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Disgruntled Manhattan construction worker who killed boss, himself, left note revealing a lack of ‘respect’ was motive for murder-suicide

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Fired construction worker who killed boss, then himself in Manhattan left note revealing concern superior’s lack of ‘respect’
Two days after carpenter Samuel Perry, he was fired from a construction job because he got into a fight with the site foreman, he returned with a gun
44-year-old carpenter Samuel Perry, shot his ex-boss Christopher Sayers, 37, a foreman for the construction company, Oct 5
After shooting Sayer on the 38th floor, Perry locked himself in a fifth floor bathroom and shot himself
Perry was fired after getting into a fight with his boss, Sayers
Cops found his suicide note stating his reasoning: “These low life care about no one but themselves so they can go down with me”
Christopher Sayers 1.JPGChristopher Sayers [photo], a foreman for a construction company, was shot and killed by former employee, Samuel Perry at the job site in Manhattan Oct 5

Samuel Perry shooting  Christopher Sayers, a foreman for a construction company, that aid him off was all about respect was shot and killed by former employee, on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017.
Perry, 44, fatally shot his foreman before taking his own life at a Hell’s Kitchen construction site because he felt disrespected by the victim, according to a note found on the gunman’s body, police sources said Friday.
“These low life care about no one but themselves so they can go down with me,” scrawled Samuel Perry, 44.
“Respect take you a long way,” said the note which was found in his right pants pocket after he shot himself in the head. “Now some will learn to respect their worker.”
The disgruntled construction worker who was recently fired fatally shot his former boss in the face Thursday morning at a Manhattan job site, and then killed himself, police sources said.
Perry returned to the construction site in Manhattan at 7 a.m. Oct, 5 – two days after he was fired. He was let go after a fight with foreman Christopher Sayer, 37, over a wall, police said.
After shooting Sayers on the 38th floor, the killer went into a locked bathroom on the fifth floor, where he killed himself. Responding officers forced open the door and saw Perry slumped on the floor with a semi-automatic pistol in his hand, sources said.

‘Perry did not hide the fact that he was going to even scores with the man that fired him from the job’

Witnesses said the enraged carpenter, whom they say had a reputation for being a hothead, shot Sayer once, and then a second time as he was sprawled out on the ground.
Perry, known as The Bull by co-workers for his strength, calmly handed his tools to a colleague before firing the fatal shots.
“These are yours now,” he said, according to the witness.
The revenge seeking construction worker hinted to his neighbors in New York’s Far Rockaway, that he was plotting revenge for being fired. He made no secret of his revenge mission. He griped to friends and neighbors about the plan after Sayers, fired him from the luxury high-rise development project on  October 3.
His neighbor Karinne Gale, recalled “He’s been telling me. I was trying to talk him out of it. He got fired two days ago. It pushed him to his limits,” gale said.
“He told me he’s going to do it today. I tried to text him early this morning,” wept Gale, who admitted she didn’t alert police about the threats.
Police said Perry also texted his brother, who’s in the military in Georgia, Thursday morning, indicating he was set on killing his boss then himself. That brother immediately called police.
Perry even left behind a note where he complained about unfair treatment at the work site, sources said.

NYPD officers at the crime scene.jpgPolice activity at the construction site early Thursday, after the murder-suicide

known to have a short fuse, Perry has been arrested three times in the past, twice for assault and once for burglary, the last arrest time in 2015.
Early that morning Perry left his pit bull, Bruno, tied to a neighbor’s railing at 5 a.m.
He had asked Mike, the neighbor to watch the dog because he was “going away to take care of something.”
Perry tried to give away the 13-month-old pit bull to Mike, a day before the shootings. “He told me wanted to shoot the dog and bury hi​​m in the yard. I told him don’t do that,” Mike said.
Perry’s murder-suicide reportedly comes two years after he witnessed his wife’s own gruesome death, according to neighbors, who said she doused herself with gasoline at their Queens home and set herself ablaze.

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