April 14 , four days before bodies were discovered

Ex-con Joseph Eaton, 34, [photo], has been arrested for murder after multiple shootings in Maine that killed four and left several others injured The career criminal was released from jail four days before the murders

A 34-year-old man has been charged with murder after allegedly killing four people inside a home in the small rural town of Bowdoin, Maine, before shooting three others on a nearby interstate shortly afterward.
Investigations began Tuesday morning when police were called to a home on Augusta Road in Bowdoin. When they arrived, they discovered four people dead on the property.
Three bodies were discovered in the house, a fourth was found inside a barn. The 22 acre property according to Tax records belong to a 72-year-old man and his 68-year-old wife. However, officials have not identified those who died.
nd is expected in court later this week. 

Suspect, later identified as Joseph Eaton, is seen wearing handcuffs in police custody on Interstate 295 in Maine. Police have connected him to the shootings that left four people dead at a home. Another three were injured from the highway shooting on Tuesday morning

Authorities arrested Joseph Eaton, 34, hours after he opened fire on Interstate 295 on Tuesday morning. 
Law enforcement rushed to the scene in Bowdoin at 10:30am and found four victims, before hearing reports multiple people were shot in cars travelling along the highway around 25 miles from the first shootings. 
It has not been revealed how Eaton was taken into custody. However, officials quickly connected the shootings, and he is currently in custody a

Police activity at a home in Bowdoin, Maine where four people were found shot dead on Tuesday

Police reported three people were injured at the scene of the shooting that occurred along Interstate 295 in Yarmouth, Maine . Both crime scene were related cops said

One of the vehicles Eaton attacked is shown with bullet holes in the windshield. Maine State Police are continuing to search the area where the suspect was taken into custody out of an abundance of caution

Police remove body from the multi-homicide scene at a home in Bowdoin, Maine on Tuesday afternoon. Three bodies were found inside the main house. The fourth body was found inside a barn on the property

Joseph Eaton posted a video asking for forgiveness days before murders

Maine State Police maintained that there is no further threat to the public after the suspect connected to both shootings was taken into custody. Authorities are yet to discuss a motive.
‘A person of interest has been detained, and the incidents are connected,’ Maine State Police Lt. Randall Keaten told reprorters prior to the arrest. 
A witness to the interstate shooting told CBS News affiliate WGME-TV: ‘We just saw a bunch of smoke. And my friend in the truck was like, ‘I think that’s gunpowder, like gunsmoke.’
State police have said that the three motorists who were shot have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds, and one remains in critical condition.  

WGME-TV’s Alex Haskell posted a video on social media showing a suspect in custody speaking with police officers. Haskell said that shortly after he shot the video, the man was taken away. 
A car seen in Haskell’s video has several bullet holes in the front windshield. 
On Facebook, Bowdinham resident Ian Halsey said that some of the victims were his cousins. ‘My cousin is in critical condition and my other cousin is stable. There is no connection between the victims. It was random that my family was shot at,’ Halsey told the Portland Press Herald.  

Joseph Eaton posted video asking for forgiveness days before murders

Joseph Eaton’s criminal history reportedly, dates back to 2008, in Kansas. His case files note he had been charged for the burglary of a home in 2008, sentenced in 2009, then released in 2010.
In May 2018, the 34-year-old from Bowdoin was sentenced to three years in jail on three counts of aggravated assault on a first responder in Nassau County, Florida.
He would later be released on Feb. 15, 2021.
Less than a month later, Eaton was sentenced for an assault in Maine. That sentencing took place on March 1, 2021.
He was released from the Maine Correctional Center on April 14 of this year, four days before bodies were discovered in a home in Bowdoin.
Eaton is been held at Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset. He will make an appearance in court later in the week.

Law enforcements investigate scene where gunfire erupted on I-295 in Maine, on Tuesday morning

‘We are confident that there is no imminent threat to the general public at this time,’ said Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry, whose deputies were assisting in Bowdoin. He referred questions to state police.
At the scene in Bowdoin, yellow crime scene tape hung around a home with a long, gravel driveway in a wooded area. 
About 10 marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles and a crime scene van were parked outside as investigators moved about and talked.

Police officer on patrol in Yarmouth where residents were told to shelter-in-place following the shooting 

Local resident Lisa Erickson told the Portland Press Herald that she heard gunshots close to her home in Yarmouth, a few minutes later her neighborhood was swarming with police officers. 
The suspect’s abandoned car was left close to her home. Erickson said that responding officers told her and her neighbors to stay indoors while a search was conducted.
The town of Yarmouth has a population of around 9,000 and is around 12 miles north of Maine’s largest city, Portland. Bowdoin is a small farming community with a population of around 3,000. 

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