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‘Nude’ model, Chloe Hammond, faces lengthy sentence for cannibalism after chewing off woman’s ear in road rage

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Road rage driver bit into a woman’s ear when she was told off for using her phone at the wheel of her Audi
Glamour model Chloe Hammond, attacked her victim after being told off for using her phone, on March 19
27-year-old Hammond, who poses nude as ‘Chloe Rebelle’, allegedly flew into a rage after blaring her horn at pedestrians in central London, UK
When a pedestrian tapped on her window and chided her for not paying attention, Hammond grabbed her hair, ‘chomped’ off  Julie Holloway’s ear and spat it out
A third party picked up the completely severed ear, victim required reconstructive surgery to repair the ear
Hammond began biting into her 56-year-old victim’s ear before parking her Audi TT and returning to kick Holloway in the stomach
Jury convicted Hammond of  causing grievous bodily harm with intent after 90 minutes of deliberation
Hammond plea to a lesser charge of unlawful wounding prior to  trial was rejected by the prosecution
Hammond was refused bail and will be sentenced on November 23, faces 6 to 12 years in prison

Chloe Hammond 9.png
Chloe Hammond [seen emerging from her court appearance], flew into a road rage and bit off a woman’s ear when she was told off for using her phone.

The 27-year-old – who poses nude as Chloe Rebelle – flew into a rage after blaring her horn at pedestrians in central London, a court heard.
Chloe Hammond, 27, faces an “immediate, long custodial sentence” after lashing out at her victim in the middle of busy central London traffic.

Hammond, also known as Chloe Rebelle, was blaring her horn at pedestrians while at a standstill near Embankment Pier, a court heard said.
She was allegedly on her phone and not paying attention to the road.
Chloe Hammond, 27, lunged at 56-year-old Julie Holloway after she gave her a ticking off using a mobile phone at the wheel.
Holloway tapped on her window before the attack, Hammond then grabbed Holloway’s hair and bit into her ear as the victim’s horrified friends watched. She began biting into her ear before parking her silver Audi TT and returning to kick Holloway in the stomach, causing her to double-over.
She allegedly called Ms Holloway a “f****** ugly c***”, and “ugly b****” and an “old biddy” during the violent daylight brawl on March 19.

Chloe Hammond 5Hammond, aka Chloe Rebelle,carried out a vicious road rage in London attacked her victim after being told off for using her phone at the wheel
Chloe Hammond 7.pngNude model, Chloe Hammond, lashed out at her victim while traffic sat at a standstill in central London on March 19

Christian Moll, prosecuting, said a witness described Hammond as “thrashing around like a dog with a chew toy” when she latched onto her victim’s ear, he added.
After someone else recovered the missing chunk of ear in a piece of tissue, Ms Holloway was rushed to St Thomas’ A&E department and eventually required reconstructive surgery to “make the ear look as normal as possible”.
Ms Holloway said she had been on her way to a boat party before the alleged assault.
She said: “I felt her bite my ear. I couldn’t get her off me because she just lunged on to my ear.
“It was chaos at the time, because my ear was on the floor. I didn’t know what had really happened to me at the time.
“I didn’t grasp what had actually happened.
“There was blood all over me, there was blood all over one of the girls and I just didn’t know that my ear had gone missing as such until someone picked it up off the floor.
“It’s quite disturbing to say the least.”

Chloe Hammond 10.pngX-rated model Hammond lists her job as an office worker at a haulage company. She is likely heading for a considerable stint in jail
Chloe Hammond 6Glamour model Hammond faces an ‘immediate, long custodial sentence’, the judge said after she was convicted for causing grievous bodily harm with intent

Hammond, of Raleigh, Essex, was contacted after shocked onlookers took video recordings and CCTV images captured her fleeing the scene.
She voluntarily attended an interview at Charing Cross Police Station two days after the brawl.
Hammond, of Rayleigh, Essex, claimed to have “blacked out” while she being assaulted and that someone “grabbed her breast”. She denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
A disbelieving jury convicted her after hearing that she accused her victim of “banging on her vehicle causing dents to the side” as well as calling her a “Botox b*****”.
According to the prosecutor: “She [Hammond], also denied biting the complainant on the ear on numerous occasions in the course of that interview, although now it would appear she accepts that by virtue of her plea.”
Hammond in a pre-trial deal, admitted to a lesser charge of unlawful wounding, but the  prosecution rejected the deal. She was ultimately convicted for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, after just 90 minutes to deliberate.
Giving the verdict and refusing her bail, Judge Philip Bartle, said: “If this is category one, the starting point is 12 years’ imprisonment; if it is category two, the starting point is six years.
“I can think of no conceivable outcome that will not result in an immediate, long custodial sentence.”
Hammond was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing scheduled for November 23.



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