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Influential British MP, Keith Vaz, steps down as chairman of the Home Affairs Committee – did he pay for the services of two male prostitutes?

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Keith Vaz hid his real identity from male escorts he gave them a madeup name – Jim

‘Let’s get this party started,’  by the way  ‘I’m Jim,’ ‘ I sell washing machines’

Controversial Labour MP, a married father of two, exposed leading a double life,  paid young East European male escorts for sex

Influential politician, Keith Vaz tells male prostitutes he invited to his apartment to bring poppers and ‘get this party started’

Vaz,  59-year-old Labour MP is currently overseeing a comprehensive revision of Britain’s prostitution laws

Britain’s former Minister for Europe who chairs a powerful parliamentary committee probing vice and drugs offered to cover cost of cocaine if it was brought his apartment

The anti-vice czar gave a pseudonym as he was about to engage in sexual activity with two male prostitutes

Keith Vaz2
British MP Keith Vaz gave a pseudonym as he was about to engage in sexual activity with two Eastern European prostitutes. He tried to hide his real identity from two male escorts by telling them he was a washing machine salesman named Jim.

Mr Vaz on the night of the meet after seeing the two escorts1

Mr Vaz on the night of the meet after seeing the two escorts

A video has emerged of Keith Vaz, one of the most influential MPs in the British House of Commons has been exposed leading a double life. He was caught out paying young male escorts for sex.
As it happens, Mr Vaz, a married father of two,  is currently chair of a parliamentary committee conducting a land-mark review of Britain’s prostitution laws. In a disturbing twist, the parliamentarian speaking about having had unprotected sex with another male prostitute.

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Ahead of the meeting he had sent a series of texts in which he jokingly called himself one of the men’s “pimp” and “bank manager”.
The day before the August 27 meeting Mr Vaz texted the escort: “Try and pick up some poppers.”
On the afternoon of the meeting the escort texted to say he was buying the sex drug and the MP replied: “Great.”
Mr Vaz was then asked for a meeting time, and replied by text: “11pm nice and late. I want a good time please.”
When told a Romanian escort would be joining them, Mr Vaz wrote: “How will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together.”
Then he asked: “Does he like poppers. Does he speak English.” Running late, Mr Vaz wrote: “On my way to London shall we meet at 11.30 in Edgware.
“Bring all stuff. Don’t be too late, very sleepy.”

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The 59-year-old former Minister for Europe, was recorded meeting with two Eastern European prostitutes within the last couple of weeks. The video opens with the threesome making small talk over a range of subjects. When it drifted to sex, Vaz who heads a powerful parliamentary group probing vice and drugs,  said: “We need to get this party started.”
Mr Vaz paid the escorts fees partly in cash and in part into a bank account, routed through a third party

MP relaxes on sofa at one meeting at his pad2

Keith Vaz MP relaxes on sofa at one meeting at his pad

While chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Vaz has publicly said he was “not convinced” that men who pay for sex should face prosecution.
Within weeks of a report from the committee, he himself paid money to escorts in an apertment he owns near his family home in Edgware, London.
Mr Vaz has had at least two meetings with the escorts. In a 90-minute rendezvous on August 27, the former Minister for Europe offered to cover the cost of cocaine if it was brought to his love pad – but said he did not want any himself. – Quite hypocritical, of a leader currently heading up the committee which has investigated harm caused by the schedule III drug.

Mr Vaz at meeting with male escort3
A shot from the encounter between MP Keith Vaz and the male escorts
Drink, watch and condom on coffee table in the flat4
Drink, watch and condom on coffee table during the rendezvouz

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Mr Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East since 1987, also told the pair to bring along poppers – the sex-enhancing drugwhich has been known to defend it’s use, in Parliament, when it faced a ban.
It is alleged that Keith Vaz first made contact with the two younger men after meeting a fellow escort they knew in London.
At least one meeting took place before this last encounter with the pair a couple of weeks ago. They arrived at the apartment, which records show the MP has owned since June, about half a mile from his family home.

Mr Vaz at meeting with male escort5

Mr Vaz at meeting with male escort

When the two escorts arrived at Mr Vaz’s well-appointed block just shy of midnight, he was was in a short sleeved shirt, black pants and his steel-rimmed spectacles.

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The escorts – in beach shorts and T-shirts – were clutching a black carrier bag containing items including packets of a Viagra-like stimulant.
Mr Vaz immediately began questioning them about the whereabouts of the Romanian escort.
He asked: “What time is he coming? Does he know where to come? Has he seen lots of clients?”
When told another customer had paid the man £900 for sex, Mr Vaz replied: “Really? That’s fantastic… I hope he’s giving you some of the money.”
In the lead-up to sex the men took the Viagra-like drug out of their bag and showed it to the politician.
They explained it was a jelly in mint or watermelon flavours and would boost sexual stamina.
As the three sat in the living room, Mr Vaz asked: “What about this Romanian? What does he look like? Have you got pictures?”

