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Famous Instagram sisters, from Toronto arrested for allegedly cyberbullying and extorting Nigerian billionaire  – ‘Jyoti and Krian Matharoo filmed sexual encounters with men in order to blackmail them online’

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Twin Canadian Menace move in on men in Nigeria
‘Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo are known in Nigerian social circles as ‘The Indian twin-menace, most promiscuous sisters, much dreaded by housewives’

Canadian sisters Jyoti Matharoo and Krian Matharoo detained in Nigeria for attempting to blackmail a well-known billionaire

Canadian twin-menace allegedly, expanded their escort services to include  blackmail 

The Instagram happy Toronto sisters created caught a vast extortion scheme, employing an unsavory gossip blog and private videos as blackmail weapons
Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo of Toronto were arrested in Nigeria with laptops and iPads containing lists of past and future blackmail victims, with compromising videos of their sexcapades with the men
Charged with attempting to extort a number of wealthy businessmen, including billionaire Femi Femi Otedola
Allegedly threatened to reveal that Otedola was having an affair if he did not pay them

Caught in police sting when their partner Baudex Oyebode,  went to collect the blackmail payoff, which exposed their blackmail and cyberbullying scam

Confessed making over $700,000 from their blackmail scheme, allegedly from blackmailing 274 men, admitted sleeping with 100 super wealthy Nigerian men on their menu
Jyoti Matharoo and Krian Matharoo who made a confessional statement immediately after their arrest, entered not-guilty at their court hearing in Lagos, Friday.
The sisters have issued a heartfelt apology to Otedola, seeking forgiveness for their plots blackmail and extortion plot
Both held in a Lagos prison ahead of their trial next month 
jyoti-kiran-matharoo7The sexy escorts from Toronto, Canada,  Jyoti and Krian Matharoo.Thesisters best known for their sexy Instagram photos were arrested in Nigeria for allegedly extorting and bullying a local billionaire.
Canadian sisters Jyoti matharoo and Krian Matharoo, have been detained in Nideria’s commecial capital city of Lagos accused of threatening to release proof that wealthy Nigerian businessman Femi Otedola cheated on his wife, Nigeria Politics reported. They allegedly, demanded cash payment to kill the story.
The sisters and their partner 23-year-old Babatunde ‘Baudex’  Oyebode put up a damaging story about Femi Otedola, his wife Nana and their son.The co-conspirators then promised to release their evidence unless the oil billionaire paid them off.
Known for his tenacity in business and chasing down past attempts at blackmail, Otedola commissioned a private investigation that revealed the sisters have a history of recording conversations, videos and photos while having sex with rich men, to be used as a weapon of blackmail. Later the compromising material would be released on their website, if their demands for ‘ransom’ is not met

Jyoti and krian Matharoo8.pngJyoti (left) and Krian Matharoo are known as the most promiscuous sisters operating in Nigeria. Attempts to blackmail a billionaire and his family brought them down
Oil and telecoms billionaire Femi Otedola would not fall for the blackmail of the Canadian ‘Sugar babes’

After learning the details of the Matharoos’ on-going scam, the billionaire filed a complaint against the women, who were taken into custody on Dec. 23.
Immediately after their arrest, the sisters made a confessional statement revealing that they are the ones behind the controversial website: “naijagistlive.” They also confessed that they have slept with over 100 men Nigerian men, all with deep pockets.


 Social gadflys: Jyoti and Krian Matharoo at a social event in Lagos, Nigeria

The sisters also issued an apology to Otedola, urging him to forgive them for their plot to blackmail and extort him. Prior to into the Otedola roadblock, the sisters had dealt ruthlessly with a large number of the African billionaire class, employing the means their slanderous website to wreck many homes and destroy the reputation of many of their unsuspecting clients.


The Matharoo sisters were arraigned in court last Friday

Payback time: The sisters made a confessional statement owning up to their role in the blackmail scheme designed around a gossip blog. Their Nigerian partner in the scheme, Babatunde Oyedebode was arrested earlier


Babatunde Oyebode1.jpeg
23-year-old Babatunde ‘Baudex’ Oyedebode is facing a separate trial for the billionaire sting. He was the bagman for the blackmail scheme, arrested when he turned up to collect the payoff

Court documents reveal that the sisters were accused of “the humiliation and cyber-bullying of some 274 persons, mostly based in Africa” through their now-defunct website and other social media accounts.
The Instagram stars, often compared to the Kardashians for their lavish posts, were reportedly found with laptops and iPads that had the information of different people, including video tapes of men having sex with them.The spectrum of victims included, politicians, entertainers and top ranking businessmen in Nigeria. They also found email messages they exchanged with some people, blackmailing them, trying to extort money from them.


CanadianKardashians wannabes Krian Matharoo [picture] and her sister Jyoti Mataharoo [below] had a love of documenting their looks and lifestyle on Instragram
Jyoti Matharoo and her sister tendered an unreserved apology to Femi Otedola for the blackmail attempt

High rolling sexy divas, living large was the lifestyle espoused and exhibited by the Canadian sisters of Indian descent out of Toronto, Canada. Global Affairs Canada, the government agency that provides consular services, told the Toronto Star it was assisting two citizens detained in Lagos, but would not release any additional details surrounding the case.

Krian Matharoo, the full Kardashian style
Jyoti Matharoo: The sisters allegedly slept with and blackmailed 274 super wealthy men in the African region
Otedola has been praised by victims of the girls for going out of his way to track them down. Sources in the know say that he contacted detectives and plotted the arrest of the vixens thus putting an end to their vicious spell of dominance over high society.

Criminal undertaking by Kiran Matharoo.jpgConfessional statement signed by Krian Matharoo

The next hearing for Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo is scheduled for Jan 26, 2017 at the Yaba Magistrate Court, Lagos Nigeria


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