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‘killer’ yoga teacher trial: Jury selected in case of Kaitlin Armstrong, 36, who faces life in prison if convicted of murdering love rival, Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, before fleeing to Costa Rica last year

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Jury of six men and eight women selected in case of ‘killer’ yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong, accused of murdering her love rival

Opening statements will begin November 1, in the trial of Kaitlin Armstrong 

Armstrong, 36, is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of pro cyclist Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson who was in Austin for a competition, in May 2022

Hours after the murder Armstrong fled to Costa Rica to avoid arrest, but she was caught and repatriated to Texas in July, 2022

The one time fugitive earlier this month, tried to escape jail guards during a visit to a doctor

IShe has pled non guilty to murder, but if convicted, faces the rest of her life in prison   

Lacy Armstrong, 36, [left], is accused of murdering pro-cyclist Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, 25, in Austin in May 2022, allegedly out of jealousy over her romance with Armstrong’s ex-boyfriend Colin Strickland

Jury selection concluded with a panel of eight women and six men selected in the trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, a yoga teacher accused of shooting dead her much younger love rival, a star pro cyclist, then Fleeing US 43 three hours later, in May last year as detectives closed in on her. 
Opening statements will begin tomorrow at the Travis County Criminal Courthouse in Houston. Armstrong, 36, from Austin, Texas, has pled not guilty to murder.
She is accused of shooting dead Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson in Austin, on May 11, 2022 after Wilson returned home from a dinner with her ex-boyfriend, pro cyclist Colin Strickland, who she suspected had moved on to a relationship with the victim. 
Rising pro cyclist and Vermont resident Mo Wilson 25, was found with multiple gunshot wounds on May 11, by the friend hosting her while in Texas for a race.

Killed in a ‘jealousy-motivated attack’: Elite cyclist Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, [photo], 25, was found shot dead in an Austin apartment on May 11, 2022

Rising pro cyclist and Vermont resident Mo Wilson, [photo], at 25 was described by her fellow cyclists as being ‘all light and laughter’. She was a star in the cycling word dubbed ‘the winningest woman in America’

A police tipster told investigators that Kaitlin Armstrong flew into a rage on discovering her boyfriend Colin Strickland [photo], was in a secret romance with fellow cyclist Mo Wilson, in January 2022

Armstrong was initially questioned by police but was released on a paperwork technicality because an officer filled out her date of birth incorrectly on a form. 
Released on May 13, she fled US a day later. She was seen on surveillance at the airport in New Jersey as she headed first to New York then to Costa Rica, where she managed to spend 43 days evading the authorities, while living as a fitness instructor at a remote resort. 
She even underwent facial plastic surgery to alter her appearance. 

The onetime fugitive has not given up on her attempts to flee justice, even as she is in custody. With her trial date approaching, on October 11, Armstrong made a break for freedom during a visit to a doctor’s visit in Austin. 
She had convinced jail guards to take her for a specialist appointment, claiming she’d sustained a leg injury while exercising in custody.
While being led back to the police vehicle from the doctor’s office, Armstrong made a run for it. 
A bystander filmed her sprinting towards a fence in her black and white striped inmate jumpsuit before being tackled by a guard. 

Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong, [photo], suspected of killing an elite cyclist, Anna Wilson, who may have been dating her boyfriend. She was listed after a tipster told cops a furious Armstrong ‘was shaking with anger and told the caller she wanted to kill Wilson’

Kaitlin Armstrong is seen ‘fleeing’ to New York from Austin, TX on May 14, 2022

US Marshals launched a manhunt for Armstrong after she fled US. She was later tracked down to a remote resort town in Costa Rica 

In July 2022, Armstrong, [center], was charged with first-degree murder in the killing of love rival Moriah Wilson, after her capture in Costa Rico and repatriation to Texas, in July 2022

Prosecutors say she murdered Wilson in a jealous rage after discovering that she had been with Strickland. 
Strickland fearing for his own safety, went into hiding after the murder while Armstrong remained on the run. He and Wilson previously dated and had a mutual love of cycling. He claims the relationship with Armstrong was over before he met Mo Wilson. He had hidden his swimming and dinner date with Wilson who was in town for a competition from his estranged girlfriend, who then flew into a rage and exacted revenge after finding out
The trial in Austin is expected to last at least two weeks. A camera will be allowed inside for opening statements and closing arguments, but the duration of the trial and majority of the evidence will not be filmed, televised or livestreamed. 
If convicted, Armstrong faces the rest of her life in behind bars.  

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