Keith Vaz and Wife Maria.png

Keith Vaz is married to Maria, they have two children

The men said Mr Vaz handed over $100 and joked it was “a lot” where they come from. One of the escorts said he was nervous about joining in a foursome.
Mr Vaz replied: “Oh sh**. Oh my God. You have to join in.”
The MP, sounding anxious for a third man to join them, began examining snaps of men on the gay dating app Grindr, shown to him by the escorts.
It uses GPS data to find men nearby. When shown the profile of an Asian man, the MP replied: “He is fit.”
When shown another user’s profile Mr Vaz said: “Find out where he is… ”
Then, continuing his jokey chat, the MP said of the older escort: “I feel as if I’m his bank manager. Or his mother. He treats me very badly.”


Mr Vaz told the pair to bring along poppers,aknown to some as a sex stimulant

The conversation turned to cocaine when the escorts spoke again about the Romanian joining them. They said he liked taking the Class A drug during sex.
The MP was then heard saying that there was no “coke” in the home.
When told the Romanian may be able to bring the drug, Mr Vaz said: “How much is it going to be?”
When one of the escorts pretended to ring the Romanian and said cocaine was not available, Mr Vaz interrupted: “Ask him how much it is – next time.”
Keith Vaz-led inquiry warns against prosecuting prostitutes clients in biggest vice laws shake-up for generations
And the politician added a little later: “He can buy and I’ll give him the money.” Mr Vaz said he did not want any coke himself.


Kaith Vaz5.png
Keith Vaz, The ever flamboyant personality

He then asked the men, who say they do not take illegal drugs either, about the poppers they had brought along.
When the younger escort said he had never used them, Mr Vaz replied: “You’ve never had poppers?”
The escort then asked if Mr Vaz had taken them and the MP replied: “Yeah.”
He said he didn’t “really use them” because of a medical procedure, but added: “I like giving it to people. It’s nice.”
Talk then turned to sex, as the two escorts sat in the lounge sipping their whisky and cokes.
Getty Cocaine
Addressing the older man, Mr Vaz said: “You’re a naughty b****r. You taught him so much.” And he asked: “How many times have you f***** him (the younger escort) today?”

Keith Vaz3.jpg Keith Vaz, former chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee – 30 year scandal blighted political career

While waiting for a message back from potential matches, the MP then got into a discussion with the escorts about the price of houses in London – before the elder escort interrupted, asking: “What do you want?”
Mr Vaz instantly replied: “You. I’m getting very horny.”
Shortly before the sexual activity, Mr Vaz told them about a recent encounter with another escort they know.
The MP said: “He was OK. He forgot the condom though. I had to f*** him without a condom.”
He was then asked how he knew the man was clear of sexually transmitted diseases – and replied: “I didn’t know.”
When asked how long it had been since he last had sex, the MP replied: “Oh ages ago, about three weeks.”
When asked by one of the men whether he wanted to use a condom this time, Mr Vaz – who last year fronted a safe sex campaign in his constituency – said “No”.
Minutes later, the men said they undressed. Mr Vaz then told the younger one: “Take your shirt off. I’m going to attack you.”
The encounter lasted around 15 minutes.
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Keith Vaz has had a brilliant career, a Labour high-flyer,  blighted by scandal over spanning nearly 3 decades, some of them brow raising in nature ….
Noteworthy is the the HINDUJA scandal. In 2001, there were accusations that he helped process the British passport application of one of the billionaire Hinduja brothers from India. The billionaire brothers ran a foundation which allegedly paid money into a company that was run by Vaz’s wife. Th fallout was his resigning his post as Minister for Europe, citing ‘health grounds’.
Multiple EXPENSES scandals -Vaz  was later was suspended from the House of Commons for one month in 2002, for trying to obstruct an investigation into his financial affairs. He was to later apologise to the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee for ‘serious breaches’ of the MPs’ code of conduct .
2002 was not the last ‘expense related’ scandal for Vaz, after he was caught up in the investigation into MPs’ abuse of parliamentary expenses. He was ordered to pay back a four-figure sum after it was found he well exceeded his allowance for home furnishings.
Ethics violations coverups – In 2015,  Vaz was accused of helping to shut down an investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by the former Leicester MP Greville Janner [later Lord Janner].
‘He said his dear friend had been the “victim of a cowardly and wicked attack”. – effectively killing the investigation.



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