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Manhunt continues for fugitive Texas shooter who killed five member of family next door, as victims including boy, 9, are identified – Francisco Oropeza, 38 eludes police for third day

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Images emerge of Texas shooting victims, including boy, 9, as manhunt continues for serial illegal border crosser from Mexico who killed five of his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, on Saturday night

Suspect Francisco Oropeza, 38, has been arrested and deported by US Immigration and Customs four times, beginning in Sept 2009, and last in 2016

The five victims were identified as Sonia Argentina Guzman, 25, and her son Daniel Enrique Laso, 9, Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21, Julisa Molina Rivera, 31, and Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18

Oropeza remains at large with police still searching for him with a reward of $80,000 for information leading to his arrest

Gunman Francisco Oropeza, 38, has eluded law enforcement three days after killing five members of family living next door when they asked him to stop shooting his gun in his yard at 11.30 pm despite being “respectfully” asked, because ‘their baby was trying to sleep’

Families are mourning the loss of the victims of the tragic shooting in Texas that left five people dead, including a nine-year-old boy and two women who died while shielding a two-year-old baby.
The shooting occurred in Cleveland, a rural town north of Houston after the gunman, 38-year-old Francisco Oropeza, refused to stop shooting his gun despite being “respectfully” asked by his neighbor Wilson Garcia and two others.
The victims were identified as Sonia Argentina Guzman, 25; Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21; Julisa Molina Rivera, 31; Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18; and Daniel Enrique Laso, 9.
Two female victims were discovered in the bedroom lying on top of two surviving children, authorities have said. The children were rescued from the scene covered in blood but uninjured.
Oropeza remains at large with police still searching for him with a reward of $80,000 while they said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Victims: Wilson Garcia’s wife, Sonia Argentina Guzman, [left], 25, with with nine-year-old Daniel Enrique Laso [right] were both killed. She contacted police five times before the shooting, but help did not arrive until after the shooting 

Grieving Wilson Garcia spoke to the press and explained how the tragic massacre unfolded.
He said he and his neighbors heard Francisco Oropeza shooting his gun late on Friday, April 28, at night.
Garcia, accompanied by two other people, went to Oropeza’s house to ask him to shoot farther away from their home.

Diana Velazquez Alvarado, 21, was shot and killed in Francisco Oropesa’s mass shooting on Saturday night in Cleveland, Texas 

Oropeza refused and told them he could do what he wanted on his property, according to Garcia, who then called the police after Oropeza rejected his request.
Oropeza continued to shoot, and Garcia’s family called the police five times, until, after about 10 to 20 minutes, Oropeza ran towards Garcia’s house while reloading.
Oropeza killed Garcia’s wife, who was at the front door, and then proceeded to shoot 15 people in total, killing four, including Garcia’s 9-year-old son.
All of the victims were shot from the ‘neck up’. Two of the women were found in a bedroom, their dead bodies draped over two children apparently, in the attempt to shield them.

Julisa Molina Rivera, 35, [photo] has been identified as the third female victim

Police recovered the AR-15-style rifle that Oropeza used in the shootings.
Authorities identified Oropeza using an identity card issued by Mexican authorities to citizens who resided outside the country, as well as doorbell camera footage.

Oropesa’s neighbor Wilson Garcia [right], seen at the vigil for his son, lost the child along with his wife and 9-year-old son after he’d gone over to ask the neighbor to stop shooting at 11.30 pm, because his one-month old baby was trying to sleep

Police conducted a search for Oropeza, involving more than 200 police from multiple jurisdictions.
Gov. Greg Abbott offered a $50,000 reward for information about Oropeza’s whereabouts before local officials and the FBI contributed bringing the total to $80,000.

Jose Jonathan Casarez, 18, [photo], was the older of the the two males who died in the shooting 

Wilson Garcia’s nine-year-old son, Daniel Enrique Laso, [photo] was among the victims. His mother was also killed by the gunman  

The man on the run for allegedly killing five people inside their Texas home has been identified as a Mexican national who was reportedly deported four times.
Serial illegal border-crosser, Francisco Oropeza, 38, has been apprehended and deported by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement was first deported in March 2009, according to ABC News.
Oropeza was then deported again in September 2009, and another time in January 2012 after he was convicted in Montgomery County for driving while intoxicated, sources said.

Mass-shooting suspect Francisco Oropeza, 38, [photo], has been arrested and deported by US Immigration and Customs four times beginning in Sept 2009. Last time was in 2016

He was last deported in July 2016, and it remains unclear what his current immigration status is, when and how he came back into the U.S.
There are now more than 250 law enforcement officers on the hunt for Oropeza, who is considered armed and dangerous after he fled the bloodbath inside the Cleveland home, about 50 miles north of Houston.
Police went door-to-door in hopes of finding any clues that would lead them to Oropeza.
Investigators found clothes and a phone while combing an area that includes dense layers of the forest but tracking dogs lost the scent.
Authorities consider Oropeza, who is still at large, armed and dangerous.

Police removed crime scene tape from around Garcia’s home and put up billboards in Spanish to spread the word about the reward money.
Veronica Pineda, who lived across the street from Oropeza’s home, allowed authorities to search her property to see if he might be hiding there.
Speaking on the tragedy that befell his family Wilson Garcia recounted events leading to the losing his wife and son when he asked Francisco Oropesa, 38, to keep the noise down he was making by firing off his guns so his one-month-old baby could sleep in their home in Cleveland, Texas.
Garcia was left devastated when a gunman allegedly massacred his family when he was told to keep quiet.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has offered $50,000 for the capture of Francisco Oropesa, who is an illegal immigrant. Other counties’ have chipped in $5,000, with the FBI offering $25,000, bringing the entire bounty to $80,000

Wilson Garcia lost his wife and son when he asked Francisco Oropesa to keep the noise down he was making by firing off his guns so his one-month-old baby could sleep in their home in Cleveland, Texas.
Wilson threatened to call the police on Oropesa, a Mexican national who was in the country illegally.
“I told my wife, ‘Get inside. This man has loaded his weapon,” Garcia said. “My wife told me to go inside because ‘he won’t fire at me, I’m a woman.’”
Regarding the manhunt for Oropesa, who remains at large. Investigators have said that they are “zero leads”, in the hunt for Oropesa.
Police had been called to the home before for reports about the firing of guns, but nothing was done.
Oropesa has a large tattoo on the inside of his forearm of what appears to be a female Aztec, wearing a headdress.
Police have found an abandoned cell phone and articles of clothing lying around and tracking dogs from the Texas Department of Correction ‘picked up a scent and then lost that scent in the water.’

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