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How Morbid! Isabel Martinez, Georgia mother accused of murdering husband, 4 children smiles, gives thumbs up in first court appearance 

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Georgia mother accused of murdering husband, 4 children smiles, gives theatrical performance in first court appearance
Isabel Martinez gestured towards news cameras alternately giving a thumbs up, wagging a forefinger, smiling and shaking her head
Martinez seemed more relieved than concerned during her appearance Friday, July 7, 2017, in Lawrenceville , Ga.
Martinez is charged with killing four of her children and their father
33-year-old mother-of-five Isabel  killed Martin Romero, 33, Isabela Martinez, 10, Dacota Romero, 7, Dillan Romero, 4 and 2-year-old Axel Romero
Diana Romero, 9, survived with serious injuries 
Isabel Martinez is charged with six counts Aggravated Assault, five counts Murder, and five counts Malice Murder
Isabel Martinez7Isabel Martinez gestures towards news cameras during her first court appearance Friday,  in Lawrenceville, Ga 
A Georgia mother accused of fatally stabbing her husband and four of her children gave a thumbs up to news cameras and took a bow during her initial court appearance.
Isabel Martinez appeared before Gwinnett County Court Friday to face five counts of murder, five counts of malice murder and six counts of aggravated assault.-year-old Isabel Martinez who critically injured her fifth child inside their suburban Atlanta home was said to suffering from depression
The 33-year-old mother gave quite a show, wagging her finger and shaking her head as the judge reviewed the charges.  Martinez smile through the proceedings, seemingly oblivious of the gravity of the charges brought against her or the depravity of her actions.

Isabel Martinez16
Isabel Martinez wags a fore finger gestures towards news cameras
Martin Romero, 33, left, Diana Romero in front of Martin, survived.  The other children, from left to right are: Axel Romero, [in the stroller], Isabela Martinez, Dacota Romero, and Dillan Romero all died.jpgHusband Martin Romero, [left], and four of the couple’s five children – [L-R] Axel Romero, [in the stroller], Isabela Martinez, Dacota Romero, and Dillan Romero all died in their mother’s stabbing spree.Diana Romero in front of Martin, survived.

She was arrested Thursday at her home in Loganville just before 5 a.m. for allegedly murdering her four children and husband — identified as Martin Romero, 33; Isabela Martinez, 10; Dacota Romero, 7; Dillan Romero, 4; and Alex Romero, 2, WSB-TV reported.

Woman detained after stabbing husband and four of her children to death,

Diane Romero2.png
Sole attack survivoe Diana Romero, 9, was in serious but stable condition Thursday evening, police said.
Isabel Martinez 10Isabel Martinez clasps her hand as in celebration during her bizzare court appearance, Friday
Isabel Martinez20.pngMartinez rejected her court appointed attorney and as Judge Thorpe listed the charges she faces, Martinez smiled, shook her head ‘no’ and wagged her finger at him. The defendant was sporting visible abrasions and cuts on her hand and wrist

A fifth child, Diana Romero, was also stabbed, but was in stable condition at a children’s hopsital in Atlanta. According to a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for funerals and medical costs, Diana has gone through surgery and will likely remain in the hospital for a few weeks before starting physical therapy.
Martinez was all smiles during her Friday court appearance, often grinning directly into cameras. At one point she stood up and offered a sweeping bow before sitting back down and offering a thumbs-up to reporters.

Isabel Martinez11Isabel Martinez arms spread in liberation, seemingly oblivious of the implications of 5-counts of aggravated murder and murder with malice leveled against her

Gwinnett County Magistrate Judge Michael Thorpe admonished her to “cut out the display for the cameras. It’s really not a good idea. It’s not really to your benefit.”
Martinez also rejected a court-appointed attorney, despite qualifying for one, CNN reported.
“My attorneys are always going to be the people and my faith,” she said in Spanish through an interpreter. “Those are my attorneys, that’s why I’m here.”

Memorial to victims from the Martinez familyFlowers and stuffed toys left on the doorstep of a Loganville, Ga home where four children and their father were stabbed to death by their wife and mother on Thursday, July 6

The judge recommended she accept legal counsel, but couldn’t force her to do so, according to the news station.
“I’m representing the people that’s humble, that’s hardworking, the people that suffer the people that have a lot of charges so that they understand everything is possible through God,” she said.
As she left the courthouse, Thorpe could be heard muttering: “Wasn’t that delightful?”
Police said Martinez had been cooperative with investigators, though they have not yet revealed a possible motive in the deadly attack.
“This is a horrendous crime, not only for the victims but for the extended family, neighborhood and community,” police said in a statement. “We are hoping and praying that the remaining victim survives.”

Isabel Martinez5Before her inexplicable demented rampage Martinez is seen with two of her daughters  


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