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Ex-con accused of child abuse, forced boy, 8, to provide urine ample – Robert Geschke on the run with victim’s mother Jennifer Thompson, who failed to protect her kids

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Heroin addicted , ex-con Robert Paul Geschke, 30, used girlfriend’s 8-year-old son urine as decoy to beat his drug test
Investigators say the kids’ mom, 31-year-old Jennifer Thompson, did nothing to stop abuse
Three children ages 9, 8 and 4 lived in the Greensburg, Pa home where Geschke often punished – choking, hitting them and locking them in dark rooms
Parolee Geschke hid children in closet when probation officer visited, he’d been ordered to stay away from Thompson and her kids
Police are searching for Geschke and Thompson who are on the run, while CPS have placed the kids with relatives
Both are facing charges of harassment, child endangerment and corruption of minors

obert Geschke and Jennifer Thompson 1.jpgPennsylvania authorities are looking for Robert Geschke and Jennifer Thompson

A man is accused of abusing three children, all under the age of ten. The children’s mother was present and allegedly not only failed to protect her kids, but she is now on the run with the man who abused her children

State police mince no words in describing the abuse three children, ages 4, 8 and 9, faced at the hands of a 30-year-old convicted felon Robert Paul Geschke inside their Greensburg, Pennsylvania home.
“They are horrible crimes,” Trooper Stephen Limani said.
Investigators say Geschke, who was under orders to stay away from Jennifer Thompson and her children, flouted the order to stay around, abused and frequently exploited the children in his bid to beat the system.
The parolee to keep from going back to jail, was regularly tested for drug use. However, heroin addict Geschke, allegedly used the drug in front of the children in the home.
“He would have the 8-year-old provide the urine sample,” To beat his drug tests, Limani said. And if the children didn’t comply… “When he would go on one of his tirades, the children would be subjected to physical abuse – choking, hitting,” Limani said.
Geschke often punished the children, terrorizing them, chasing them and locking them in dark rooms.

Jennifer Thompson 1.jpgThompson didn’t protect her children from their abuser and now she is on the run with the suspect

The children’s mother, Jennifer Thompson “was present during the majority of the incidents that took place, between the physical abuse, when it came to the striking and choking of the children,” Limani said.
Investigators say the kids’ mom, 31-year-old Thompson, did nothing to help them. Geschke wasn’t even allowed to be near Thompson or the kids.
“He was so worried about getting caught that he had a motion sensor set up at the house so that whenever the probation officer would come, he’d be alerted,” Limani said. “That would give him time to stow the kids away in a closet or a vehicle or wherever he could hide these children.”
Children and Youth Services got word and got the kids out of the home. As soon as that happened, Geschke and Thompson went on the run.
Police say the boy and Thompson’s two other children are staying with a relative.
Geschke and Thompson are facing charges of harassment, child endangerment and corruption of minors.
State police are asking anyone who knows of their whereabouts to contact them.


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