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Obese Router family lose 364 pounds to beat cancer and look good

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Router family  lost 364 lbs between them after medical problems inspire new life style

Val, 64, and her husband Trevor, 68, both weighed 300 lbs. Son Simon, 39, could not use normal scales. Combined weight of 994 lbs 

Weight loss, down to 639 lbs, helped them beat obesity and cancer

Music teacher, Rob Router – ‘I was inspired to lose weight last year by my mum as part of her recovery from ovarian cancer she was allocated a personal trainer. She’s lost 7st’. 

The Router family were all seriously overweight and suffering from attendant health issues when they weighed 994 lbs together. Now Trevor Router, his wife Val and son Simon, are a much healthier 630 lbs between them after shedding the excess weight.
Simon lost almost 182 lbs and now competes in triathlons, while his mum Val lost 126 lbs, going from size 28 down to size 12. Dad Trevor shed more than 63 lbs.
The family, who live in Luton, realised they had a poor lifestyle when they started to suffer from serious health issues from their overeating.

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Simon says he never imagined that he’d be fitter and healthier like this

Val, 64, and her husband Trevor, 68, both weighed 300 lbs, which Simon, 39, was unable to weigh himself on normal scales and was regularly breaking furniture and splitting trousers.
Once he got a hold of special scales to discover his weight, he found he was a jaw dropping 30st.
When Trevor was diagnosed with a brain tumour and Val developed cancer in her knee caused by her obesity, the whole family vowed to address their lifestyles.
They discovered and switched their diet to a high protein one, which they teamed with exercise as the weight started to come off.

Simon, Trevor and Val have lost 26st between them and say they added exercise with sensible eating

Simon said: “Back in 2013, my weight was completely out of hand. It’s a miracle I wasn’t diabetic. I’d always been big, but after I graduated from university I just started to pile on the pounds.
“I was having takeaways around six times a week alongside massive bowls of sugary cereal and bacon sandwiches. I was so fat I broke a sofa and splitting trousers became a common occurrence for me.
“I quit the takeaways and started eating a high protein low carb diet, ordering my food from I immediately began to see the difference. At one point I was losing half a stone a week.
“With the weight slipping away so easily it became addictive. I started saying ‘yes’ to any challenges that were thrown at me.
At the end of my six-month challenge, I’d lost 102 lbs. I’m now 232 lbs and still losing weight.
It doesn’t hurt that every day someone tells you how great you are looking.
Before losing weight I knew I wasn’t very attractive, but I’ve been seeing Gina, 36, who’s a writer, for four months now and we do triathlons together.
Being a larger-than-life character is one thing but going home alone is another. That was also a big part of my motivation.
Things are changing completely. It’s a lifestyle change, not just a fad diet.

The family say they’re proud of each other and have achieved the weight loss because of the collective support

“I’ve done triathlons, the Great Eastern Swim and the London to Brighton cycle. If you’d have told me I’d be able to achieve those kinds of goals a few years ago I never would have believed it.
“Over two and a half years I’ve lost 12 and a half stone and I’m in the best shape of my life.”
Dad Trevor said: “I was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in November 2011 and was in and out of intensive care for two years.
“Once I was discharged my body was in dire need of care. I was given advice from a personal trainer from the hospital who told me to cut out all the rubbish and start exercising.”
Val added: “I was diagnosed with cancer in my knee due to my obesity and was told if I didn’t lose some weight, I was looking at two years to live.
“We switched our diet completely and now eat egg white omelettes, grilled chicken and salad. I’ve lost 126 lbs and Trevor has lost 63 lbs and we’ve both never felt better.
“I lost enough weight to have an operation on my knee to help with the cancer and whilst I haven’t got the all clear things are certainly looking much better.
“For me it’s not only helped me physically but my confidence has dramatically improved.

Simon has lost more than 12.5st and now participates in triathlon

“I love that I can go into any shop now and fit into a size 12. When you’ve dropped eight dress sizes that means a lot.
“As a family we all spurred each other on with our weight loss. We are so proud of Simon getting into shape and embarking on these incredible fitness challenges.

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