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Florida man Dima Tower, 21, is charged with murder after ‘slaughtering his parents in blood-spattered home’ – Missionary couple Robbie and Jennifer Tower adopted suspect at 14, from Ukraine

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Ukrainian adoptee Dima Tower, 21, is charged with murder after ‘slaughtering his American parents inside their Sarasota County home on Friday evening 

Florida Police conducting a welfare check at the home in North Port, found the bodies of Jennifer Tower 51 and Robbie Tower, 49, laid out head-to-head on the living room floor of the blood-spattered home’

Responding officers met Dima Tower outside the home with blood on his clothes as he was closing the trunk of his car, ignoring orders to freeze before he sped away, leading police on a high-speed chase

 The fugitive was captured on Saturday morning after an near-eight-hour manhunt 

The Towers reportedly, adopted their son seven years ago from an orphanage in Ukraine, where he was beaten and ‘bruised’

Relatives said devout parents tried to shower him with love, but Dima struggled to adjust and displayed disturbing, violent behavior even before the double-homicide

Dima Tower, 21, allegedly stabbed his parents to death on Friday Sept 1, seven years after they adopted him from a prison-like Ukrainian orphanage. He was arrested Saturday after an 8-hour manhunt

A Florida man adopted by a missionary couple from a prison-like orphanage in Ukrainian has been charged with the murders of his American parents over the weekend in North Port, Florida.
Dima Tower allegedly stabbed his adoptive parents Robbie Tower, 49, and Jennifer Tower, 51, in their North Port home on Friday.
Responding officers met him at the crime scene still wearing blood stained clothes, but he jumped into his car and fled as officers asked to surrender. The 21-year-old suspect led cops on an eight-hour manhunt that ended with his capture on Saturday morning.
The suspect sped away from the scene in the car his parents had bought for him before running into dense woods on foot.
Dima reportedly, was attempting to evade police near Interstate 75 and Laurel Road in Sarasota County. After a seven- to eight-hour search in the woods, officers located the fugitive and took him into custody.

Christian missionary couple, Robbie and Jennifer Tower, [photo] who also worked as realtors, were found dead Friday, lying head-to-head surrounded by blood in the living room of their home in North Port, Florida. Allegedly slayed by Dima, the son they adopted from Ukraine seven years ago

The Christian missionary couple, who also worked as real estate agents in the area, were found on their living room floor lying head-to-head surrounded by blood, according to local news outlet WinkNews.  
Tributes have poured in for the ‘caring’ couple, who rescued a boy who lost his mother as a child and was abandoned by his alcoholic father. The Towers adopted their son Dima seven years ago from an orphanage in Ukraine, where he was beaten and ‘bruised’.
While relatives say the deeply religious parents tried to shower him with love, Dima Tower struggled to adjust and allegedly displayed disturbing, violent behavior even before the double-homicide. 

Rob Tower’s mother said the couple spent their ‘entire life savings’ to adopt Dima from an orphanage in Ukraine. Elated Robbie and Jennifer celebrated [photo] the arrival of the newest family member, seven-years ago 

Cops conducted a welfare check at the Tower family home in North Point, Florida on Friday evening after a neighbor reported someone banging on her door screaming for help.

Investigators said there were several large pools of blood around the house that suggested the attack may have taken place over a long, frenzied period of time

Police arrived the Tower’s Florida home on Friday evening after a neighbor reported someone banging on her door screaming for help. When the resident opened the door, the woman was gone but they found blood spatters on the ground.  
After police rushed to the scene, they allegedly found Dima Tower outside the home with blood on his clothes as he was closing the trunk of his car. 
Police claim he ignored their orders to freeze before he hopped into the car and sped away, leading officers on a high-speed chase. 
The daring escape almost came to a close when he hit spike strips on I-75, but cops claim he fled on foot and hid in a wooded area. The suspect remained at large for almost eight hours before he was tracked down and taken into custody on Saturday morning. 
Investigators found the couple, who both worked as real estate agents, seemingly positioned head-to-head on their blood-covered living room floor. 
Police have not revealed a motive for the killings. Investigators believe the attack took some time as the house was filled with several large pools of blood, which were found in the master bedroom, living room couches, the inside of the front door, and the kitchen, according to local reports.  

