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Bronx DA says ‘NO CASE’ against Mamadou Diallo – drops charges against Bronx man who killed would be rapist who battered his wife

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61-year-old NYC cab driver, Mamadou Diallo, has been cleared of manslaughter charges related to beating would-be rapist, Earl Nash, to death with a tire iron inside a New York apartment building

Career criminal Nash, 43, had broken into Diallo’s family home, inflicting severe injuries on his wife in a failed rape attempt, Nenegale Diallo and her sister-inlaw fought off the intruder, then called her husband

Getting home, Diallo met the Nash by the elevator, they fought, while fighting Diallo bashed the belt-buckle wielding Nash in the skull with a tire iron, he died later in hospital

DA says motion to drops all charges, was influenced by desire of victim’s family to withdraw the motion

A grateful Diallo says ‘I did no wrong’

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Career criminal and would-be rapist Earl Nash, met his end at the hands the target’s husband
The case against NYC cab driver, Mamadou Diallo who bashed would be career criminal, Earl Nash with a tire iron, has been dropped.
The Bronx man was charged with manslaughter after beating wife’s would-be rapist to death during an elevator fight. The incensed husband was subsequently charged with
 assault for fatally beating a would-be-rapist who attacked his wife.
Mamadou Diallo, 61, was all smiles as he walked out of court a free man Wednesday. He he left the court building with his wife and pushed through a throng of waiting reporters.
“I’m just so happy because I never did anything wrong,” he said. “I love American justice.”
JustCreat 7 Colors LED Luminous Unisex Sneakers Men & Women USB Charging Light Colorful Glowing Leisure Shoes Sprot ShoesHis wife who broke into tears when the Bronx District Attorney made the suprise announcement, echoed his sentiment.
51-year-old Nenegale Diallo, the subject of an attempted sexual assault by a crazy man who shoved his way into her family’s apartment, ripped her clothes off, battered her and spoke of rape: told the gathered reporters:
“I want to say thank you to everyone”.
Family members of the dead would-be rapist, Earl Nash, who attacked Diallo’s wife in May and attempted to rape her, were also at the proceedings.

M Diallo.jpg
Mamadou Diallo, was arrested and charged with manslaughter in the death of Nash in May

The Bronx DA said Nash’s family played a critical role in the decision to drop all charges against Diallo. The dead man’s family wrote a letter to the Bronx DA asking for Diallo to go free, the attorney told the judge at the Wednesday hearing.
“After a through investigation as well as discussion with the deceased family, we have determined that no grand jury action is warranted. We are dimissing the charges against Mamdaou Diallo,” the Bronx DA said in a statement after the hearing.
Diallo, 61, became a neighborhood hero after cracking the skull of ex-con Nash with a tire iron during a fight between him and the younger man.
After the assault on Nenegale Diallo, and her her sister-in-law, she called her husband. The cabbie rushed home armed with a tire iron, only to spot the culprit by an elevator on the sixth-floor of the apartment building where the career criminal allegedly committed the crime. The two men fought and Earl Nash later died from head trauma sustained during the fight
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Who is Earl Nash?
 Nash, a onetime student at Howard University, was plagued  by schizophrenia, which went untreated, sending him down a spiral. In 1998 Nash carjacked a woman at the Grand Concourse, wearing just his boxer shorts in the winter. He told investigators that Jesus ordered him to take the vehicle. He was sent to prison instead of a mental health treatment institution.

earl-nash2Nash an untreated case of mental instability

Shortly after his release, Nash was arrested and sent back to jailed for reckless endangerment and then for aggravated harassment. Attempts by family and friends  to commit the obviously deranged man to a psychiatric hospital, failed.
Nash’s diagnosis never received institutionalized treatment required for control and the monitoring of his progress. Unsupervised, he quit taking anti-psychotic medication, which typically tends to leave patients impotent and lethargic.
In the months between his final release from prison and death,  Nash used a pseudonym  “Underworld Earl,” to posting selfie videos to Facebook :
“I ain’t getting the proper amount of p—y I’m supposed to get so I’m very frustrated” and “I sizzle (do drugs) a bit and all that cuz that’s what keeps me from killin’ n—-s.”


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