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Timothy and Esten Ciboro face off in court with Stepsisters who allege the father and son duo kidnapped and abused them sexually

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Step sisters face alleged kidnappers, sex abusers in court
 9-year-old girl and her 14-year-old stepsister said their dad and brother tortured and abused them in their Toledo, Ohio home
Timothy Ciboro, 53, and his son 28-year-old Esten, have been accused of chaining the victims in their basement and raped them for a year
The suspects have elected to represent themselves, with the Bible as their legal ‘Guide book’
In court, the 14-year-old  told Timothy to stop referring to himself as her dad, because “You didn’t treat me like a dad” timothy-ciboro-and-esten-ciboro3The bible thumping suspects act as their own counsels in court, Wednesday
timothy-ciboro-and-esten-ciboro4Esten Ciboro [foreground] and his father Timothy Ciboro, make their entrance in court for heir arraignment hearing
The Ciboro  home was turned  into a house of horror for the two  step daughters in the household
basement-where-the-13-year-old-was-allegedly-chained-in-the-ciboros-houseCold dingy basement where the 13-year-old was allegedly chained in the Ciboro’s house

The Ciboros have said in past testimony that they plan to use Bible scripture and “God’s holy word” to prove their innocence. In their basement, officers found leg irons, a pillow and a plastic bucket — which the 14-year-old allegedly used as a toilet, cops said.
On Wednesday, the two men both questioned the girls about the alleged abuse — and why they didn’t report it until months after the duo was arrested on child endangerment charges.
“So the first time you ever brought up touching you was to [prosecutor Jennifer Reed]?” Timothy asked the 9-year-old. “Okay so, the first time you ever got, every brought up to anyone about you, anyone every touching you was you told to Ms. Reed. How long ago was that?”
The girls were also questioned about their grades, their upbringing and whether they were treated fairly, despite their accusations.


Timothy Ciboro [eft], and Esten Ciboro are being held in the Lucas County Jail for assault and sexual abuse of juvenile relatives

“You were complemented many times by being such a great speller and reader is that correct,” Timothy asked the 14-year-old,according to 13abc Action News.
“Yes, but what does that have to do with me being in seventh grade now? Like really,” she replied.
Throughout the proceedings, the judge attempted to keep Timothy and Esten on topic and from repeating their questions — but to no avail.
“When talking about going down to the basement, are you saying you don’t remember or are you saying you didn’t want to go?” Esten asked the 14-year-old, sparking a fierce response from the prosecution.
“Your honor, I wanna object. All these questions have been asked and answered. He’s just rephrasing it,” a prosecutor fumed. “She’s clearly indicated she cannot remember the entire specific context of the conversation or specific statements.”
The teen was already forced to take the stand on Tuesday, when she confronted the Ciboros on day 2 of the trial.
During the testimony, the 14-year-old  told Timothy to stop referring to himself as her dad, on account of him not being her biological father.
“You didn’t treat me like a dad,” she said to him.
“You think I like punishing you?” he responded.
“I would say the sexual touching you enjoyed,” the girl said.
A DNA expert testified after the 9-year-old victim. The witness told the jury the now 14-year-old’s DNA was found on the chains and handcuffs found in the basement. There was also a slight trace of Timothy’s DNA as well.
The Ciboro trial continues Thursday.


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