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After Brexit, hate crimes on the rise in the UK; 3 men arrested for racist attack on a fellow tram commuter

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Xenophobia on the rise in the UK after Brexit polls

2 men and 1 teen arrested after their bigoted attack on military vet during a tram ride

“F–king immigrant!”  “Get off the tram now! Don’t chat s–t or get deported.”

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Social media accounts of race baiting incidents
Within a span of days after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union  the fears expressed by critics that the  a decision rooted in a racist fear and hatred of immigrants has been amplified by the rising tide of hate crimes against immigrants in the Britain
Tuesday, the Manchester city police announced the arrest of two British men and a teenager who tossed beer in athe face of a military veteran demanding that he “get back to Africa” during an early morning tram commute
The police released footage of a disturbing racist attack, which showed the yhreesome verbally berating the man until other passengers forced them to step off the tram at a stop. The attack has been labelled  a hate crime. The cops later arrested two men aged 20 and 18 years old and a 16-year-old boy for fighting in a public place to disturb the peace.
The video showa one of the men shouting at the victim “F–king immigrant!”  “Get off the tram now! Don’t chat s–t or get deported.”
brexit hateThe early morning beer swirling num nuts get in the face of their fellow Brit demanding he leave and go back to Africa
Since Thursday’s referendum, the rash of hate crimes against immigrants  has officials concerned. In the latest incident,  Chief Inspector Gareth Parkin of the Manchester Police thanked the public for their help and support in the swift arrest of these suspects. Chief  Parkin said: “All hate incidents are treated with the upmost severity and this behavior will not be tolerated in Greater Manchester.”
The attack started when the man, asked two young people to stop swearing in front of children on the morning ride. The men reponded with a barrage of insults:
“Don’t chat s–t when you’re not even from England, you little f–king immigrant,” one said. ‘You’re a dirty little immigrant. Get back to Africa!”The target of the attack who identified himself as a military vet, calmly  debated the insult-hurling attackers.
“You are extremely ignorant and not very intelligent, you know that? The man asked. “What are you 18? 19? I’ve been here longer than you have.”

brexit hate1
Manchester police arrested two young men and a teen who launched a racist attack on a military vet during a tram ride, Tuesday morning train screaming “Get back to Africa!”

This appeared to incense the bigoted duo sitting at the back of the tram with their early morning beer, all the more as they yelled:
“Listen you little Muppet! Don’t talk s–t to me!” one of the teens screamed. “Get off the tram now! Get off the tram now!”
One of them then approached their victim, beer bottle in hand, and sloshed it in the man’s direction, sending liquid flying across the crowded tram.
Other commuters defended the man and demanded the vicious group get off the tram themselves.
“You are an absolute disgrace. A disgrace to England,” a woman shouted as the two exited the lightrail at a stop.
Since the Brexit vote,the autorities hve received reports of a spike in hate crimes across the country –  against muslims, poles and other immigrant groups

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