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Married Texas principal shot himself in high school parking lot – Dennis Reeves ‘had been confronted about claims of an affair with his female secretary’

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‘With the loaded dice, school principal, Dennis Reeves was asked to resign even before the impaneling of an investigative body. Did Reeves feel like he was up against a lynch mob?’

High school principal Dennis Reeves, 45, shot himself in the parking lot at of his own school in Texas on Tuesday afternoon
Reeves, 45,  had come out of a meeting with district officials before he shot himself
The principal of Kirbyville High School had been confronted about claims of an affair with his female secretary’
Dennis Reeves who was married allegedly was asked to resign or be fired after school officials were told he was having an affair with the school employee
After he shot himself in his truck, investigators said they found a pistol in the truck but no suicide note  
One of Reeves’ two sons just graduated high school  
Dennis Reeves2.jpgDennis Reeves shot himself in his truck at Kirbyville High School, north-east of Houston, May 23
A Texas principal who committed suicide in a high school parking lot was told he could resign or risk being fired after district officials were made aware of allegations he was having an affair with his secretary.
Dennis Reeves, 45, shot himself in his truck at Kirbyville High School, north-east of Houston, a week ago. According to Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister, Reeves shot himself after he met with the Kirbyville Consolidated ISD superintendent and assistant superintendent at the high school campus at about 4 p.m. on May, 23
His alleged female paramour, a school employee had since come forward claiming she had an affair with Reeves, KRTE reported. The schools administrators it was reported, told in the meeting to resign or be fired.
District superintendent  Tommy Wallis.pngDistrict superintendent Tommy Wallis gave Reeves the ultimatum to resign or be fired before he shot himself

Superintendent Tommy Wallis and Assistant Superintendent Georgia Sayers had called the meeting on May 23 to confront him about the affair allegations. The superintendent told Reeves about allegations from an employee that she was having an affair with Reeves.
Reeves denied the allegations but Superintendent Wallis said he would be placed on administrative leave pending a district investigation.
If the investigation showed Reeves was lying about the affair. On the other hand Reeves was also given the option to resign without any investigation, Wallis said.
In the meeting, Reeves complied and resigned from his position as the high school principal.
After Wallis and Sayers asked him to surrender his school keys, computer and phone: “He immediately stated he was resigning in lieu of the investigation,” Wallis wrote in his statement to police. “Mr. Reeves turned to his computer and typed his resignation letter.”
He then walked outside to his pickup in the school’s parking lot.

ISD officials called the police department about an hour later because Reeves was still sitting in his truck, and people were starting to get worried about him.

When  officers got to the scene, they found Reeves sitting in his truck, and it looked like he had shot himself in the head, police said.
A small .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol was found in Reeves’ hand, which was in his lap. Officers didn’t find a note or anything that indicated that Reeves was going to take his own life.
The engine of his truck was still running and the transmission was in reverse but Reeves’ foot was on the brake.

Dennis Reeves Truck2.pngSchool principal Reeves shot himself with the  engine of his truck (above) was still running. Police said he had the suicide weapon in his hand but did not leave a suicide note

The female employee who lodged the accusations was still writing her statement of events, when Reeves was found. She had told them school district officials earlier that Reeves said “if their relationship was uncovered he would kill himself,” according to Wallis’ statement to police.
Dennis Gattis Reeves3Reeves [left], according to his obituary, had been the principal at Kirbyville High School for three years. He was also an avid deer hunter and enjoyed camping with his wife, Tammy Kelley Reeves, and their two sons, Austin and Dylan.

Tributes flowed in on social media from devastated students and colleagues following news of the popular school principal, who appeared much beloved by his community.
‘Dennis Reeves was more than a principal. He was the kids supporter, voice, cheerleader, backbone if needed and disciplinarian if necessary! He did all of it out of love,’ one parent wrote.
‘Mr Reeves showed up when he didn’t have too, he fought for his students when no one else would… My heart hurts for everyone’s lives that he touched as well as my daughter! He was her principal and was wonderful! I am so hurt by his lost!’
One of his students wrote: ‘Breaks my heart. My principal for three years, he put up with a lot from me but through it all he believed in me. I remember a conversation between us when he broke down in tears and encouraged me. Dennis Reeves was a great man. You just never know what people are going through.’


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