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Kenyan Business woman Josephine Kabura …looting at the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and National Youth Service not to be exposed under any circumstances. NYS secretary resigns.

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Devolution secretary Anne Waiguru. Resigned amid Sh791 million controversy

‘the looting at the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and National Youth Service (NYS) was supposed to go on as long as the Jubilee Government was still in power and Anne Waiguru still the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution’ 
– Josephine Kabura, Kenyan  businesswoman

 In court papers that she filed on Monday, Kabura claims that Waiguru had put everything in order so that no one would know about their looting but they were betrayed by former NYS Deputy Director General, Adan Harakhe, who went behind their backs and processed orders without their knowledge.
She said Waiguru was irritated and mad at Harakhe after what he did because his recklessness exposed them and their dubious deals.
“After the newspaper expose on CBK exposing NYS payments, CS Waiguru summoned me very early in the morning at her Runda house where I met Mr. Mutahi Ngunyi, Mr. Adan Harakhe. Mr. Hassan Noor and a gentleman by the name Mr. Joseph Mugwanja. They were all mad at Mr. Harakhe for processing orders behind their backs leading to the ensuing mess,” the court documents read in part.
The controversy appears to have swept the embattled Secretary, Anne Waiguru, head of Devolution and Planning Secretary, out of office as she resigned Saturday, citing allegations of corruption and attacks on her character which had taken a toll on her health.

NYS Deputy Director General, Adan Harakhe. Cited in suit filed by Josephine Kabura

Waiguru, urging investigative authorities to expose those actually responsible –
“Even where facts point to culpability by other parties and my absolute non-involvement, the attacks have continued unabated….shifting the fight from the real purveyors of graft.
“In view of the impact these events have had on my health, I have been advised by my doctor to take time off to recover,”
Two months ago, Kenya’s state prosecutor asked Waiguru to record a statement in a case that began after she requested an investigation into the suspected theft of 791 million shillings ($7.7 million) from the state-run National Youth Service. In her resignation speech Ms Waiguru stated:
“From the time I made public the attempted theft of public funds at the NYS, there has been frenzied but unsupported allegations of corruption.”
The Kenyan presidency which previously had defended her, appears to have bowed to political pressure, in the face of  mounting criticism from the opposition. President Uhuru Kenyatta, whose administration is under scrutiny for corruption, earlier this year placed five of  his 19- member cabinet on forced leave over allegations of graft. The opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has criticized Kenyatta for not asking Waiguru to step aside while her office was under investigation.,
US president Barack Obama visiting Kenya last July,, highlighted the challenges the country faced if it failed to tackle the issue of public sector corruption: “Corruption is tolerated because that’s how things have always been done”, Obama said.

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