Investigators were able to track this stolen Lexus which had been stolen in the UK and taken to Africa

The trail … 

‘the luxury Lexus SUV was stolen in London by the car ring in April 2015’
‘it was loaded into a shipping container and transported by sea to France’
‘from Le Havre, it was carried down the Mediterranean to Oman’     

‘investigators followed the stolen car to Uganda using an on-board tracker’



The car thieves stole the vehicles in the UK using reprogrammed blank keys which fooled the secuirty sysetms before loading them into shipping containers and transporting them across the globe to Africa

Stolen cars worth more than £1 million have arrived back on UK soil after they were discovered in Uganda.

Thousands of keyless cars are being stolen in Britain each year by international gangs who reprogramme blank keys which fool the vehicle’s security systems and drive off.
Many of the cars are packed into shipping containers and exported overseas making the job of recovering them very difficult.
The car’s owner had fitted his car with a tracking device which allowed authorities to follow it


The Lexus was tracked from London to Le Havre, then down to Salalah in Oman before it sailed down past Somalia into Mombassa, Kenya until it finally ended up in a car park in Kampala, Uganda three months later
However, last year, one Lexus SUV which had been stolen by a gang was fitted with a GPS tracking device, which allowed police to follow the car on a computer screen.
Investigators traced it to Le Havre, in France, where it was shipped across the Mediterranean, through the Suez canal to Oman.