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Who is the ‘real Janie Santana?’ Ex-husband of Rudy Farias’ mom sued her for bigamy, had their one year marriage annulled after learning she was still legally wed to ‘at least one of five other spouses’

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Ex-husband of Houston mom Janie Santana sued for bigamy after 12 months and their marriage annulled

Gilbert Quiroz, 58, revealed that he wed Santana, 55, in 2012, only to discover she was a bigamist who was legally married to ‘at least one’ of five other spouses

Santana is in the spotlight after her son Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Farias, now 25, was ‘found’ in the doorway of a church in Houston, Texas, eight years after she Santana reported him missing

Family, neighbors and police all said Rudy Farias was never missing and returned home when she declared him missing at the age of 17, in 2015  

Community activist, Quanell X, claimed Rudy told him he never went missing and his mother has been sexually abusing him for eight years

Houston police confirming Farias was never missing, said they would not be pressing abuse charges because alleged victim denied he was abused

Quanell has accused HPD of Re-victimizing Farias, because detectives were present when he made the allegations and overheard Santana coercing him into silence by threatening suicide 

Serial bigamist?: Janie Santana, the mom of ‘missing’ Rudy Farias, was accused of bigamy by a former husband who successfully filed for an annulment just a year into their marriage

More vapid history has emerged a Houston mother accused of falsely reporting her then teenage son missing eight years ago. Six-times wed Janie Santana, 55, the mother of Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Farias was accused of serial bigamy by a former husband who demanded an annulment just a year into their marriage, eight years ago around the same time that she reported her son missing.
Gilbert Quiroz, 58, claimed that he wed Janie Santana on October 23, 2012, only to discover she was legally married to ‘at least one’ of five other possible spouses.
Twelve months into their marriage Quiroz filed for divorce in Houston, Texas, outlining his suspicions and arguing that the union was ‘null and void’.

Gilbert Quiroz claimed that he wed Janie Santana in 2012, only to discover she was a bigamist who was legally married to ‘at least one’ of five other spouses. The annulment with Santana was granted on Aug10, 2015, five months after Santana reported that her teenage son missing

The case adds another chapter to Santana’s convoluted legal history. Notably, she also fought her family over guardianship of her mother who died in 2020, according to court records
Responding to the the damaging evidence in the bigamy case, Santana’s defense accused Quiroz, a military veteran and realtor based out of Phoenix, Arizona, of ‘extreme cruelty’ and adultery.
The annulment was granted by a Harris County court on August 10, 2015, five months after Santana reported that her teenage son Rudy had gone missing.

Rudy Farias is pictured as a 17-year-old, when he was was reported missing in 2015. Now 25, he was supposedly found last week. But his neighbors and family say he was never missing 

According to divorce papers the couple was married ‘by proxy’ while Quiroz was stationed in Tucson with the Arizona Air National Guard: ‘Respondent is Janie Santana. Respondent has also previously used the names Janie Santana Rodriguez, Janie Santana Larios, Janie Santana Farias and possibly Janie Uresti,’ the October 2013 petition states.
‘The purported marriage is void and of no effect … because Respondent was already legally married and a party to other purported marriages.’
The filing cites documents demonstrating that Santana married Patrick Rocha in July 1997 and then John P. Gonzalez in August 1998
That same August she petitioned a Harris County judge to have the marriage to Gonzalez annulled ‘on the basis that she was already married to Patrick Rocha,’ according to Quiroz’s suit.
He claims Santana filed a probate motion in July 2007 arguing that she was the ‘common law wife’ of another man, John T. Rodriguez, a sheriff’s deputy and 23-year law enforcement veteran who had recently died.

