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Wedding guest from hell! Gunman follows bride and groom as they walk down the aisle during church wedding in Brazil – pulls out handgun and shoots guests

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Police in Port Alagoas, Brazil searching for Umberto Ferreira ‘Betinho’ dos Santos for attempted triple homicide in the middle of a church wedding ceremony
dos Santos followed the bride and groom as they walked down the aisle as cover to execute a botched assassination inside a church in Limoeiro de Anadia in Alagoas, Brazil
Shouting: ” you hired men to kill my son”,  he then pulled a gun from his waistband and shot three members of a family, in the church

The would-be assassin shot Cicero Barbosa da Silva, 62, his son Edmilson Bezerra da Silva, 37, and daughter-in-law 

The father and son both sustained critical injuries, Edmilson’s wife was  grazed by a bullet
Cops believe he was seeking revenge against the younger da Silva, Edmilson, who is the main suspect in the recent killing of his [Betinho’s] son 
All intended victims survived the attack and understood to be cooperating with authorities as witnesses
 dos Santos an employee of the city council who is also  related to a top local politician remains at large
After the shooting, the couple ahead with their wedding ceremony 
Spot the ‘killer’ behing the couple

A would-be killer Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, known by his nickname Betinho, opened fire at guests at the ceremony inside a church in Limoeiro de Anadia, after nonchalantly walking down the aisle behind the bride and groom at a Brazilian wedding before pulling the handgun from his waistband and firing shots at three members of one family in the middle of the ceremony.  He was intent on killing
a father and son, who were due to serve as witnesses at the wedding, in a revenge attack over the death of his own boy, it was claimed.

Video shows terrified wedding guests ducking for cover as ‘gate-crasher’ opens fire on guests during the ceremony
As the bride and groom walk down the aisle, Umberto dos Santos, the alleged shooter [in striped shirt], is seen walking right behind them
As the video plays out, dos Santos  cab seen, overweight and shabbily dressed in jeans and a striped polo shirt surveying the church pews as though he was deciding where to seat for the ceremony. He eventually elects to seat on a pew in the second row.
dos Santos in striped polo shirt and jeans is seen surveying the pews

He is then seen pulling a handgun from his waistband. He starts firing in the direction of his intended victims causing panic among the guests.Guests, bridesmaids and flower girls can be seen cowering and ducking for cover behind the pews.
At this point , the camera pans up to the ceiling, but the chaos can be heard through the microphone. As the lens come back into focus, guests can be seen rushing towards the front of the church where the shooter had been aiming.

The shooter pulls his weapon from his waistband just as the ceremony is about to get underway

Cicero and Edmilson underwent surgery and are in a stable condition in hospital, while Edmilson’s wife was released following treatment after a bullet had grazed her arm.
The family who live in a ranch called Mucambo on the outskirts of the town were attending the wedding at the invitation of the couple getting married. Father and son both groomsmen.

he-opens-fire6 Bridesmaids and other guests  cower behind pews as Betinho starts his shooting rampage in the direction of the da Silva family

Dos Santos, a cousin of local MP Jo Pereira is an employee of the town council.
Police believe he was motivated by revenge over the recent killing of his son, for which Edmilson was cited as the main suspect. He fled the scene after his failed triple homicide attempt and remains at large. Police searches have  turned up no leads.
Witnesses recount that the suspect parked his car in front of the church and after walking to the front of the church, accused Edmilson of being responsible for the death of his son before shooting each of the three victims once.

dos Santos fled and has not been sighted since

The puzzling aspect of the case according to one witness, who asked not to be named, puts it: “We have no idea what is the motive of this attempted murder, nor why it was done precisely during the wedding, as the victims walked around the town freely and any time of the day or night.”
Police said they have conducted searches of the region but so far have not found Dos Santos.

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