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Florida cop Timothy James arrested for punching handcuffed teen in the back of his patrol car after claiming the teen spat on him – third time James has been investigated in 2017

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Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputy, Timothy James, allegedly hit a restrained 17-year-old boy multiple times
Deputy James was assisting a sergeant on the arrest of brothers Elias  Campos, 17, and Arel Campos, 18, wanted on outstanding warrants from Orlando

The 17-year-old Elias  was sitting in the back of officer James’ patrol car in handcuffs when his sergeant observed him hitting the teen, repeatedly

38-year-old James claims the victim spit on him before he responded with the battering
The three year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office, was arrested on a charge of battery
He’s the seventh member of Jacksonville Sheriff’s office arrested this year, and the third time James has been investigated in 2017
A total of 13 complaints have been lodged against officer Jams in his 3 yearsof service

Timothy James2A Florida police officer allegedly punched a handcuffed 17-year-old several times and was arrested on a charge of battery.
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Timothy James [left], was assisting an arrest of the 17-year-old and his 18-year-old brother at a gas station around 4am on Saturday.
38-year-old James himself was subsequently arrested and booked in the Duval County Jail after the sergeant he was helping effect the arrest claimed he saw officer James hit the 17-year-old multiple times.
His arrest was announced by Undersheriff Pat Ivey on Saturday afternoon, marking the third time the three-year member of the sheriff’s department is under investigation in 2017, alone.
The brothers he was arresting, Elias, 17, and Arel Campos, 18, were wanted on outstanding warrants for burglary from Orlando.
A patrol sergeant had seen the brothers at the gas station, but called in backup. James is the officer who came to help. WJXT reports that Elias was suspected of resisting without violence and Arel had been named in the burglary warrant.
The brothers were handcuffed and were sitting in the back of James’ patrol car while the sergeant was verifying the brothers’ outstanding warrants in his own car, according to WJAX.
After one of the teens initially claimed James hit him, the sergeant said nothing seemed wrong.
When he went back to his car a second time, the sergeant says he saw James remove Elias from the car and struggle with him, as Abel also got out of the car, according to WJAX.
The sergeant then separated the three and told James to return Elias to the back of the patrol car.
As reported by First Coast News,  officer James began hitting the 17-year-old from the back of the car, leaving him with clear signs of injury and even drawing blood.
The incident was immediately reported and hours later James was arrested.
Ivey said James claimed the teen spit at him, but the undersheriff said that is still an ‘inappropriate response’.
James has been released on bail, but he has been suspended during the investigation.
If he does return to work, he will remain on desk duty until the end of the investigation.

Jacksonville Sheriff's deputy beating scene.pngJacksonville Sheriff’s deputy Timothy James allegedly was arresting the teen brothers at this gas station around 4am on Saturday when he was observed beating the handcuffed 17-year-old Elias Campos
The history of complaints against members of the department in the past 2 years,  has witnessed the nearly 50 officers resigning or retiring from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office while under investigation, since 2015.
Under the current leadership of Sheriff Mike Williams, has seen a further 32 suspensions and two officers have been demoted.
James is the seventh employee from the JSO to be arrested this year. In 2016 there were 11 JSO employees arrested.
This is the third time James has been under investigation this year. He has been investigated for possibly spitting on and using force on a bi-polar man –  on April 26, James was accused of and assaulting and spitting on 21-year-old Daniel Nyman in Jacksonville.
On May 10, he hit and killed  62-year-old Blane Stuart Land, while driving to a robbery call. On the day James did not have his emergency lights on because he was not the primary officer responding to the robbery.
There have also been 13 complaints against James since he joined the JSO in 2014.

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