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Florida woman humiliates burglar: batters him with the baseball bat he brought for the break-in

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Cat burglar from California, Noah Dassat, 33, broke into a Florida home attacked couple and their three children with a baseball bat

After being hit, home owner,  Jason Petty,  wrestled Dassat and put him in a bear hug, his wife then beat burglar with his own weapon, suspect got away and fled  with significant head injuries sans his bat and hat

Arrested in hospital after tipoff about man with matching injuries, though suspect initialy gave cops a fake name, getaway car recovered

Facing four felony charges and one misdemeanor for armed burglary, battery, and criminal mischief

Noah Dassat1.jpg

Inept cat burglar Noah Dassat got more than he bargained for  whe he broke into the home of a Florida couple

The night before the break-in, a carpenter from California  ‘cased the joint,’ knocking on the door of a couple’s home and and asking for “Josh,” police said. However when the inept burglar attacked a Florida couple in their home with a baseball bat, he recieved the beating of life and had to flee without his anticipated loot.
Noah Dassat, 33, beat down the door of a North Port home Thursday, according to the police.  The After being hit, the home owner was able to wrestle Dassat and put him in a bear hug. His wife was able to then beat Dassat with his own weapon. The suspect managed to get away and fled on foot with significant head injuries and without his bat and hat.
The burglar who is from California, allegedly went after the family of five,  which included three children, with a black wooden baseball bat. After a brief struggle, Jason Petty caught Dassat in a bear hug, while his wife Allison Young grabbed the burglar’s bat and beat him with it.
Bleeding heavily and sporting “significant head injuries,” Dassat fled on foot, leaving behind his bat and a hat.

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The home owners wrestled Dassat and inflicted severe injuries with his own baseball bat

The bleeding hatless dassat was later apprehended after giving a fake name at a Port Charlotte hospital. Police later found a blood spatterred vehicle with a Texas plate, later identified as the car the suspect was driving.
During the investigation, NPPD was contacted about a man with head injuries matching the suspect’s description at a Port Charlotte hospital. After giving a fake name, detectives were able to determine Noah Dassat was the man who broke in.
Dassat is now facing a total of four felonies and one misdemeanor, including charges armed burglary, battery and criminal mischief . He is being held in the Charlotte County Jail without bond.

Noah Dassat2.jpgDassat managed to the flee crime scene with significant injuries, minus his bat and the loot

“We would never recommend violence, but you certainly have the right to protect yourself, so do what you have to do, I guess,” North Port Police spokesman Joshua Taylor said.
The family’s neighbors were proud of their bat-wielding neighbors.
One neighbor Sherri Mitchell said “Kudos to them!,”   another neighbor Jim Joyce crowed “That’s how we roll around here.”






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