Quiroz claims Santana filed a probate motion in July 2007 arguing that she was the ‘common law wife’ of another man, John T. Rodriguez, a sheriff’s deputy and 23-year law enforcement veteran who had recently died

Quiroz also links his ex to Roberto Larios, citing a divorce petition filed by Santana as proof that she and Larios were ‘common law married’ from 1999 to 2010.
Finally, he claims that Santana married Sucre Amaury Diaz in December 2009 and that Diaz indicated in a December 2012 deposition that he was still married to Santana.
If true, that would imply that, two months into her marriage to Quiroz, Santana was still married to Diaz.
Santana’s May 2015 counterclaim does not address the alleged overlap but instead demands $25,000 in damages from Quiroz.
‘Gilbert has been guilty of extreme cruelty towards Janie warranting termination of their marital relationship,’ her filing alleges. ‘Gilbert has committed adultery. Reconciliation is a no-go.’

Divorce papers state the pair wed ‘by proxy’ while Quiroz was stationed in Tucson with the Air National Guard. Respondent is identified Janie Santana, who also previously used the names Janie Santana Rodriguez, Janie Santana Larios, Janie Santana Farias, possibly Janie Uresti’

In the case of Santana’s mother, court documents show she was involved in a legal fight with her four sisters and one of her brothers over guardianship.
Santana’s older sister Sylvia, 64, described her filthy home and claimed their mother Rosa, who died in May 2020, had been forced to sleep on a stinking sofa covered in urine.
According to the complaint filed just two months before Rosa’s death, the house was ’not a clean, safe, or habitable residence for 85-year-old Rosa, who was described as the ‘Proposed Ward’ in legal documents – adding: ‘The home had animal urine and feces throughout the house.’
Sylvia said that the: ‘Proposed Ward did not have a bed and slept on the couch which smelled of urine,’ adding that, ‘At the time the Proposed Ward last went into the hospital, she had significant bed sores that had gone untreated.’

Santana’s two older sister Pauline Rodriguez and Sylvia don’t believe her. Sylvia described her filthy home and claimed their mother Rosa, who died there aged 85, in 2020, was maltreated. Pauline said: ‘She has always been a pathological liar. She lies about everything’

The complaint also cites Santana’s alleged bigamy as one of the reasons for her being unsuitable to take care of her mother and says she was ordered to pay $43,000 for unspecified ‘fraudulent conduct’ over another marriage to Roberto Larios.
Sylvia noted Santana had previously filed for bankruptcy and says she was convicted of disorderly conduct over the illegal discharge of a firearm in 1994 under her then-name Janie Uresti. Court records show she was handed nine months probation and fined $100 for the offense. 
Another sister Pauline Rodriguez, 66, said their mother had known Rudy was still in the home but Santana brushed off their concerns when they asked about him.
She said: ‘My mom would always tell me, ‘Rudy is here … He’s there. He’s in that room. And Janie said, ‘No she’s lying, she’s losing it.’
Pauline added: ‘She has always been a pathological liar. She lies about everything.’

Farias reportedly said his mother had been sexually abusing him for years. He only spoke up after authorities separated him from her

The yet to be explained riddle of Rudy Farias being ‘declared missing and found’ – eight year later – hit the headlines last week when he  was said to have been found in a disheveled state and uncommunicative outside a Houston church on Thursday last week and his mother Janie declared it a miracle. 
But the story quickly took a dark turn when Farias, now 25, spoke to community activist Quanell X and reportedly accused his mother of holding him captive and abusing him by making him ‘play daddy’ while naked in bed and giving him hallucinogenic drugs.
However, police said in a press conference on Thursday that Farias declined to press any charges against his mom – and that he did not make any such accusations to detectives when he was interviewed this week. 
Chief Troy Finner said the duo had contact with police since he was reported missing, but said they both provided fake names, which allowed the young man to go unnoticed for years, even as neighbors and family often spotted him.

Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Farias was 17 when he reportedly disappeared in March 2015, according to his missing person flier

Farias was 17 years old when he reportedly disappeared in March 2015 while walking his dogs in the area of Tidwell and Park Drive near the home where he lived with his mother in Houston, Texas. The dogs were later found. 
Houston police, along with Texas EquuSearch looked for Farias but found no signs of him.
When Farias first went missing, Texas EquuSearch reported that he suffered from depression and anxiety, and he might have been disoriented because he wasn’t taking his medication. 
Farias also had asthma and walked with a slight limp because of an injured right leg, the search group said. 
At the time, Santana told officials that Rudy suffered from depression and PTSD since his brother Charles died in a motorcycle accident in 2011, an incident neighbors say he spoke about. 

The ‘missing’ saga came to an end when a good Samaritan found Rudy Farias slumped over, outside the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church [photo], Houston, on late June 29, 2023. He was reported missing in 2015

Community activist Quanell X spoke to Farias, who reportedly said his mother had been drugging him and sexually abusing him for years

The story of Santana’s missing younger son was picked up by media outlets and discussion groups were formed on Facebook. Last week, when Rudy was located, Santana announced her son’s discovery on Facebook and claimed he was in bad shape. 
She said he had blood in his hair and had been badly abused and beaten, and shared photos of him in a hospital bed.
‘Rudy is in pretty bad shape, he has cuts, soft tissue tumors, small openings and swelling on the soles of his feet, along with bruising, old and new cuts/scrapes on his body, old dry blood on his head and hair, he has very very dark complexion now almost unrecognizable,’ she wrote on Facebook. 
‘God only knows what he has endured during his time away from home.’
She added: ‘He flinches if you try to touch him or hug him thinking we are going to strike him. He thinks his name is Julio Torres and he is 14 now.’

Activist Quanell X, [photo], says Rudy Farias’ mom was ‘drugging and abusing him’. He believes Houston PD “revictimized” Farias by denying his detailed account of the abuse

But after news of his miraculous return emerged, neighbors claimed Farias had never been missing at all, and would often be seen around the neighborhood same as Houston Police Department who at a Thursday news conference confirmed Farias was never missing. HPD also announced they would not be arresting Santana because the alleged abuse victim said it never happened.
The activist who claimed that Rudy Farias detailed disturbing sex abuse by his mom has reacted to police denying it was reported to them.
A detective was by my side and “heard every word,” Quanell X said Thursday he had “proof” that the 25-year-old detailed being treated as a sex slave and even made to “play daddy” in the eight years his mom reported him as missing.
Community activist Quanell said the reason Farias was found last week was because he stole his mother’s car to get away from her, but crashed and ended up bloodied and bruised outside the church last Thursday, with his mother’s current credit card on him, when a good Samaritan called 911 after finding Farias lying outside of the church with injuries. 
Speaking Thursday, Quanell who debunked the claim that Farias was “nonverbal” as “BS”, accused Houston police chief Troy Finner of having “revictimized” Farias by denying that he’d reported that abuse to officers.
“My problem with that chief is [that] your detective sat right there with me for an hour and 15 minutes and heard every word come out of Rudy’s mouth about what took place in that home with his mother,” Quanell said in an interview with Fox 26.
“He heard the young man say he was sick and tired of being treated like a slave. He was sick and tired of [his mom] crossing inappropriate boundaries.”
Quanell claims detectives also witnessed Janie Santana, telling her son immediately after his interview that she’d kill herself if he reported her abuse. She started “badgering him, ‘What did you tell ’em? What did you tell ’em? If you tell ’em about what I did, if you tell ’em about the abuse, I’ll kill myself,’” Quanell X said.
“We heard her tell that boy, several of us, that if he didn’t change his story, she would kill herself. God as my witness we heard her say that.”
The activist also ripped the claim that Farias was “nonverbal” as “BS.”
“The man is not nonverbal. He’s very articulate,” he said.
“He’s a victim. And I believe HPD with their press conference further revictimized that young man.”
Farias made clear that he was manipulated by fear into going along with his mom’s “multiple lies” about him being someone else, the activist said.
Houston police have said the case remained an “ongoing investigation.”

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