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69-year-old Francisco Ferreiras fatally stabs wife, leaps 8 stories to his death in Harlem, during domestic row

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69-year-old man fatally stabs wife, leaps 8 stories to his death in Harlem, NY, Sunday night
Police found suspect Francisco Ferreiras’ broken body in a parking lot outside the apt building at 9:15 pm
Ferreiras allegedly killed his wife, Bernarda Ferreiras during a fight moments before the murder-suicide, at their home late Sunday 
Police found Bernarda Ferreiras, 53, bleeding from several stab wounds to her chest
The victim had been planning to leave her husband, she was rushed to hospital, but died from the stab wounds
Francisco Ferreiras allegedly killed his wife, Bernarda Ferreiras 1.jpgFrancisco Ferreiras [right] hurled himself out of his the eight floor apt in Harlem, NY Sunday. Ferreiras who died from the fall, had just stabbed his wife Bernada [right], multiple times as they rowed. The injuries proved fatal

Police scraped off the remains of a 69-year-old man from the parking lot of an apartment building in Harlem, New York Sunday evening.
Francisco Ferreiras took the death dive after allegedly fatally plunging a knife several times into the chest of his wife Bernada Ferreiras, 53, during a domestic row in their home.
Responding officers found Bernada bleeding profusely from muliple wounds in her upper body. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but she did not survive. She was reportedly, planning on leaving her her assailant.
The suspect then completed the murder suicide by taking the plunge from eight stories to his death,according to police sources.
Officers the broken remains of Francisco Ferreiras in a parking lot outside the building
on Frederick Douglass Blvd. at W. 141st St. just after 9:15 pm Sunday.
When officers entered his eighth-floor apartment, they found his wife, Bernarda, bleeding from several stab wounds to her chest, the sources said. Cops also recovered the murder weapon  at the scene.
“They were arguing and then there was one loud scream from the woman. Then I heard what was the man’s body hit the ground,” she said. “It was a loud boom. I looked out the window and I knew he was dead,” said a neighbor who overheard the couple fighting moments before the alleged murder-suicide
The couple who to external appearances  seemed happy together had three daughters, but sources said Bernada was planning to leave the marriage.
“When you’d see them together they were always smiling. They always said hi,” a neighbor said. “We’re shocked right now, just shocked. We would have never suspected something like this,”one neighbor said.



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