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19-year-old female ‘pimpette’ Bones Marie charged with forcing runaway Texas girl, 14, into human trafficking

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Houston woman known as ‘Bones Marie’, arraigned Monday, in Houston, charged with forcing runaway girl, 14, into human trafficking
Denise Coronado allegedly grabbed the teen runaway off the streets with the help of a male accomplice
Coronado, 19, allegedly forced the victim to have sex with more than 20 men earlier this month
The teenage ‘gangsta’ pimp is charged with compelling prostitution of a minor for her alleged role in forcing the teenager into sexual slavery
Held in the Harris County Jail on $100,000 bail
Police hunting her male accomplice 
A Houston woman appeared in court Monday for forcing a teen into prostitution1Denise Coronado appeared in court Monday for forcing a teen into prostitution
A 19-year-old woman from Houston has been charged with turning a young girl, who had run away from home, into a sex slave.
Denise Coronado, who also goes by the name “Bones Marie,” allegedly forced a 14-year-old runaway to have sex with more than 20 men earlier this month.
Prosecutors said during a hearing the victim told officers that she was walking down a street when she was suddenly grabbed and thrown into a van, Fox 26 reported.
The girl, whose identity was not released, spent five days in a wooded area before being transported to a Houston motel where she met Coronado and a male accomplice.

Denise Coronado aka ‘Bones Marie’2.pngOnline vixen, Denise Coronado, as her alta ego Bones ‘Bonez’ Marie

Denise Coronado aka ‘Bones Marie_ shows off her wealth on social mediaA

‘Bones Marie’ sods regular work while showing off her stash of cash, online

Coronado took photos of the teen in lingerie, posted them on and arranged for men to come have sex with the girl.
During the week the girl spent in prostitution, she was allegedly threatened by Coronado and burnt with a cigarette.
According to the Houston Chronicle reported that while the girl was being held captive she was able to get ahold of a cellphone and contacted her family seeking rescue from her abductors.
Days after reaching out to her family, the teen escaped with the help of two people, who supposedly took her to another motel. Investigators tracked the phone the she used to contact her family to the Houston motel.
“We’re not going to tolerate human traffickers, pimps or pimpettes enslaving our kids, enslaving our people in our country,” said Ruben Perez, chief of the special crimes division.
Coronado is being held in the Harris County Jail on $100,000 bail. Police are still trying to locate the man accused of helping her.

Bones Marie2.pngBones Marie on Facebook [left], facing the judge in court Monday [right], accused of forcing a 14-year-old into prostitution
During her arraignment Monday, Coronado’s court-appointed attorney pointed out possible inconsistencies in the victim’s statement to police.
“If this young girl is actually being held against her will, why was she allowed access to a telephone and able to get on Facebook?” said Joe David Wells. “If she was kidnapped, why did she go to another hotel instead of going home?”
He insinuated that the unidentified male who is accused of participating in the abduction and raping of the 14-year-old may have also been coercing Coronado.
“I have a feeling that, in the end, there might be two victims here and not just one,” he said. “Remember, my client is a teenager, also.”
Coronado has prior charges in Harris County of possession of marijuana and domestic assault and causing bodily injury. She pled guilty both times to the marijuana charge and to assault of a family member.
She remains in the Harris County Jail.

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