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Maine man burns down parents home, killing three pets while exterminating ants with fire in the basement

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21-year-old man burns down parents’ home, while exterminating ants
Devon Doucette  was trying to incinerate the ants when the fire ignited combustible materials, according to investigators
The family’s two cats and one dog died in the fire, officials said
No charges are expected against Doucette
21-year-old Devon Doucette burned down his parents’ home, killing their three pets after he lit wooden matches to exterminate ants in the basement of the family home in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, the  state fire marshal said.
Doucette was attempting to the home of ants by incinerating them,  instead he ignited combustible materials which sparked a fire. The flames quickly spread  through the home, authorities said.
The family’s two cats and one dog died in the fire, officials said, adding that no charges are expected against Doucette.
The man’s parents, who own the home, were not home when the blaze broke out, but Devon Doucette was treated for smoke inhalation and burns after he carried burning items outside from the home, officials said.
A GoFundMe page set up for the family to help pay for their expenses has raised more than $11,400 of its $10,000 goal as of Tuesday afternoon.
“This family is just now starting on their long road on trying to get their life back,” the page reads. “So many of us are hurting for them as no one deserves to lose everything.”
Giving an update on the response to the appeal on the family’s GoFundMe page, Erica Hebert Albair wrote that yesterday was the first time the Doucette family saw what was left of their home, as they were away when the fire happened.
As they were going through the inspection Albai said,  half a mile down the road their community was gathered preparing a temporary place for them to live by a generous person. Yet another member of the community provided a room while the temporary accomodation was being readied.

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