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Former Playboy model, Slobodanka Tosic, on the run as she faces jail for botched honey trap murder attempt

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Former Playboy model, Slobodanka Tosic, on the run as she faces jail for botched honey trap murder attempt.

Former Miss Bosnia Tosic was convicted  and sentenced 30 months for setting up rival Mafia gang boss for a [failed] assasination attempt by a rival gang leader

She dated Djordje Zdrale to lure him into an ambush by her real employer,  Darko Elez 

30-year-old Tosic,  a member crime syndicate headed by Elez, has been linked with five murders and robberies that netted millions, nationwide

Elez was jailed 9 years for murder and robbery

Tosic appeal of her conviction failed, she’s fled her parents home where she’d been staying since the conviction, a warrant has been issued for her arrest.
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Bosnia’s appeal court recently upheld a prison sentence against a former Playboy model for laying a honey trap for a Bosnian mafia boss and helping a rival try to kill him. Three weeks before the appeal verdict, Slobodanka Tosic, had said during an interview  that she had done nothing wrong and has been ‘dragged through the mud’. She  was proved to have done wrong and now she is on the run from making restitution.
The case against her states that former Miss Bosnia, Tosic invited local mafia boss Djordje Zdrale to start a romantic liaison in 2006, whereas she was in reality, working for his rival Darko Elez.
Darko’s ultimate aim, was to have Zdrale murdered

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Slobodanka Tosic, who is on the run from authorities

However, Slobodanka Tosic is now on the run from authorities after being sentenced for an attempted honey trap killing. The former Playboy model who tried to lure a mobster to his death has gone on the run as she faced jail for the botched honey trap killing. Tosic, 30, fled from her parents home after a last ditch appeal to overturn her conviction was refused.


Former beauty paegant Slobodanka Tosic
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Tosic, who was crowned Miss Bosnia when she was 19, invited local mafia boss Djordje Zdrale to start a liaison in 2006.
In reality she was working for his rival Darko Elez who wanted him murdered . During the trial, the victim testified that there were three assassination attempts on his life. He said during his testimony that the day of the attempted assassination, Tosic sent him a text message to come get her and take her to a location.
When they were brought to the village of Pavlovac, Croatia, Tosic, according to allegations, gave a hand signal and Elez’s hitmen fired at him.


Target of the cat fishing sceme:  Djordje Zdrale. Slobodanka Tosic lured him into an ambush by her real employer,  Darko Elez 

Darko Elez1.jpg

Slobodanka Tosic actually pledged her loyalty to Darko Elez (pictured), instead of her boyfriend, Djordje Zdrale, (below).  The court ruled that the  assassination plot was masterminded by another rival gang leader, Darko Elez. Elez has been jailed for crimes including murder and robbery

Zdrale Dzordze2.jpg

Djordje Zdrale, was targeted in a deliberate plot that left him exposed to a potential hit from gangland rivals

But the killing went wrong and instead Zdrale was only wounded and managed to flee. Tosic fled to absconded in the aftermath.
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Tosic was one of 32 people targeted after police staged an undercover investigation named ‘Operation Doll’,  fled her native Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 where the trial, along with her case, started.  While out of her homeland she successfully pursued a career as a model for Playboy.
Last year, the former Miss Bosnia  was arrested in Croatia and extradited back to her home town in Bosnia and Herzegovina to face trial. She was ultimately convicted for the cat fishing scheme. Along with other members of her gang she was indicted and linked with five murders and a string of robberies that netted millions, across Europe. Tosic appealed her conviction and lost.

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From  beauty queen …Slobodanka Tosic14.jpg

To playboy pinup …


Now ‘gangsta’ on the run …

Slobodanka Tosic13.jpg

The story of Slobodanka Tosic who has been convicted as part of a mafia ring responsible for $5.3 million  worth of robberies and heists across Europe
Ex-Miss Bosnia and Playboy model Slobodanka Tosic8.jpg
The former glamor queen fled from her parents home where she had been staying following her sentencing

Slobodanka Tosic11.jpg

Tosic became a playboy model while on self-imposed exile from her homeland


Former Miss Bosnia  turned ‘gangsta’ Playboy model Tosic, appeared on the Serbian Playboy cover and also participated in a Serbian reality show.  

The court in the course of the trial, heard that Tosic was a member of Elez’s crime syndicate, which reportedly had an operation which covered the entire country, and was eventually broken up by police in September 2012.
Elez himself received a jail term of nine years for being part of an organised crime syndicate.
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The Playboy model is linked with multiple murders and a chain of robberies after an undercover sting operation

Model Slobodanka Tosic, was arrested in Croatia last July and extradited back to her homeland in Bosnia and Herzegovina to face trial. The Playboy model and former Miss Bosnia was extradited after being linked with five murders and a string of robberies that netted an estimated $5.3million.
Tosic was found guilty of the attempted murder of local mafia boss Djordje Zdrale. Tosic is on the run after an appeal against her conviction was refused.


An Appeals court decision in July, upheld the lower court ruling on the former Miss Bosnia and Playboy model Slobodanka Tosic. Her sentence of two-and-a-half years was affirmed by the higher court
In March Tosic was found guilty of the attempted murder of Zdrale. The target himself in serving time an unrelated murder conviction, testified against her from jail.
She appealed the conviction, but in July the appeal court upheld the two-and-a-half year sentence.
However, she has now vanished from her parents’ home where she was staying in a town called Han – Pijesak in the Republika Srpska entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A court official confirmed: “Slobodanka Tosic has not turned up to serve her sentence and a local court has issued an arrest warrant which has also been passed on to Interpol.”

Slobodanka Tosic9.jpg

Slobodanka Tosic on the run after being sentenced to serve two and a half years. A warrant is out for her arrest, via Interpol

After the scandal over the attempted murder she had moved to Serbia and ended up on the cover of the Serbian Playboy two years later in 2008 where she was declared “girl of the month”, according to the magazine’s then editor-in-chief.



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