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WV woman, Megan Shaffer, charged with slitting boyfriend’s throat, leaving him naked in the woods – Shaffer had told cops Alex Stevens fell to his death

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21-year-old West Virginia woman accused of slitting Maryland man’s throat, leaving him naked in the woods charged with murder, Thursday
Megan Shaffer has been accused of killing her boyfriend, leaving him naked in the woods with his throat slashed several times
Alexander Arthur Stevens, 24, of Frostburg, was found dead, naked and with his throat slashed in Maryland mountain woods on Jan. 4. 
Days prior to his  death, Stevens opened a “transfer on death” account, listing Shaffer as  beneficiary
The account was to transfer $188,000 to Shaffer on the death of her boyfriend
Megan Shaffer 1.jpgMegan Shaffer [photo], has been accused of killing her boyfriend, leaving him naked in the woods with his throat slit

A 21-year-old West Virginia woman who is accused of slitting boyfriend’s throat and leaving him naked in the woods claimed he died falling from a cliff , according to The Cumberland Times-News.
Alexander Arthur Stevens, 24, of Frostburg, was found dead, naked and with his throat slashed in Mountain Maryland woods on Jan. 4. Although police at the time ruled his death a homicide, they did not named a suspect.
Yet events that led to, and facts uncovered after,  his death include myriad odd details sprawled inside thick files in the Allegany County Courthouse.
Megan Virginia Shaffer is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and assisting another to commit or attempt to commit suicide.

Alexander Stevens 2Alexander Arthur Stevens, of Frostburg, in Allegany County was found dead, naked and with his throat slashed in the mountain woods of rural Maryland, Jan 4

Back on Jan 3, when Alexander Stevens’ family deemed him missing, that night one  of his friends, Steven Moon, drove to High Rock, within the Savage River State Forest in Garrett County, to search conduct a search.
The next day Moon reported to authorities that around 11 pm, he had seen two cars, a Hyundai Elantra and 2006 Nissan 350Z, in the parking lot at the trailhead that leads to the promontory.
Using license plates, authorities confirmed the Hyundai was owned by Megan Virginia Shaffer, of Ridgeley, West Virginia, while the Nissan belonged to missing man.
According to Moon the key in Shaffer’s automobile was turned to the auxiliary position, the car’s lights were on and the radio was playing. There was a cellphone on the back seat.
He described Stevens’ vehicle as having the hood propped open and covered with some sort of chemical. There was a bottle of motor oil on the roof.

Alexander Arthur Stevens 5.jpgThe body of 24-year-old former Coast Guard cadet was discovered in Savage River State Forest in Maryland on Jan 4. His girlfriend Megan Shaffer [photo below], has been charged in his death
Megan Shaffer 4
Megan Shaffer told police, Alex Stevens fell 33 ft to his death. Authorities are charging her with murder, because in addition to broken bones, Stevens throat was slashed several times

Moon told authorities he started hiking the 1-mile trail that leads to High Rock, eventually finding candles that had been burned and a live cat in a cage. Additionally, he discovered a bag with women’s and men’s clothing inside.
Moon told investigators he called loudly for Stevens, but hearing no response, collected the cat and left the area.
He told police his friend had been having “spiritual struggles” and was into “enlightenment.”
Transcripts from a 911 call to Garret County emergency services reveal that Shaffer who is listed on Facebook as a Sales Associate at Bath & Body Works initially claimed she had been hiking with Stevens on an overlook in Savage River State Forest on Jan. 3 when he fell from a cliff.

Alexander Stevens and Megan Shaffer 3.pngCrazy in love: Days prior to his death, Stevens [left], allegedly opened a “transfer on death” account, that would have given Shaffer [right], $188,000

Megan Shaffer told authorities she believed her boyfriend was likely dead from the 33-ft. fall.
Shaffer also claimed that she had walked out of the woods in the morning after spending all night lost. When she found her bearings, she stopped at a home and called 911, Shaffer said.
The injured woman after placing the call, was taken to the hospital where she was treated for a broken shoulder and potentially broken back.
Stevens’ body wasn’t recovered until the following day. Police said Stevens suffered a number of broken bones and his throat had been cut several times.
The outlet reports that Jay Stevens, the victim’s’ father noted that his son had been making serious changes in his life, but was not suicidal.
“He’s grown his hair longer, was reading about religions, thinking about his place in society,” Jay Stevens said. “I never, never, ever, ever thought he was suicidal. I know my son. He had all these plans to do big things.”
Days prior to his suspicious death, Alexander reportedly opened a “transfer on death” account. He listed Shaffer as the beneficiary.
His father pleaded with a judge to stop the transfer, which would have given $188,000 to Shaffer. The judge agreed.
Shaffer is currently being held in the Garrett County Detention Center pending a court appearance.


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