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South African police officer, 46, arested for strangling and dumping body of his girlfriend, pregnant on the roadside – Busisiwe Ngubo was killed a day before she was due to deliver triplet boys

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Police Sergeant, 46, officer arrested in South Africa for the murder of his girlfriend who was pregnant with triplets

A day to her due date, Busisiwe Ngubo, supposedly was on her way to the hospital was found dead about half a mile away from her home in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Ngubo, 36, who was expecting a set of triplets, all boys, was found strangled 0.82 miles, away from her home in the Ehlanzeni area in the Ubuhlebezwe local municipality on August 14

Relatives said she left home on Sunday August 13 day after receiving a phone call from her police officer boyfriend, after she told them he had invited over for a visit

Suspect who was arrested on Friday, was to be arraigned Monday for her murder, but it was postponed after defense attorney said they need time to apply for legal then, then file bail application

KwaZulu-Natal police in South Africa, Friday, arrested a 46-year-old police officer for allegedly killing his  girlfriend who was pregnant with triplets.
Pregnant Busisiwe Ngubo, 35, [photo, left], was found dead 0.82 miles, away from her home in the Ehlanzeni area in the Ubuhlebezwe local municipality on Monday, August 14 – a day before the arrival of her triplets on Tuesday, August 15.
According to a statement issued by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial social development [NEC], the pregnant victim was last seen leaving leaving her home after receiving a call from boyfriend Mbuiseni Christopher Ngema, who is a police Sargeant.
The statement noted that on Sunday, August 13, “ Ngubo had left her residence after receiving a call from her police officer boyfriend [that he would pick her up to visit]. She had shared information with relatives on the plan and they were aware of her intentions to travel to hospital as she was about to deliver”. 
The next day “she had been strangled and her body was discarded on the roadside”.

Busisiwe Ngubo [[photo], from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, was killed last week Monday on her way to hospital to deliver her triplet boys. The 35-year-old Ngubo had left her residence after receiving a call from her police officer boyfriend

Police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda, who confirmed the development in a statement on Saturday, August 19, said the suspect, a 46-year-old police sergeant, Christopher Ngema who was arrested a week later, had been scheduled for arraigned Monday at the Ixopo Magistrate’s Court on charges of killing his girlfriend of three years and their unborn triplet boys.
He is facing additional charges because arresting officers found an illegal weapon as well as illegal drugs in the home.
However the court appearance was postponed to allow the suspect, through his defense attorney told the court that he intends to file for legal aid and ultimately, apply for bail.
Initially it was reported that she was pregnant with twins, however following her death, the autopsy revealed that Ngubo was in fact pregnant with triplet boys.
Social Development MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza said a postmortem revealed that Ngubo was not carrying twins, as she had thought, but triplets: “Four innocent lives have been cruelly extinguished by the actions of an individual devoid of empathy, a tragic violation of Ngubo’s rights,” said Khoza, referring to Ngubo and the triplets.
“We implore the law enforcement agencies to treat this matter with urgency, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent investigation.”
She urged law enforcement agencies to put extra energy into their investigation.
“Unravelling the truth and holding the guilty parties accountable is paramount. Our community’s well-being hinges on feeling secure and protected,” said Khoza. 

Pregnant Busisiwe Ngubo, [photo], was found strangled 0.62 miles [one kilometer], away from her home in the Ehlanzeni area in the Ubuhlebezwe local municipality on August 14. Her boy, a 48-year-old police Sergeant has been arrested for her murder

Ngubo who already had a nine-year-old son was the family’s breadwinner. The family revealed that the three year relationship with Ngema had been tumultuous. By December Ngubo they said, had decided to end the affair, only to learn that she was pregnant. She was happily pregnant, while her boyfriend on the other hand, wanted the pregnancy terminated.
They are also upset that it took authorities a week to take the suspect into custody although they knew who he was.
Family spokesperson Mandla Ngcobo, who is a cousin to the deceased, described their shock at learning she was carrying triplets: “We now know she was carrying three boys. We were already happy to welcome two new lives into our family, and now we heard there would have been three. Sadly, none of the babies will ever see the light of day,” Ngcobo said. 
A “massive” group marched to the police station on Friday and demanded that police arrest Ngubo’s policeman boyfriend for the murder, Ngcobo said. 
The family said the couple had been dating for over four years. 
“We believe he was the last one with her because she sent a voice note to a family member that she was going to visit him on Sunday, [then he would take her to hospital]. On Monday, she was found dead. It is shocking,” said Ngcobo. According to Ngcobo the family never met the suspect, who he is well known in the community:
“We knew she was dating him, but we, as a family, have never met him”.
Neighbors found Ngubo’s body on their way home from work. She was laid to rest on Sunday, August 20. 

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