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Mom Of Jay Z’s Alleged Love Child Slams Rapper In Video

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Satterthwaite, 40, claimed affair with Jay Z, 46, in the 90s. Had a son, Rymir now 21, by him

Rymir, Wanda and his legal guardian Lillie Coley sued Jay Z to force a paternity test

Jay Z denies any relationship with Wanda, refused to submit to testing

Rymir is scheduled to speak in front of Congress this month about the case.

Wanda who is ill urges son not to give up ‘…. my message to my son is,  the battle is now yours! Don’t give up!’

As the drama in Jay Z‘s marriage to Beyonce continues to rumble, he maybe facing new pressure from the woman who claims she gave birth to his love child years ago. In an exclusive video with Radar, Wanda Satterthwaite, the mother of his alleged son, Rymir, said she and her offspring aren’t dropping their paternity lawsuit against him any time soon!

EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM RATES APPLY** Jay Z's alleged secret lovechild Rymir Satterthwaite seen in NJ on February 3rd 2015.
Aspiring musician RymirSatterthwaite

Alleged baba mama Wanda Satterthwaite

The 46-year-old rap mogul’s ongoing paternity case is being reviewed by the Supreme Court over allegations that fraud and collusion
have allowed Jay Z to avoid taking a DNA test to prove, once and for all, whether or not he is the biological father of Rymir.
Now, after nearly a decade of maintaining her silence, the alleged baby mama, Wanda, 40, spoke out exclusively to Radar.

Jay Z and Wanda Satterthwaite “Wanda told Rymir (her son) that Jay Z is his father.
born of a relationship between her and Jay in the 90s,

Jay-ZAny similarities: Some theorists claim to see similarities between Jay Z & Alleged Love Child Rymir

In the shocking video, Wanda said, “My name is Wanda Satterthwaite and I am the mother of Rymir Satterthwaite. Today is April 20, 2016 and I want the world to know that I support my son in his paternity suit with Shawn Corey Carter. I stand by my allegations regarding this man.” Wanda claims to have gotten pregnant when she was dating the rapper more than twenty years ago.
“Nothing has been done,” she blasted. “The Governor of Pennsylvania is reviewing information regarding allegations of fraud in Philadelphia regarding court orders where the parties names were changed and removed. My message to my son, Rymir, is that the battle is now yours! Don’t give up!”
Aside from an uncanny resemblance to the hubby of Beyonce and father to four-year-old Blue Ivy, Rymir also shares a talent for music and just finished recording his debut album.

Rymir, who has been under the care of guardian Lillie Collie since 2008, when Wanda’s health began to deteriorate , is scheduled to speak in front of Congress this month about the case.
According to a source close to Rymir, “He is not going to stop until Jay Z takes the DNA test!”
Rymir, 21, his mother and his legal guardian Lillie Coley dragged Jay Z in a procedure of justice to force a paternity test after Wanda claimed a sexual relationship with Jay Z in the 90s. he has refused to submit to testing, and denies any relationship with Wanda and Rymir.
Lillie Coley, the legal guardian said she will do everything to prove that Jay Z is the father “The miracle will still happen,” Coley said. “We’re up against a guy with all this money and we’re still here.”  The music mogul has previuosly been involved in a similar scandal with a model named Shanelle Scott. The case was resolved with a 7 figure settlement


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