Robbie Towers’ uncle, Warren Rines, told the New York Post that the couple, who could not have children of their own, were devout Christians who heaped their son with love and attention. 
‘It just makes no sense, none of us understand the hate. They were the only two people in his life who ever tried to help him. They treated him like their own son,’ he said.
‘These were two really good, caring people,’ he added, noting that the couple travelled to Ukraine several times on Christian missions. 

School mates and acquaintances describe the Ukrainian adoptee as troublesome and mean spirited, extending to even his parents. Family members said that the couple’s response to Dima’s difficulties was to shower him with love and embrace him into their family

Tower family portrait [image]. Police are yet to establish a motive in the shocking killings, and a neighbor said Dima was ‘his mom’s world’. One family member said ‘I think the boy just had a lot of hate in him already before he came here. And I guess you take it out on the ones closest to you’

Dima seen [left] with mom, Jennifer Tower were said to have heaped their adoptive son with love and would buy him ‘whatever he wanted or needed’. However relatives said, Dima struggled to adjust to his life in America and exhibited a mean streak even in school

Rines claimed that the alleged murders are not the first instance of Towers’ attacking his adoptive parents, alleging that his nephew called the police three years ago after the Ukrainian left him with a black eye. Court records show that Tower was arrested in 2020 for a physical fight with someone inside the victim’s home. The state attorney did not prosecute the case.
The incident led Robbie to sent his son to relatives for a period of time, before insisting he return home because ‘they forgave him for everything.’  
One former school mate said, “I just went to school with him high school with him. And like he was just like a creep. He would hang out in the woods,” she said.
“Then they brought him over here. And then he started abusing his parents, doing crazy stuff.”
Robbie and Jennifer Tower decided to adopt their alleged killer seven years ago to save the then-14-year-old from a prison-like orphanage, Rines said. 
‘He would have bruises on him in the orphanage,’ he continued. ‘When they went out to eat, he would have like six hot dogs. He wasn’t getting a lot to eat. These orphanages are like prison for kids.’ 

Alleged killer, Dima Towers is seen [photo], walking into the police station Saturday for his booking following his capture after an near-eight-hour manhunt in Sarasota, Fla 

Despite his sad past, the couple believed they could help him by welcoming him into their family, but their adoptive son allegedly struggled to fit in and often launched into fights at school.
‘When I first met him, he was interested in boxing,’ Rines said. ‘But he didn’t want to box. He wanted to hit. He wanted to hurt.’ 
He added that their Florida home was not ‘all bad’, as the parents never stopped showering their son with love despite his behavioral pattern of acting out.
‘I think the boy just had a lot of hate in him already before he came here. And I guess you take it out on the ones closest to you,’ he said, adding that they would buy him ‘whatever he wanted or needed’, including the car he used to flee thee scene

Prior to being rescued seven years ago by his adopted seven parents, Dima Tower [photo], was housed in a prison-like orphanage in Ukraine where his relatives said he was beaten and ‘bruised’. He’d lost his biological mom as a child and was abandoned by his alcoholic dad 

Police rushed to the family home in North Port, Florida, where the suspect led cops on a high speed chase and remained at large for almost eight hours. The suspect has been charged with two murders 

Those that knew the slain couple have shared their heartbreak at the loss, with Robbie’s mother Debbie Tower saying on Facebook: ‘They spent their entire life savings to adopt him and this is how he repays them.’ 
‘I don’t really know how I am going to get through this… Rob and Jen were not just my kids, they were my best friends and we did everything together,’ she said. 
It is unclear how many children the couple adopted, but Debbie said they ‘took the boys all the time to fun things.’ 
Neighbor Ann-Marie Lidinsky told Fox13 Tampa Bay that the alleged murders have stunned the local community as the family appeared to be happy, and the parents ‘sacrificed a lot for him.’ 
‘He was adopted, and he was his mom’s world, he was everything to her… It’s definitely not going to be the same without them.’  

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