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Chad Platt, Salt Lake County prosecutor jumps from parking tower, dies

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‘Assistant District Attorney’s home had been searched by Task Force that investigates people who use online technology to sexually exploit children’

Assistant DA Chad Platt, 46, unmarried had spent 17 years as a prosecutor in Salt Lake City

Cops say his body was found on Monday morning near the DA’s downtown office

Salt Lake County Deputy Prosecutor, Chad Platt

An assistant prosecutor with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office was found dead outside his office Monday, and some of his neighbors spoke with FOX 13 Tuesday about a search his Salt Lake City home.
A spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Department said Chad Platt jumped to his death from a parking structure on at 81 E 300 S on Monday morning around 5:30.
Some of Platt’s neighbors said law enforcement officers arrived at Platt’s Salt Lake City home early Friday morning and spent several hours there.
One neighbor, who asked to be identified only by her first name, said officers forced their way into Platt’s home.340c981f00000578-3585205-image-a-2_1462985216088
“I went up to one of the officers, he was standing in the front yard and I just asked if everything was OK. He said we’re serving a search warrant and he couldn’t tell me anything but I could see, on his patch, I saw that it said ‘internet crimes,'” said Amie, one of Platt’s neighbors.
The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force investigates people who use online technology to sexually exploit children.
Amie said the search at Platt’s home lasted nearly seven hours, and she observed officers taking a few items from the home and carrying them to a large, white crime scene truck.
FOX 13’s attempts to learn more about the search were referred to the Attorney General’s Office, but the office declined to comment.
Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill, Platt’s boss, released the following statement:

Chad was a valued colleague and friend. We were heartbroken to learn of his death Monday morning. It would be highly inappropriate and disrespectful, both to him and his family, to speculate on whatever Chad may or may not have been thinking. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. He will be greatly missed by this office.

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