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Mother of Shannan Gilbert, Craigslist escort believed murdered by serial killer, found dead; Shannan’s younger sister, Sarra, charged in their mother’s death

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Mari Gilbert (right), the mother of escort Shannan Gilbert.  She was allegedly killed Saturday, by her younger daughter, Sarra below (left), in her home

Mother of Shannan Gilbert, the escort believed to be Gilgo Beach serial murder victim, found dead in her apartment

Mari Gilbert, 52, allegedly killed by 27-year-old daughter, Sarra Gilbert, Saturday

Sarra Gilbert charged with murder in the second degree and criminal possession of firearms, remanded without bail

Mari Gilbert, the mother of escort Shannan Gilbert

Mari Gilbert, the mother of escort Shannan Gilbert, accused Suffolk County cops of botching the investigation into her daughter’s death and called on the FBI to take over the investigation. She was allegedly killed Saturday, by her younger daughter, Sarra below (r), in her home
Mari Gilbert and Sarra Elizabeth Gilbert

Sex worker Shannan Gilbert, 24, a Craigslist escort from Jersey City, is believed by her family to be the last of at least 11 known victims slain by a Long Island serial killer, who s still out there
Shannan  disappeared in May 2010, after leaving the Oak Beach, Long Island home of a client, near the stretch of Jones Beach beach later discovered to be a favored dumping ground for an unknown killer, who apparently targeted sex workers.
After her death, her mother Mari Gilbert, spearheaded an aggressive effort to solve Shannan’s  mysterious death.
However, on Saturday, Mari Gilbert, 52, was found killed in her Ellenville, N.Y. apartment. The police believe her younger daughter, 27-year-old Sarra Gilbert, killed her sometime Saturday morning. Sarra has been charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon and is being held without bail.
shannan gilbbert2 
Shannan Gilbert was a Craigslist escort and went missing after a client call in May 2010

A search for her remains in December 2011 led police to the grisly discovery of 10 other victims, including several other sex workers, the toddler belonging to one of the slain women and a man dressed in women’s clothing.
While Suffolk County police officials have never officially linked Shannan Gilbert’s death to the Gilgo Beach murders, Mari Gilbert insisted foul play and was a vocal advocate in pushing the investigation forward. She demanded the FBI take over the probe due to her frustrations with local investigators.

shannan gilbbert1

Shannan’s remains was later found in Gilgo Beach, part of  serial killers wake of 11 known murders

“I believe that Shannan was murdered and I believe she is part of the serial killer case,” she said in 2011 “We are tired of theories, now we need the truth.”
A Suffolk County medical examiner conducted an independent autopsy in February of this year at the request of the family’s attorney and found that her death was “consistent with homicidal strangulation,” but could not determine a cause.

sarra elizabeth gilbert2Shannan Gilbert’s sister, Mari, killed their mother in her apartment in Ellenville, N.Y. on Saturday afternoon. Sarra Gilbert has been arrested and charged with the crime.

Police continue to investigate Mari Gilbert’s murder and are expected to announce the circumstances surrounding her death on Monday. Lori Grove, Mari Gilbert’s older sister, said that she was not aware of any disputes between her and her daughter, Sarra.

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