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Inmate accused of killing man, kidnapping his wife and shooting an officer on the run in California, back in custody: Eric Abril escaped from treatment at a medical center early Sunday

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Escaped murder suspect inmate Eric Abril back in custody in California, after escaping from medical center and after going on the run

Abril, 35, who was originally arrested on April 6, after he kidnapped a couple and ended up killing the man, shot and injured his wife

During attempts at rescue he also shot a Highway Patrol officer

He escaped custody while being treated at a Medical Center in Sacramento on Sunday morning, despite being guarded by deputies

In the few hours he was on the lam, Abril also kidnapped a couple, killed the man, shot and injured his wife

Inmate Eric Abril, 35, [photo], was arrested on April 6 in connection with murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. He escaped custody while being treated at a hospital in Sacramento on Sunday morning. He was rearrested hours later

The suspect held in custody for the attempted murder of a Mahany Park police officer, who later escaped from a hospital some hours ago, was captured after being on the run since Sunday, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.
Inmate Eric Abril is accused of murdering a man, kidnapping his wife and shooting a police officer is on the run in California after escaping from a medical center in Sacramento, early Sunday morning.
Abril, 35, was originally arrested in April in connection with the shooting, as well as shooting and wounding of a Highway Patrol officer at Mahany Park in Roseville.
According to authorities, on April 6, Abril shot two adult hostages and a CHP officer after California Highway Patrol attempted to arrest him.
He then took the elderly couple hostages. One of the hostages died, while the other two gunshot victims were survived.

Abril allegedly took a couple, James and Patricia MacEgan, [photo], hostage. He later killed 72-year-old James. His wife Patricia was shot and injured, but survived. The CHP officer he shot also survived

Abril was then arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder, as well as several other related charges, officials said. He was held in the Placer County jail without bail.
However, on Sunday morning, Abril escaped from the Sutter Roseville Medical Center, according to Placer County Sheriff’s Office.
The suspect was under 24-hour surveillance, when escaped around 3 am on Sunday morning and ran toward a greenbelt area where he reportedly took a married couple hostage. James MacEgan, 72, was killed , and his wife Patricia was shot and injured.

Abril managed to escape from Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where he was under 24-hour surveillance, around 3 am on Sunday morning

He reportedly escaped from the second floor of the building. It has not been confirmed why he was at a medical facility. 
Placer County Sheriff Wayne Woo, during a news conference on Sunday, vowed that his officers would look into how Abril managed to escape the hospital, where he was under 24-hour surveillance. 
CCTV footage of Abril, taken at around 3am in a nearby neighborhood, shows him topless and wearing orange jail pants. 

Security cam footage from homes in the flight path caught cop shooting suspect Eric Abril as he fled custody from his bed at Sutter Roseville Medical Center in Sacramento, early Sunday morning

Officials described Eric Abril as six feet tall, weighs around 175 pounds and has brown hair. He was originally arrested on April 6, in connection with the shooting and wounding of a Highway Patrol officer

He is described as a six-foot tall white male with brown hair, weighing 175 pounds. 
Residents are advised to exercise ‘extreme caution’ and look out for his tattoo on his left shoulder of what appears to be ocean waves and bamboo.
The department said in a statement: ‘We are asking all residents to please review any security cameras for potential sightings of Abril — please send any information to the tip line provided below.

Placer County Sheriff’s deputy, joined by two police officers, on patrol on Sunday after Abril escaped from the Sutter Roseville Medical Center, early Sunday morning. He was later seen in Rainier Court and then a few minutes later on Saddletree Lane

Eric Abril, 35, was found in a wooded area behind an apartment complex near Antelope Creek behind Zion Court in Rocklin Monday afternoon around 12:20 p.m.
Details of how he was able to escape despite a deputy being assigned to guard him, have not been released, but according to the sheriff’s office, Abril “defeated” his restraints and escaped from Sutter Roseville Medical Center around 3 a.m. Sunday morning.
When he was re-he recaptured, he was found still wearing his “belly chains” and jail boxers.

A Placer County Sheriff’s Dept. BearCat armored vehicle drives down Greenbrae Road in Rocklin during the search for Abril

Surveillance footage from homes near the hospital later showed a man who matched Abril’s description passing through backyards.
The sheriff’s office had earlier announced that over 70 law enforcement officers from more than 10 agencies involved in the search for the suspect.
The sheriff’s office said it would review “inmate transportation and inmate supervision and security” procedures when they are transported or housed outside correctional facilities.

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