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Woman accused of pushing fellow commuter in front of Times Square subway train smirks at her arraignment

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Melanie Liverpool-Turner sitting at her arraignment, Tuesday
 NY subway pusher recants ‘shoving’ 49-year-old woman in front of a moving subway train
Melanie Liverpool-Turner, 30, allegedly pushed Connie Watton, 49, in front of a moving train on the downtown 1 platform at 1.20pm on Monday 
Suspect initially confessed to killing Watton and claimed responsibility for death German college student on the tracks in October 
In court today, she recanted any admission of guilt telling a judge ‘I didn’t admit to nothing’ and denied pushing the victim

Connie Wotton2.png

Victim: Connie Watton

Prosecutors said Melanie Liverpool-Turner had confessed to killing 49-year-old Connie Watton, of Queens, but she recounted the claim at her arraignment on a murder charge. ‘What? I didn’t admit to nothing,’ Liverpool said before the judge reminded her she had a lawyer to speak for her. Witnesses said suspect Liverpool-Turner, 30, had been arguing with Watton, 49, at the Times Square-42nd Street station on Monday. Moments later she was ‘shoved’ onto the tracks. The victim’s brother-in-law said that Watton’s husband was devastated by her death.
A woman accused of pushing another commuter in front of an oncoming Times Square subway train rolled her eyes,  smirked and seemed annoyed as she was arraigned on murder charges Tuesday.
After  prosecutor Matthew Thiman told the judge:”This is a strong case with multiple eyewitnesses and the defendant has admitted to the crime,” at Melanie Liverpool’s Manhattan Criminal Court appearance.
Today in court, Liverpool-Turner denied the murder charge and insisted she was not guilty.Liverpool-Turner who’d been rolling her eyes as the prosecutor described her pushing Connie Watton to her death on Monday afternoon, looked astonished, interrupting, “What? I didn’t admit to nothing.”
Her lawyer, Mathew Mari, told Judge Gerald Lebovits his 30-year-old client maintains her innocence.

Melanie Liverpool is seen mid-eye roll during her arraignment.

“The defendant has indicated to me that she does wish to inform the court that she is not guilty,” Mari said, noting she has no criminal record.
Sources say Liverpool-Turner, does have a psychiatric history, having battled with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. She claims to hears voices and on another that on another occasion, to have push  a 19-year-old  woman to her death at the Union Square station on Oct. 19.

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Melanie Liverpool-Turner smirked and rolled her eyes in court rolling her eyes as the prosecutor described her pushing Connie Watton to her death. She seemed astonished, interrupting, “What? I didn’t admit to nothing.” 

“I hear voices. I push people in front of trains,” she told cops then, police sources said.
But witnesses told cops in that instance that Liverpool entered the station as the woman jumped. The German woman’s death was classified a suicide.
Liverpool was taken for a psychiatric evaluation, and investigators believe her proximity to that incident may have planted the idea in her mind, the sources said.
Mari told reporters Tuesday that “I know that she did have some kind of medical history but she wouldn’t go into it.”
He said the Queens woman had worked as a home health care aide until about three weeks ago.

Melania Liverpool3.png

Melanie Liverpool-Turner(pictured) who pushed Connie Watton in front of a subway train has a history of  bi-polar dieorder

“I interviewed her briefly. She didn’t have much to say other than she’s not guilty. And she didn’t want to discuss anything else,” Mari said..
A neighbor of Liverpool’s in St. Albans said he was in disbelief that she would do such a thing.
“I was just as shocked as anyone else,” said Robert Simmons, 42.
“Melanie was a nice person. We had no problems with her, that’s why I was kind of shocked. It’s like whoa.”


NYPD officers arrest Melanie Liverpool-Turner after she allegedly killed Connie Watton, another commuter, in front of a moving subway train, Monday

Her upstairs neighbor described Watton as mild-mannered.
“Knowing her, I doubt that she started anything. I would honestly say she was minding her own business. She wasn’t the type that would be looking for a fight. She wasn’t that type,”
She said she spoke to Watton’s husband, and “it looked like he didn’t believe it. I don’t think he slept last night.”
“It’s scary.”
A motive has not been established, but Liverpool-Turner told authorities she also pushed a German college student to her death last month at Union Square Station. However officers think she is lying as the student is believed to have committed suicide after a breakup.
She was ordered held without bail pending her next court appearance on Thursday.

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