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BALCO drug scandal doctor, Brian Halevie-Goldman, run over by wife outside family court before she jumped off Benicia-Martinez bridge  

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Kimberly Goldman, 60, deliberately plowed over husband, 2 others before jumping off the Benicia bridge 
Her estranged husband, Dr. Brian Halevie-Goldman, was the former medical director of the clinic at the center of the BALCO drug scandal  
Mrs Goldman filed for divorce Oct. 11 from her husband, Dr.Halevie-Goldman had just left a court hearing on the case with two female friends 
Kimberly passed them, reversed and went over all three, victims were taken to hospital with moderate injuries
20 minutes later, she jumped off the Benicia bridge
Cops found the body in water under the bridge, and the vehicle on the bridge  
Woman Jumps Off BridgePolice look over the accident vehicle left by a Kimberly Goldman where she jumped off the bridge

A woman who deliberately ran over three pedestrians, including her estranged husband, outside a family court Monday jumped to her death from a bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area a short time later, according to police.
Several people saw the woman speed up and hit three people outside the courthouse in Martinez. Police said the late woman’s estranged husband left a court hearing accompanied by two friends, and she accelerated the car as they crossed the street.
The car hit all three pedestrians then stopped and reversed directions, Ghisletta said. She hit a woman a second time, then fled.


Police fished Kimberly Goldman’s body out of the water under the bridge where she jumped from

According to court documents, Mrs Goldman filed for divorce Oct. 11 from her husband. They were due in court Monday for another hearing.
According to eye witnesses, Kimberly Goldman, 60, drove an out of state rental car which she parked in a  loading zone just outside the family courthouse with her engine idling. She suddenly jerked forward and struck a blue van that was backing out of a parking space. She then backed up and drove her car at one woman in the crosswalk sending her victim into her windshield, Parson said.


Dr. Brian Halevie-Goldman receives treatment outside the San Francisco family courthouse after his estranged wife ran him over

The woman fell into the intersection and Goldman drove over her, backed up and drove over her again, Parson said, at one point rolling over the woman’s head.
A witness said: “She stopped and people were pounding on her window to get it to break,” Parson said. “The front end of her car was messed up and the front windshield was smashed in.”


One of the two female victims with Dr. Brian Halevie-Goldman when they were run over, receives treatment outside the Martinez family courthouse 

After driving into the three victims, the woman then stopped her car and reversed into one of the three before speeding away, police said. Police say it appeared the driver made it a point to back up and run over the fallen woman twice.
About 20 minutes later, police received a report that a woman had committed suicide. The 60-year-old woman jumped from the bridge plunging more than 100 feet to her death, about 2½ miles away from the crime scene.


Ariel shot of the confusion this morning at the family courthouse in Martinez after the ex-BALCO director was run over by his wife

Police said the suspect’s husband had just left a hearing at the county’s family law courthouse, and was accompanied by two female friends when they were hit. Surveillance video from the intersection show that Kimberly Goldman exited the building, and moved her car, parking in a position to hit her husband and his companions when they crossed the street.
All three were taken to a hospital with moderate injuries, according to police.
Police found the body in the water under the bridge, and the vehicle matching the description of the one used to hit the pedestrians was also found on the bridge near where the woman jumped.
Authorities did not immediately identify her, pending notification of family

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