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Sanjay Nijhawanis killed his wife Sonita, ‘witnessed’ by son, 4, who saw his mother being stabbed to death at $7m (£5m) mansion

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Sonita Nijhawanis,  killed by husband in their upscale home

Where’s mummy?

Sonita Nijhawanis, 38, was found by neighbor, strangled and stabbed to death in in her high brow home

Her 4-year-old son had just ‘witnessed’ his mother being stabbed to death at the $7m (£5m) mansion

 Husband, Sanjay Nijhawanis 46, lay beside her trying to kill himself by slashing at his throat, in one of Britain’s more exclusive neighborhoods

The investment banker has been arrested in connection with his wife’s murder


THE four-year-old son of a woman knifed to death at the family’s £5million mansion repeatedly asked: “Where’s mummy.”

A neighbour saw the little boy in the driveway moments after Sonita Nijhawan was taken to hospital in an ambulance. It is thought he may have witnessed Sonita, 38, suffer head and neck injuries shortly before his father Sanjay, 46, tried to kill himself by slashing at his throat.

Police launched a murder enquiry yesterday afternoon and arrested a 46-year-old Sanjay Nijhawanis in connection with his wife’s murder

The neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “it was heartbreaking. I came back from an errand and saw Sonita’s father on the drive. He was in tears and their little boy was with him.
“I saw the ambulance and went over to ask what happened. I thought Sonita had fallen over or something but her father said she’d been killed.
“Their little boy was asking repeatedly, ‘Where’s mummy? Where’s mummy?’
“I just put my arm around him and said, ‘Mummy will be back soon.’ What else could I say?”
Sonita had been stabbed and strangled. Their house is on a private road in Weybridge, Surrey, and backs on to a gated development where stars including John Terry and Peter Crouch live.

Alleged Killer: Husband, Sanjay Nijhawanis has been arrested in connection with his wife’s murder
cweybridge_2880399aThe $7million mansion in Crossfield Place, Weybridge where a mother was stabbed to death

Investment banker Sanjay and Sonita had bought the land for £925,000 in 2009, knocked down the old house and built the home of their dreams. Sonita’s father was named with them on the mortgage deeds.
The neighbour said: “They were a lovely couple and the little boy was such a darling. They were living at her parents’ house while the work was going on and only moved in a couple of weeks ago.
“I asked the father if there had been any indication of Sanjay doing something like this and he said he had never heard of him being violent to his daughter

Forensics at the scene 

“He discovered what had happened because she had been in touch with him, so there must have been some sort of argument or dispute between Sonita and Sanjay.”
Sonita’s family own a small supermarket opposite Hampton Court and several care homes across South West London and Surrey.
Family friend Dr Ajit Prasad, who had attended the couple’s wedding reception at the Hilton Hotel in exclusive Park Lane, said: “I’m amazed at this news

Forensics pictured at the $7million mansion where the family had moved into just last week 
The upmarket area was made famous by John Lennon St George’s Hill is known for its luxury private estate and golf and tennis clubs Getty
General view of the private upmarket estate 

“I saw Sonita a couple of weeks ago and she was just so happy to be moving into their new home.” Sanjay, who is in hospital, earned a degree in economics and maths before working for Barclays and ABN Amro. He then set up his own firm, Alphametric Solutions.
His family live in Hounslow, West London.
No one was at home but a neighbour said: “I saw his mother rush out of the house on Saturday morning in tears and I haven’t seen her since. I’m shaking at the news.”
Yesterday forensic teams continued to work at the house. Police said a 46-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of murder.

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