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Henry Bello Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooter penned note blaming hospital, individuals, just hours before Friday’s rampage

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A doctor formerly employed at the hospital, Friday shot and injured six, leaving one dead e before taking his own life at his former work place
Henry Bello, 45, claimed he was ultimately fired from his job for threatening a co-worker
In his email to a newspaper on the day, Bello blamed two doctors by name for getting the chop
Bello sent the email to a newspaper at 12:46 pm, Friday
The shooter named a doctor and a nurse, [names withheld], as being responsible for ending his career
The shooting took place 2 hours later, at 2:45 pm
One of the injured staff, Dr Oluwafunmike Ojewoye who was shot in neck expected to be released’ soon, others remain hospitalized
The other fatality from the incident, Dr. Tracy Tam was on duty only because she was covering for a colleague
Dr henry Bello1Henry Bello, said he was ultimately fired from his job for threatening a co-worker

A physician wounded by her erstwhile colleague during a shooting at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital remains calm about the rampage, even in the midst of her recovery, relatives said Sunday.
Dr. Oluwafunmike Ojewoye, a second-year family medicine resident and a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine, was hit in the neck Friday, when a disgruntled former hospital doctor opened fire on staff members.
Ojewoye’s father told WABC-TV that the wounded doctor’s faith is strong.
“She was able to tell me a little bit, but everything she has told the detectives,” Paul Ojewoye said.

Oluwafunmike Ojewoye shooting victim and survivor1.jpgOluwafunmike Ojewoye shooting victim and survivor

Doctor runs amok at Bronx Lebanon Hospital – Rifle-wielding Henry Bello shot dead after opening fire on former colleagues

Dr. Tracy Tam1.jpgFatal gunshots: Dr. Tracy Tam was killed on Friday the second fatality in Henry Bello’s  shooting rampage on multiple floors at a Bronx hospital
“Anybody would be scared about this. She’s scared, but she’s calm right now. God is in control.”
Gunman Henry Bello, armed with an AM-15 assault rifle he purchased less than two weeks earlier from an upstate gun store, shot seven people, including Dr. Tracy Sin-Yee Tam, who died of her wounds.
The slain doctor Tracy Sin-Yee Tam, as a favor, was covering for a fellow doctor. that act of camaraderie unfortunately, set Tracy Sin-Yee Tam up as a potential victim for a disgruntled ex-staffer, armed with an assault rifle.

Henry Bello shot himselfThe shooter, Dr Henry Bello ended the carnage by taking his own life

That was just the beginning of the 2:45 p.m. rampage that left one doctor dead and six others seriously injured. Bello ultimately took his own life 15 minutes later.
Ironically the shots fired from the former family physician’s AM-15 missed the doctor he was aiming at but hit several hospital employees behind him, police sources said.
The subject of Bello’s ire managed to escape unscathed as panicked staffers, patients and visitors barricaded themselves inside their rooms.
Among the unfortunate collateral in Henry Bello’s rampage was Dr. Tam, the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital staffer shot dead by an unhinged former physician with a lethal grudge, was supposed to be off when the gunman appeared Friday, administrators said.
The Touro College medical school graduate instead agreed to work for a colleague  and the shift became Tam’s last.
“Why didn’t you help me out when I was getting in trouble?” Dr. Henry Bello, 45, shouted as he riddled a 16th-floor nurses station with bullets during Friday’s carnage at the medical center.

Henry Bello4.png
Dr Bello name two individuals whom he blamed for the career ending events at the hospital just hours before he shot his for colleagues.

As Tam stood with another physician on the 17th floor of the Grand Concourse hospital. Bello shot both doctors, killing Tam.
Just two hours before his deadly rampage at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, shooter Henry Bello sent an ominous note to a New York based newspaper, Daily News, blaming the medical center for ruining his dreams of furthering his career.
“This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine,” Bello wrote in the Friday, 12:46 p.m. note.
“First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.”

Bello'sM-15 assault rifle1.jpgM-16 assault rifle used by Henry Bello in the shooting rampage at Bronx Lebanon Hospital
45-year-old Bello, said he life long ambition of practicing medicine was ultimately crushed when he had to quit after allegations of threatening a co-worker.
In his email, Bello blamed two doctors by name whom he blamed for the circumstances of his forced resignation from Bronx Lebanon Hospital.
Bello said that after he was fired, he wrote an email to one female doctor “congratulating her for my termination after she sent out an email to everybody telling them to file complaints against me so I can be terminated for being rude to her.”
“I only said in the email, it remains to be seen if my life is meaningless or disposable,” Bello wrote.
The one time doctor win n an email he sent to New York Daily News sent two hours before the attack, had highlighted that he blamed his former colleagues at the hospital for his plight.
He blamed another doctor for blocking his chances at getting a medical permit, saying he had sunk $400,000 of his own money into Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.
The news organization he sent the telling email, till date is is withholding the name of both doctors whom Bello had blamed for his woes: “This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine,” Bello wrote to The News at 12:46 p.m. on Friday. “First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse,” Bello wrote in his email.
Bello never threatened violence in the email he sent to The News.

Bello's email to NY Daily news1.jpgHenry Bello’s email to NY Daily News.  Bello sent the email to the paper at 12:46 p.m. Friday. The shooting took place at 2 hours later on June 30

An editor at The News who read the letter made the connection to Bello a few hours after the rampage.
The shooting took place at 2:45 p.m. — two hours after the chilling email was sent — when Bello opened fire on his former colleagues with an AR-15 rifle. He wounded six workers and killed a female doctor before turning the gun on himself.
Bello, who last lived in the Bronx, had been forced to resign from his job as house physician at the medical center two years ago after he was accused of sexually harassing a co-worker.
Bello stormed his former place of employment with an AM-15 assault rifle he purchased from an upstate gun store less than two weeks before the attack. The killer had been forced to resign from Bronx-Lebanon in 2015 after being accused of sexually harassing a coworker.
A study of police reports shows that the doctor had shown personality quirks, earlier.
In the first of a series of brushes with the law, Bello was arrested on April 23, 2003, and charged with for burglary after he kicked  in his girlfriend’s door and entered her Bronx apartment, according to police reports. That case allegedly was later dismissed. However, a few moths later he was arresteded for fare beating.
On Aug. 28, 2004, he was arrested in New York’s East Village for grabbing a 23-year-old woman by the crotch, telling her, “You’re coming with me,” according to police records.
Later on in September of that year, he pled guilty  to misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment and was sentenced to community service.
He was arrested again in October 2009 for unlawful surveillance under a victim’s clothing, in a case that was reportedly is sealed, indicating the charges were dismissed.


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